Decorations for dishes recipes

Chocolate glaze
143 3 10м -
For desserts and cakes.
142 4 30м 4
Delicious and beautiful cakes.
Our kids - "Covonia"
141 - 60м 1
And here is Covonia - the most hardened and business owl in the world. Children love her recipes good mood. As well as dishes in the form of favorite characters.
Painting Easter eggs
141 - 60м 50
All simple is genius.
Cake "Chicken"
141 3 - -
Making cakes for the kids for the holiday.
Decoration of carrots and cucumber
141 5 10м 1
Decorating them can be anything, such as meats!
140 5 30м 6
Like flowers? Beautiful table? Want to impress your guests, your kids or yourself? Gave a bunch of beautiful and delicious colors. It doesn't take a lot of time, food or effort.
Swan lake
139 5 - -
Spoil kids
Napkin rings, carrots-2
139 - 15м -
Here I will show two more options of making napkin rings.
Making salad dressing "Well"
139 - - -
So you can draw any salad with seafood. Very quick, not a masterpiece, but quite nice.
Glaze Honey
138 - 10м -
I'm in the kitchen lay an extra med and get in my way.
Real chocolate icing
138 3 10м -
Not always at home to eat chocolate and if they cover a lot of cookies, then leave a few tiles, and it's not cheap! This recipe gave me the pastry, glaze the result is a true professional and also delicious and very shiny, which is also very important, good freezes. Looking at the website, not found, but if you do... please do not be offended!
Homemade marzipan
138 - - -
Marzipan is nothing like the almond-sugar mass is cooked by special technology. It is very important in order to succeed, bring the sugar syrup to the right stage. I am writing about it already in the recipe. Do not neglect the temperature regime. As this recipe without the addition of proteins and exactly the right stage of heated sugar syrup is key to supply was tight as the batter, and not blurred. From ready-made marzipan, you can: — sculpt various figures and decorating or pastry; cut into small pieces and add to the dough for baking, instead of candied fruit you can stuff them with sweets or make small balls from marzipan and dipped in chocolate; — and yet all that tells You is Your imagination:-) If you are working with marzipan it is too sticky, sprinkle the marzipan and hands with powdered sugar as the dough is sprinkled with flour.
Cake "Sea Dragon"
137 3 - -
Description of biscuits and cream then no, this Tolo variant of decoration
Stuffed pike - dishes
136 5 - -
Description of cooking (found a few options) nothing to add, but the design offers several options that will be suitable for dinner at home, and on the wedding table...
Marzipan classic
135 - 30м -
I represent to your attention a classic recipe of marzipan, which I use. Note that don't use eggs, because you can catch Salmonella, and the retention time of this marzipan is much shorter or not at all desirable. The recipe is simple and tasty marzipan, the shop will not buy. The version with brandy for the adults :-) In the version for children do not use flavor rum and brandy, and replaced by "Rose water" - 1 teaspoon Bon APPETIT IN 100 g of finished product contains: Protein-10 g; Carbohydrates 54 g; Fat 26 g; Calories - 490 kcal.
The cake "joy"
135 3 15м -
This is my version of the design of the cake with fondant. This is the debut, do not judge strictly...
Spherical Dahlia from the radish
134 3 25м -
These dahlias are cut using Thai and oval karbonatnykh knives. Use these flowers for decorating and festive table.
Candied orange peels
133 - 90м -
This recipe produces fragrant candied fruit with a rich aroma of citrus, such thin and non-sticky. Very cool perfect for cakes! You can also cook and peel from the lemon.
Cake "Bird of happiness". Part 2 - cooking instructions bird of happiness
133 - 30м -
Very easy to cook this bird of happiness, and it looks amazing. Will decorate any holiday table (not necessarily on the cake, you can just to decorate the feast.) The idea of the cookbook.
Zephyr "Amor"
131 - 60м -
Bought in Ukraine at the magazine and was suffering so I wanted to quickly cook delicious and easy marshmallows. My expectations were met. Most importantly, these marshmallows can be decorated any cake