Snacks recipes for Lent

Fried mini corn
1.4k - 30м 4
This snack is especially loved by children, but adults it have to taste. I used the recipe for mini-corn, but you can use regular. And you can not bake in the pan and on the fire. Very quick, tasty and easy!
487 3.5 40м -
Beads of beans. Soft starter of green beans.
Stuffed nori "Koreanska"
379 - - 6
For fans of "spicy" in a hurry to offer an appetizer that our family called stuffed cabbage. Such "stuffed" you can indulge yourself in everyday life and serve on a festive table. They had a great variety to the menu during Lent and is a wonderful complement menu for vegetarians. Help yourself to health!
Azerbaijan tomato salad with sumac
376 - - -
Very tasty salad, I didn't even expect it so we like it) Minimum ingredients, maximum taste. I have time to try until tomato season is not over! Would be delicious with fresh bread or dried cabaleu, perfect as a garnish for potatoes, meat or chicken, and just eat it - a pleasure!
Croutons with beetroot mousse and herring
360 - 20м 6
Snacks of herring is very loved by us, besides they are enough budget, and no holiday is complete without them. Suggest You try a small (one bite) crunchy croutons with spicy beetroot mousse and herring. Of course, first and foremost, it will appeal to men as it is just the perfect snack to vodka, but among the fair sex certainly there are fans of salty and spicy!
Mushrooms "I Want more!"
356 - 10м -
I don't like complicated recipes that take a few hours. And already began to notice that the simpler - the better. These juicy, flavorful, delicious mushrooms I cook very often. And just to dinner and on the table for a snack, if suddenly guests... And now, in the post, almost every day. And I always hear "I Want more of your mushrooms!" So I did call. Faster recipe for cooking mushrooms (and, to me, more palatable) I have not tried. The taste is so rich and varied! With garlic resembles the grill chicken, with dill - fried cakes with green onions - potato chips... no one can guess how I cook them. Try it once and you'll say "I Want more!"
Pate of green peas and chickpeas
293 - 20м -
Vegetable pate recipe which I found in the Swedish magazine Buffe. The recipe resembles hummus but has a milder taste due to the presence of green peas.
Appetizer "Nagakura"
284 - - -
In Uzbekistan chickpeas called "nohat" - this word in the name of many national dishes. Nagakura - boiled chickpeas with onions and peppers for the local inhabitants of the Fergana valley kites with him the same as sunflower seeds for the residents of Russian villages. Cooked very simply, and eaten immediately.
Lean foie Gras
273 - - -
Under this title I found this recipe on an English website. I admit, the foie Gras I ever tried, the music here is his version of lean to cook decided. Turned out extremely tasty, tender pate. You'll never guess that this is exclusively a Lenten recipe, as there is the taste of the liver. Great to serve with crackers, toast (or just spoon it is). The author of the recipe highly recommends to submit pate with onion marmalade or pickled vegetables.
Pickled cucumbers "a's get cracking"
267 - - -
I love crispy greenbacks and salted cucumbers. It so happened that in that year we made the yard a tile, where I grew up hell, with horror, I began to think how Nabilosat delicious pickles without hell. At me it well turned out. Cook the third time. It is now my signature recipe. Recipe of category - daily pickles.
Mousse of eggplant and lentils
255 - 30м 4
Delicate mousse of roasted eggplant, red lentils and celery will be the perfect snack for Lenten table.
Pita and falafel
254 - - -
International: pita, falafel and tzatziki
Fried greens "Asia plus"
245 - - -
Why "Asia plus", You ask. "Asia" - because today I want to introduce You with a rather exotic product, which has many names in different languages. The scientific name of this plant is Ipomoea aquatica, in English-speaking countries his name is Water spinach (water spinach), River spinach (river spinach), Morning glory (morning glory). Those who have been to Thailand, surely tried its called phuk bung. A "plus" because the recipe is democratic in the choice of source product: the greens you can substitute regular spinach, any other "tops" or a young cabbage.
236 - 90м 3
After reviewing all the recipes on the website, found only the classic versions with salmon, avocado, cucumber and similar ingredients. I want to show You different options of sushi and how to decorate. Will look like in the sushi bar!)).
Falafel with white beans Lima Eastern pita bread
236 - 180м 8
Traditional Russian meal in the post - potato, cereal, pickles Yes, sauerkraut. The food is hearty, the usual but, unfortunately, quickly boring. Another thing is the kitchen is East. Here the tradition of fasting was observed for thousands of years until Christianity came to Russia. That's why spring this year is I under the auspices of the middle Eastern and North African cuisines: Moroccan, Israeli, Tunisian, Egyptian. And the company "Mistral" helps you discover new recipes and new countries with each new packaging of its products. Today I want to offer a traditional Israeli falafel, cooked not quite a traditional recipe. The fact that the chickpeas I ran out, and replenish his inventory in the store, I did not - so very quickly we sell out. So I decided to cook falafel with white beans Lima. The legend says that many years ago it is from this beans and it was prepared in Ancient Egypt. And the Jews, leaving the inhospitable Mizraim, took a favorite recipe with you. Through forty years of desert travels white beans decided to replace it with chickpeas. Well, once chickpea I'm not, replace it back on the Egyptian beans.
Fitness sandwich
233 - 40м 2
Very fresh veggie sandwiches for those who follow the figure. Girls, cook, enjoy and lose weight.
Pate of lentils and walnuts
220 - - -
Delicious vegetarian pate Persian red lentils TM "Mistral" and walnuts. In this recipe lentils are playing the main roles with walnuts. Pate of lentils and walnuts can be served as an appetizer, spread on bread. Deep and rich taste of lentils complement the spices: turmeric, paprika and black pepper. They give pate notes of Oriental cuisine. And the mysterious moment for me — like the taste of this simple, unpretentious, but the pate I want to eat non-stop, direct mysticism. Help yourself!
Eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts
218 3 - -
Is vegetable dish, to eat in the Post. Bon appetit to You!
Vegetable mess
214 4 30м -
Perhaps for a cooking site is too plain. But really my kids love this vegetable medley. Especially in the hot summer. So I decided to share with you.
Honey carrots
207 - - -
Delicious, simple and quick recipe regular carrots. This dish is usually served on the Jewish New Year of Rosh ha-Shana, where the honey – based meal. But, regardless of religion, nothing prevents us to prepare this simple and healthy dish for the everyday table
Rolls of salted salmon
206 - 15м 2
Classic canapés - bread, butter, fish, greens - in the original filing will become worthy decoration of your holiday table