Snacks recipes

Trout salt oil
327 3 30м 15
Salted salmon with butter
Croutons with beetroot mousse and herring
326 - 20м 6
Snacks of herring is very loved by us, besides they are enough budget, and no holiday is complete without them. Suggest You try a small (one bite) crunchy croutons with spicy beetroot mousse and herring. Of course, first and foremost, it will appeal to men as it is just the perfect snack to vodka, but among the fair sex certainly there are fans of salty and spicy!
Pate "Burda"
320 - 40м -
It's not my favorite cuisine, "Burda". Taken from the magazine "Cooking with Boris Burda". But the original title is confusing... A pate worthy of attention and taste, and in its simplicity!
Mushrooms "I Want more!"
310 - 10м -
I don't like complicated recipes that take a few hours. And already began to notice that the simpler - the better. These juicy, flavorful, delicious mushrooms I cook very often. And just to dinner and on the table for a snack, if suddenly guests... And now, in the post, almost every day. And I always hear "I Want more of your mushrooms!" So I did call. Faster recipe for cooking mushrooms (and, to me, more palatable) I have not tried. The taste is so rich and varied! With garlic resembles the grill chicken, with dill - fried cakes with green onions - potato chips... no one can guess how I cook them. Try it once and you'll say "I Want more!"
Dried trout
300 - 180м 4
Always believed that sun-dried rybczyk and shamika - two of the most delicious sun-dried fish. Was wrong. This year was an experiment made with trout that exceeded all expectations, although I was told that the trout are not dried. Delicious dried fish I haven't tried, so go and get it!
Snack roll "Holiday"
300 - 70м 6
You always want to cook for Christmas table, something new, unusual, tasty. Offer this wonderful loaf is a snack. Very tasty, looks nice on the holiday table. It can be prepared the day before serving. Good, both cold and warm.
Pressed pig ears
300 - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
"Herringbone" for appetizer
298 - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
Green beans with tomatoes by Lebanese
297 - - -
Simple, but despite this, very tasty snack of green beans, and most importantly - useful and diet, as prepared in Zepter cookware, and hence complied with all the rules of healthy eating, the food is prepared without salt, oil and water.
Eggs stuffed with "Cannon"
297 5 - -
Karambol - this is a challenging game of Billiards, where the ball before the hit in the pocket should not only hit the Board table, but to make the maximum number of intersections. So the filling for these eggs, since one ingredient in the time did a lot of intersections and celebrate, and not very and finally reached the pockets in our family in this form. Here is such a "Cannon".
294 5 40м -
Very tasty and healthy dish, I dedicate it to my friend Pijesku (Nurzhamal)
Sardines Venetian "Sarde in saôr"
291 - - -
This is one of the most delicious dishes of Venetian cuisine that turns this ordinary fish, like sardines, in a great snack. The recipe is an ancient method used by the Venetian fishermen for preserving food. Over time the recipe, including new ingredients, have acquired more refined tastes.
Pickled Zope
291 - 780м -
Fish home Ambassador. This recipe shared with me girlfriend a few years ago, since that time, we loved the homemade, salted fish. For this recipe I marinated and carp. The fish is ready to eat after 12 hours of salting.
Mole Burger
291 - 30м 1
A fun sandwich that is not only beautiful but also the unexpected that will surprise both children and adults!
Mousse of chicken breast
287 - 60м 3
Want something delicate and unusual of chicken breast? What about mousse? Chicken breast like this has beautiful views, is perfect for any garnish and can be with a clear conscience allowed yourself to diet. Invite!
Eateries cakes "Napoleon"
286 3 - -
Very tender, incredibly tasty!!! Make them always crashed and the guests loved it... my husband generally will modestly hold back.
Jerked chicken breast a La "Carpaccio"
285 - - -
Surprise your loved ones!!! There are similar recipes, but my assembled from different options by trial taste, because I want to share with you. Such meat previously bought in the store. And I always thought that in home to cook will be difficult. But do not worry, the jerk, a lot of time, actually no, on all about all day. And everything is simple and quite inexpensive. The price in the store almost 5 times the cost. And the taste of homemade is even better, especially the amount of salt and spices can always be adjusted to your taste. Apply for a dish as festive table with cold meats or by itself or just with a beer instead of fish. Friends who did not know that this chicken breast was asking what fish? And I think this is much better than chips and crackers chemical. All natural product!!! Try it yourself as it is delicious and easy! Bought in the store such meat is called "Carpaccio" that angered many znatakov here and now I know the differences. But still want to keep a similar name on the store, because I think there are many people familiar with this dish from the store under the wrong name.
Marinated crab sticks
285 - 15м -
Unusual appetizer of crab sticks.
Rolls of herring with remoulade sauce
279 - - 3
The main thing in this dish - the sauce - because it excited everyone in our family! There are many versions of remoulade, but this one appealed to me the availability of products. It is suitable to fish dishes and perfectly will blend in with vegetable snacks (for example, I make a salad of beets and potatoes and served this sauce). And mashed potatoes with remoulade - just eat with a fork! But the New year I suggest You serve with this sauce wonderful rolls, in Germany they are called "Rollmops". A truly festive dish. Hope intrigued!
Festive meats
278 - 120м 10
In anticipation of the holidays I would like to present to you a few recipes that will brighten your holiday table. However, in the normal weekday happy. Moreover, all this can be prepared in advance and frozen. But a day before the meal transfer to the fridge to thaw. Help yourself!
Spicy herring in quince sauce
276 - 30м 3
A very interesting and tasty appetizer. Long peeped it in the journal "Love to cook", but in any way hands did not reach, and here the competition. So help yourselves. But not at night, and thirsty! :D