Dishes pita bread recipes for Lent

Lean Pictionary pita
175 - 30м 6
Recipe in a hurry! Dishes from thin pita on the website a lot, and of "Tolstoy" – times-two and obchelsya, honestly was looking for this recipe, not to be repeated. This "pizza" has long taken root in our family, its my mom cooked and she like the more recent school and College years...
Shawarma lean
139 - 10м 2
Offer the recipe is very tasty and juicy vegetarian Shawarma. As in the no meat, you can afford to use it in the post.
Roll with avocado in 5 minutes
138 5 5м 4
Continue the theme of "green" Shawarma, rolls, pita, this time with avocado.
Pita bread in batter
120 - 10м -
A delicious appetizer in five minutes! Our favorite pita bread in a Golden crispy batter. Fast, beautiful, easy, cheap and tasty.
A crispy appetizer of pita bread with vegetables
107 - 20м 6
A crispy appetizer of pita bread. Pita bread stuffed with a Delicious and hearty appetizer. We recommend you to prepare. Very tasty!!!
Potato and mushroom lavash rolls
101 - 40м 5
Very, very tasty roulette. Please everyone, like fasting and not fasting. Who doesn't like potatoes and even with mushrooms, but if you add garlic and sauteed onions, very tasty-is delicious. Very good to serve these rolls hot.
Strudel pita
101 - 20м 2
Quickly and easily prepare strudel pita which is ideal for Breakfast or for tea, and cooks in only 20 min!
Envelopes of pita with potatoes and mushrooms
91 - 40м -
Very often prepare these envelopes. Filling them can be quite different: from mashed potatoes with herbs, sweet fruit and berry jam. Today the mashed potatoes and decided to add sauteed mushrooms and onions. The pita, as always, it turns out thin and crispy, and the filling is very sweet! The spice aroma is maddening, and hand and reach for another envelope! I invite you to try it!
Lobiani in a pita
90 - 30м 8
A delicious Breakfast during lent. Kind of lazy cakes, pita. This option snacks I managed to feed even the son who is eating the beans. Was eating! He just doesn't know it.
Crab roll
87 4 30м 10
This dish is easy to prepare and very tasty. I recommend to try!
Vegetable casserole without oil
86 - - -
Pita bread always helps me in the post, he can always come up with something new, and besides, in the thin Armenian lavash bread (which we sell) part no oil. This time I offer a recipe a hearty casserole with eggplant and zucchini.
Vegetable pitas with mushrooms
86 4 15м 4
Perustuvaa pitas with mushrooms. Can replace dinner or serve as addition to it.
Rolls pita
84 3 20м 12
For lovers of quick and tasty snack. Crispy rolls with cheese and greens. Just yummy, they are like a fleeting vision, was on the plate and that's really not them.
Vegetable Shawarma
74 - - -
Who said Shawarma taste good with meat? Not at all. Vegetable Shawarma with mushrooms - yum!
Meatless meatloaf with steamed vegetables
67 - 45м 2
Offer to pamper yourself during lent is very tasty, fragrant dish with a slight crunchy taste.
Puff pudding in pita bread
67 - - -
The recipe for this pudding I found in the "Calendar of the Orthodox Housewives" in 2009 and altered it a bit in their own way. Turned out juicy, flavorful and colorful dessert, with juicy fruit layer.
Sharma vegetarian
67 - 60м 6
Now vegetarians will not feel deprived, because of the mushrooms, tomatoes and cream to make a delicious filling for charmy.