Decorations for dishes recipes

The "flowers" of black radish
246 4 - -
Quite simple decoration of black radish. According to this principle, you can make flowers out of almost any vegetables.
Cottage cheese and banana cream
245 - 20м -
Easy, tasty
Flowers made of chocolate
244 - 30м -
Very easy and quick way to decorate cake chocolate flowers. A minimum of time, and the occasion.
Color the icing to fill the cakes
243 - 15м -
Color glaze with mirror effect will help nice and fast to decorate a cake or eclairs. The amount of frosting to fill the cake with a diameter of 22 cm
"Christmas decorations" of mastic
242 - 20м -
I have these few pieces made, the cakes look nice, especially with snowflakes)
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
242 - 50м 10
Hello, dear friends! I would venture to suggest to You mA-a-ahonkaya a master class in decorating and serving buffet. The first bonus You can obtain quite independent and a delicious dessert, easy to manufacture. The second bonus You can, or rather just have to, to attract children to the manufacture of this dessert. Third bonus - the kids will be happy, parents happy, a pleasant shock!
Princess "Vanessa"
241 5 40м 1
Beauty! For kids!
240 5 15м -
In my opinion the best tried many but this is like the most
Salad "chicken-hen"
240 - 40м 3
Salad in an unusual design!
Anthurium, hot pepper
240 - - -
I want to show you another flower, which need a regular kitchen knife.
The cake "joy"
240 3 15м -
This is my version of the design of the cake with fondant. This is the debut, do not judge strictly...
Breakfast buffet
240 3.5 - -
how to decorate a buffet?here you will see some pictures of the appetizers, how to decorate a buffet at home in the family circle with friends.
Cake "Sea Dragon"
240 3 - -
Description of biscuits and cream then no, this Tolo variant of decoration
Sponge moss
239 - 10м 4
Very easy to prepare, but is a spectacular decoration for any dessert, cake or tart.
Quick chocolate icing without butter
239 - 5м -
The grandmother of my husband gave me a cookbook 1991 release. I smile and start flipping through it and came upon a simple recipe of chocolate glaze, which do not need to add oil! Now always use only this recipe, decorates not only the usual home-made cakes but also birthday cakes.
Decorations from marzipan
239 4 - -
And this cake for my synuli, he still hadn't seen him sleep. Hope the surprise was a success and he will be happy. The car is his weakness. The cake recipe was not present. Want to share a recipe for marzipan. Delicious and decoration molded very easily.
Napkin decoration also!
237 3 1м -
Elegant, and original folded, napkin will give even a modest table in a special, attractive and festive look. Folding napkins in an unusual way. Try to master a few methods and turn your table into a fairy tale.
Roses from candy
236 5 30м -
Sweet, delicious and beautiful
Chocolate leaves
236 5 20м -
Made my son a cake for a birthday party and decided, on top of that, decorate with chocolate leaves. My older kid is 18 years old tomorrow! Well! And he said the cake and leaves without good. Let me you will treat with them!
Mastic and application-Spiderman
235 - 240м -
Preparation of mastic of marshmallows and applique out of it for the cake. Already many such examples in the Internet!! Decided that my opinion on this case can someone come in handy! Figurine spider-man - corny and all cakes are viewed by me from this subject, seemed to some dark, so we decided to come up and to dilute the cake with bright letters... Given that this is my first experience, do not judge strictly.
Creamy frosting for cakes and cupcakes
234 - 20м 20
The recipe for the sweet tooth, as the cupcakes themselves are sweet, and the frosting makes them even more sweet, but a creamy! Help yourself!!!!