Marinade, breading recipes for 8th of March

Marinated mushrooms
418 4 30м 1
Pickled mushrooms for a snack
375 - 30м 4
Express recipe. One time I tried pickling mushrooms, and now it is my lifesaver! Great snack, I tell you, negapatnam to prepare, delicious, these mushrooms like!
Pickled mushrooms
363 - 20м -
Simple recipe for tasty pickled mushrooms, which can be canned or just chill and serve. Prepared very quickly - 10 minutes. A great snack.
Mushrooms marinated in Korean
355 - 30м 4
I want to offer another recipe. Took into account the wishes and looked at the ingredients, like a match is not found))This recipe found on the Internet and we liked it very much. Try))
Snow potatoes
354 - 5м 4
The recipe of my childhood)
Mackerel spicy "Express"
318 - 15м 4
I want to recommend a delicious recipe for quick pickling mackerel. I always do just so! 4 hours - tasty and the fish is ready. Fish is obtained such that the fingers can be swallowed, highly recommended. Try it and you will fall in love with this fish forever! It is delightfully delicious, is swept away from the holiday table is always first!!!))) Know what options on the site a lot, carefully studied them all, but this is not! Bon appetit, my dear, and all the upcoming holidays! Please favorite!!!)))
Mushrooms in Venezuelan
310 4.5 30м 5
It is a kind of pickled mushrooms. They can be stored in the fridge and a very original taste as a separate dish and for garnish. Try it, you will not regret.
The trout in the hot marinade
287 - - -
For this recipe, the fish turns out tender and delicious! Cooked very quickly and simply. Also very comfortable, and prepare in the morning a jar of fish, take her on a picnic and enjoy the outdoors a wonderful appetizer, and the marinade used as a dressing for vegetable salads.
Barbecue "emerald"
284 - 150м 6
No words can describe how delicious and beautiful I can't. This is the barbecue that will appeal to everyone, and not just like it, and eat it all and adults and children and observing proper diet. Very easy to prepare. Suitable for grill and oven and to BBQ facilities. A versatile marinade for any meat, fish and seafood. Perfect for the holiday table. Delicious both cold and hot.
Marinated mushrooms
281 4 - -
Sorry, no camera at hand. These mushrooms can be prepared the day before cooking with them. Are prepared very easily, and is ready when cooled.
Pickled mushrooms original
279 - 40м -
Found on the Internet the original method of quick pickling mushrooms. I took it as a basis and added a few of their ideas. Came out extremely tasty! And even my daughter, which admits only of mushrooms pickled mushrooms and white mushrooms, said that these mushrooms are very tasty. In General I recommend!
Marinated mushrooms
265 - 10м -
Took the recipe from my mom, and she, in turn, colleagues at work. A very tasty snack. Prepares quickly and easily.
Pickled mushrooms
258 - - -
Delicious homemade pickled mushrooms, a great alternative to store-bought mushrooms. Preparing mushrooms is very simple, only need to prepare the day before the holiday. They have no effing smell and taste of vinegar, but rather all in moderation. Prepare and verify yourself, I will always prepare a snack for the holidays.
Marinated mackerel
258 - 30м 12
A simple and delicious appetizer recipe for any holiday table. Mackerel marinated in home turns out very tender, flavorful and hearty.
Fish red "Beautiful"
255 - 15м 8
Red fish who does not love friends? The menu without it we can't! On a holiday, and so for a sandwich table is always decorated it! Trout, salmon and salmon of course - they're for pickling we have flawless! A recipe for one in a hurry to share! And maybe this option will come in handy! Friend the fisherman told me, and I give you the joy of family!
Chicken wings with tomato and capsicum
240 - 110м 2
A simple and quick recipe for making wings! Very tasty and flavorful!
Chicken thighs in the marinade "Mojito"
217 - - -
Marinated "Mojito" chicken meat is very tasty, tender, flavorful, with a pleasant sour taste of lime. This recipe will make a pleasant variety to your daily routine, and will not go unnoticed at the festive table. Come and help yourself :)
Chicken wings coated in cornflakes
203 - 20м 2
Recipe for chicken wings KFC style. Made simply and quickly, however the oil takes a lot. Too lazy to read traditionally at the end of the post will be as clear and the video is 2.5 minutes without words. I recommend the movie to see for the sake of completeness.
Salting mackerel in mustard brine
198 - 15м -
Good day)) I Tried many different recipes for pickling mackerel, but mustard in brine mackerel is particularly good.
Nuggets at home
149 - 30м 3
A simple home recipe for chicken nuggets. Too lazy to read - watch the video, it goes 2 minutes, everything in detail and without words.
73 - 180м 6