Porridge on the water recipes

Sochivo made from buckwheat
119 3 - -
Before Christmas, climbed the entire Internet in search of interesting recipes sochivo Recipes... found a couple... of rice and little wheat. But found information that sochivo is prepared with all cereals! And in the Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language by V. dal in article 6298 read: "Know and gachihi that the pudding is cooked from buckwheat". Decided to cook buckwheat... I don't know, is it enough to have this porridge for ceremonial meals, but very delicious it turned out.
Pea-potato porridge with smoked cheese
119 - 60м 3
In my family I love mung bean porridge, but not simple, and green split peas Oregon TM "Mistral" that tastes slightly sweet, and young potatoes. Smoky taste of our porridge will give her grated smoked cheese. Put it in a cooking ring with a slice of bacon, garnish with rosettes of tomatoes and herbs.
Goroshnitsa a good
118 - - -
Lived happily ever after I'm at the cottage this summer, Yes, have invented a new pea porridge. Rather, she has somehow sobralas. I've thinned beets and thought I would try now to cook from a young, fresh foliage. The soup was ready, and I decided to make goroshnitsa. And so we were all pleased with the result, that I decided to share with you my favorite cooks.
Orange rice porridge
117 - - 2
Diversify your Lenten menu this flavorful rice porridge. Despite the classic combination of orange with cinnamon, porridge has an interesting flavor.
Buckwheat with eggplant in sour cream
117 - - -
In the season of eggplant propose to diversify your "muffler" table here is a delicious buckwheat!
Buckwheat porridge Valasske
117 - - 3
Hearty porridge with the aroma of smoked meat, garlic and onions are good not only for Breakfast. It is possible to prepare for the second lunch for dinner. This porridge will be happy in the first place men. But it is just elementary. Cooking?
Buckwheat monastery
117 - - 1
It happens that culinary delights are slightly tired, and want something simple but tasty. This dish is meatless variety table.
Buckwheat porridge with stuffed mushrooms
117 - 40м -
Buckwheat with mushrooms is a classic option. But I want to offer a version stuffed with cheese and ham with mushrooms, stew with buckwheat sour cream.
Field mess
116 - - -
For the contest "Journey to ancient recipes". I was a week my mother in the village, asked grandma and neighbor grannies about old recipes, they told me some of his childhood and youth))) Some (simple) decided to cook. To create environment of old "searched" all the attics and closets in search of vintage things... this is what came out of it...
Boiled rice color
116 - - -
In the Post the usual food - vegetables and cereals. To diversify a food, offer several options of rice boiled, it is not difficult to prepare. I enjoyed it, and You choose to prepare such a colored pic, or every "color" on different days. Each bright "color" has a bright taste. Except fast days, this side dish is great to cook on the holiday table. Prepare and rate that suits your taste!
Millet porridge with pear and dried apricots
116 - - 2
We love millet porridge, but, as pearl barley, cooked not so often due to the fact that it takes time, but with the slow cooker this item has disappeared and now only thinking about how (Kashi) to diversify. Here is one of them.
Porridge of flax seeds without cooking
116 5 10м 1
I want to share the recipe so-called flax cereal, although it is not a mess in the usual sense, and the ingredients may vary, although Flaxseed as a staple, of course, remains. I eat such a mess in a day or two, it gives a lot of nutrients, because everything is eaten fresh, and a supply of omega - 3 for several days in advance in good sootnoshenii omega - 6. Plus, save time! Try it! 💚
Porridge oats, chocolate baked
116 - - -
Surely You had to read that before porridge baked in the oven. I too wanted to know what they taste like baked porridge. But the ovens I have, only the oven. And that's what I got! Flavored chocolate cereal with crispy crust!
116 3 30м -
Many good buckwheat: and a lot of microelements such as iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium; and contains large amounts of rutin (a substance, sealing the walls of blood vessels, stopping bleeding and providing prophylactic and therapeutic effects on veins), and cook it very simple, and affordable for any budget.
Porridge "Vitamin"
116 5 - 1
Continue the series of tasty and healthy Breakfast for those who are fasting. Blueberries, blackberries, banana, nuts - solid vitamins! For the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
A simple rice side dish in the microwave
115 - 45м -
A simple and quick side dish of buckwheat groats. Think that perfect for novice chefs – in any case, the family will not go hungry...
Porridge of lentil, bacon and caramelized onions
115 - 20м 2
Persian lentils very much, especially for its velvety structure and quick to prepare. Lentils are good takes the flavor of smoked brisket, and combined with caramelized onions - very tasty and juicy.
Porridge of green buckwheat with mushrooms
115 - 40м -
Dish for those fasting, who does not love fat and healthy meals. Green buckwheat is a living buckwheat, and the brown color it acquires after the heat treatment. It is very important to eat green buckwheat, because it has a lot of nutrients. An interesting fact that up to 50 years in the stores selling green buckwheat, maybe that's why the people at that time looked healthy and blooming.
Pea porridge with Adygei cheese
114 - 90м 4
I admit, as a kid, I just hated pea porridge! The day when it was given in kindergarten or her mother used to make this little tragedy. Now I'm grown up, my tastes changed, and one day I woke up thinking that I want mushy! I welded all the rules, generously brushed with butter and heartily ate) is Now very often cook this porridge turned out to be delicious and very useful!
Polenta with bacon
114 - - -
The idea is simple: cook the polenta, add in it all that we love. The result is a rich, aromatic and full Breakfast.
Porridge with ham and eggs
114 - - -
A rich sweet Breakfast option. Suitable for those who do not like porridge, in the morning and loves to "refuel" is tight.