Cook in a slow cooker recipes for Lent

0.7k - 60м 6
Greshniki is a traditional Russian way to submit a buckwheat cereal for soup or borscht. To prepare greshniki easy, and they look on the table much more attractive than a plate of porridge. Greshniki, or miscreants, are sold in the city streets Hawking, and poured hot vegetable oil. Still, initially this is not a standalone dish, but it belongs to the cabbage soup, served instead of bread. I made greshniki in multivarka VITEK VT-4214 add flavor to them mushrooms.
Vegetable soup with lentils "Soup Lesta"
263 - 50м 4
Very soulful Bulgarian vegetable soup with lentils. Prepares multivarka Vitek VT-4215 BW.
Coliva rice
242 - - -
Kolivo - boiled wheat (or other cereal), sweetened with honey or sugar. Blessed in the Church and is eaten on Friday of the first week of lent in memory of the miracle of St. Martyr Theodore of Tyrone. Koleva (called kutia), is blessed after the memorial service for the deceased. These symbolize the future Resurrection, honey or sugar - the bliss of the future life. Traditionally cooked, no frills and very simple, but tradition is tradition and should be honored.
Lenten chocolate cake in a slow cooker
218 - 15м 6
Incomparable sweet, delicious and lush vegetable pie from nothing. We recommend you to prepare!
Herring stewed "Pacific"
204 - 50м 4
I live in the far East, as far as I remember, and mom prepared this recipe, and after it turned out that this beloved herring my husband. As soon as I got multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY, the husband asked me to cook this fish. Try it - you will not regret. Besides, the dish is versatile, delicious hot and cold.
Cod under vegetable marinade "Harmony"
190 - - -
Delicious, simple and healthy dish. Cod makes a very succulent and surrounded by vegetables. The flavor is incomparable!
Monastery soup
165 - - -
Through this competition, I have the most delicious post of all the posts that I kept. And today made the soup after reading the article about the life of Greek monks.
Gratin of buckwheat with nuts and dried fruits
159 - - -
Gratin is a French casserole that can be prepared from almost anything. It is mostly found from potatoes, meat, fish with sauce and cheese. But this dish is more suitable for dinner. I offer you a delicious, nourishing dish for Breakfast. Instead of the usual porridge, boiled in milk. So they call it muesli, but it's not even muesli, and... see and try for yourself.
Ciabatta in a slow cooker and convection oven
151 5 180м 10
Have long to bake this bread. First in the bread machine about 7 years hell. Then tried in the oven. Now, in a slow cooker together with suitable for her convection oven. The last method I liked best. That we have the most popular family bread. When something like Ciabatta baked in store Peterson. Very crisp and porous viscous myakish.
Vegetable porridge of rice, "Jasmine"
147 - - -
What is fragrant rice "Jasmine", turned mess from it an aromatic, bright and very useful.
Mint honey in a slow cooker
143 - 180м -
Mint médoc is not only unusual and very pleasant to the taste, but also good for health: helps with colds and stomach diseases. When you harvest mint-try to make this a remarkable healing dessert!
Bulgur with mushrooms and vegetables
142 - 60м -
Bulgur, like rice, is a good base for different flavor combinations, today made the Eastern wheat, it turned out a kind of pilaf, rich aromas of mushrooms and vegetables, tasty, juicy and crispy.
Vegetable soup with lentils in multivarku
140 - 120м 5
For one who is fasting. A very simple soup, delicious and low-calorie. Moreover, very useful. Because lentils do not accumulate in themselves harmful substances. It is useful in disorders of the nervous system, problems with the digestive tract, in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Normalizes the level of blood sugar. Vegetable proteins in its composition, easily digested, and complex carbohydrates have the ability to be broken down slowly, so the feeling of hunger comes soon.
Spicy vegetable soup with lentils
139 - - -
Vegetable soup with a spicy taste and delicate texture.
Trout with potatoes "simple"
137 - 30м 3
Came across like that to me in the supermarket a piece of wonderful trout on the stock. I salted, and the second sliced into steaks and cooked for dinner. The fish liked all households that now often ask me to cook it. Very simple, quick and delicious!
Porridge monastery in a slow cooker
132 - 50м 8
Very satisfying, despite the lack of meat, fragrant porridge. Cooked in a slow cooker "Vitek" VT-4206-R
Pasta with walnut-soy dressing
129 - 40м 3
Quick and delicious solution for dinner or lunch - fried rice vermicelli with flavorful filling of walnuts and soy sauce. And the olives give the dish a special piquancy.
Vegetable saute
128 - - -
Sauté (FR. saute - jump, leap) - as the dish is prepared in several stages, so to say, jumps. Many believe that the name came from the vessels in which it is prepared, and the method of mixing. However, whatever it was, saute this is very tasty dish and cooking it in a slow cooker makes it even tastier and more interesting.
Vegetable rice
128 - 30м -
Rice cooked together with potatoes and celery root, absorbed new tastes. For me, this grain has long been one of the foundations for culinary creativity. And once again the taste of him was unique... If you don't have a slow cooker, this recipe and set of products can be adapted to cooking on the stove (or bake in the oven).
Cod a La sous vide
127 - - -
You do not know about the technology of cooking called sous-vide? Then we go to You!))) This technology is very popular abroad. We have known less. But recently, many became fascinated with the manufacturing technology of sous-vide. So I succumbed to this hobby.)) The technology of sous-vide is that the product is sealed in the package, and then immersed in water, prepared at a low temperature. The classics of the genre should have vacuum bags (or vacuum vessel) and appliance - Swidnica. Will fit slow cooker. At worst, you can use a slow cooker from "control". Well, if no slow cooker "multipolar" only option "heating". In General, vacuum bags and Assembly with a low temperature (50-80 degrees) - our all. According to the method of sous-vide, you can cook any meat, poultry, fish. Since we have the theme of "Post", today we prepare the fish (although, if to speak about lent, fish is allowed only twice - at the Annunciation and palm Sunday). And cook according to the technology of sous-vide offer cod. Says Daniel Rouge Madsen (Daniel Rouge Madsen), chef-consultant at the Norwegian Culinary Institute, cod their best taste reveals at low temperatures.
Braised green beans with sweet peppers
126 - 30м 4
In the summer heat to stand at the stove is not very nice. Therefore I propose to cook this easy and flavorful side dish in the slow cooker. The dish is quite self-sufficient, but as a side dish perfect with meat, poultry, young potatoes. Suitable for fasting, vegetarian and separation of power, and for those who follow the figure. Good both hot and cold. One for you, cooks!