Decorations for dishes recipes for Lent

Zephyr "Amor"
138 - 60м -
Bought in Ukraine at the magazine and was suffering so I wanted to quickly cook delicious and easy marshmallows. My expectations were met. Most importantly, these marshmallows can be decorated any cake
Apple rose
126 - 10м 2
Decorating cakes, jellies, pies.
Apple glaze for baking
118 - 40м -
This fast frosting good for decorating lean and any other baked goods. It has no chemicals, all natural!
Cake "Tee"
89 - - -
Lenten cake with apricot cream. Tasty and simple in execution.
Fabulous honey Bunny
84 - 5м 1
Some free time and can "revive" any fruit! But at the same time remember the good old fairy tales...
Cheese basket with eggs "gyulchataj"
78 - 5м 1
As usual, something interesting happened as a result of culinary failures)) Nothing new, but the presentation, in my opinion, interesting.
Carved pumpkin
78 3 150м -
This roasted pumpkin looks good. But as element of the decor - gorgeous! Soon old New year and pumpkin is useful to You! In order for the pumpkin looked especially vulnerable and delicate, place inside a burning candle. The decoration of the festive table is ready! In the evening light it will perfectly complement and decorate Your table, becoming mysterious and enchanting decor item
Cucumber wave
71 4 3м 1
A great decoration for meat and fish dishes. An interesting variation of the usual cucumber.
Easter decor "Straw for nest"
20 - 20м -
From the "mother of invention" that incidentally, today is very important. Made from orange skins! prepare delicious and beautiful straw. And then to weave a cozy nest, decorate the Easter table and drink tea...