Sweet porridge recipes

Spelt porridge with caramelized pear
116 - 40м 3
In the tale of Pushkin worker Balda ass put a condition: to feed him boiled spelt. Oh, and I was not stupid Blockhead. This semi-wild wheat, "the ancestor" of modern soft wheat, also called spelt, and contains a lot of protein and essential amino acids. No wonder porridge of spelt was loved in Russia. Modern nutritionists say about the benefits of spelt, especially for children and patients with diabetes. Cook spelt tasty and filling porridge with the delicious addition, pears in a fragrant caramel.
Sweet pilaf
116 4 20м 4
Very easy to prepare and very delicious pilaf, disappears immediately after preparation ))
Millet porridge with pumpkin and cherries
116 - 25м 4
We all look forward to summer, sunshine and heat, to finally leave the city. Although in the summer happen cloudy and rainy days when the mood is at zero, and do not want anything. But country chores around the house or in the garden because of this are not undone. In those days, vigor and energy will give a delicious and hearty Breakfast. And with the aid of wheat bags from TM "Mistral" to prepare it is not difficult! Shall we?
Krupenik "the Union of buckwheat and cottage cheese"
115 - 60м 6
Hello again! Today I come to you here with such a wonderful krupenik.! Ah, a little behind :)) On the competition already submitted the recipe buckwheat-cheese krupenik. Well, nothing, I have the recipe of his own composition-improvisation :I) So krupenik it turns out the other ;) Try this option, hope you enjoy!
Healthy Breakfast for schoolchildren
115 5 - -
The recipe is very simple but very useful for students. In your recipe I want to show you how I sent my daughter to school.
Sweet rice porridge with pumpkin
115 5 30м 6
In our family this sweet pumpkin porridge loved by both adults and children, is a very useful vitamin!
Porridge in the morning
115 - 5м 1
Easy, nutritious, essential
Walnut-poppy seed rice
114 - 45м 4
A delicious rice, which would be wonderful for Breakfast or afternoon tea.
Ice cream Manne
114 - 1м 3
Manne ice cream. I want to offer you a wonderful recipe of porridge with mango flavor, it was great, very, very tasty. The idea to submit it in the form of ice cream was a success, my family did not even realize what is semolina porridge with mango, ate it instantly, and asked for additions
Millet porridge with cream cheese
113 4 25м 6
An old recipe of Russian cuisine. This porridge will satisfy even those who do not like the smell of millet. Very tasty and tender vegetables if hot - it is fluffy, like whipped, if cold then you can cut it like a casserole. This mess can become a dessert, and a separate dish. It can be served with berries and yogurt, and cinnamon, in General, the scope for imagination.
Merry gruel
113 4.5 120м 6
In my childhood, children porridge is not liked, but after trying this cereal, they are not likely to refuse. I tried this for the first time over 20 years ago, and now are preparing their children.
Fruit porridge "the girl from the Papuan"
113 - 20м 1
It is difficult to feed the child, if he does not want. And if a little dream, the most banal cereal with fruit may lead the baby in delight. The maximum benefit in the beginning of the day needs to the growing child's body. Breakfast should be delicious and should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And if the cooking process is to connect the kid's joy will know no bounds.
Rice-coconut porridge pudding with blueberries
112 - 10м 1
Rice flakes TM "Mistral" is my lifesaver when cooking Breakfast. Poured the hot milk, and after 3 minutes the porridge is ready! But I try to apply it in different ways. One of them - fragrant rice-coconut porridge pudding with wild blueberries.
Oat porridge with Apple and cinnamon
111 - 8м 2
It is light, healthy and warming porridge. The perfect Breakfast for schoolchildren and students.
Breakfast-dessert "A La Pavlov"
111 - - -
Probably everyone knows about the existence of cake or dessert "Pavlova", named after the famous ballerina and consisting of airy meringue, whipped cream and fresh berries. I suggest You to surprise your loved ones not just a cereal, and unusual presentation of this cereal, airy meringue in a dessert "Pavlova".
Lazy oatmeal with black currants
111 - 5м 1
Lazy oatmeal is cooked super fast and perfect for Breakfast* I presented a version with black currant and added flax seeds (they are very good for the digestive system, especially when taken in the morning)**You can add those fruits, berries, nuts, sweeteners, which are in the fridge*
Spicy rice porridge with coconut milk
111 - - 6
Rice porridge is probably one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Eat it all, from small to large. But sometimes you want to add some fun to the classics. Today I propose to prepare a milk rice pudding Indian style: with coconut milk, lime and spices. Incredibly delicious and flavorful dish that will delight Your loved ones in the early morning.
Semolina pudding with cranberries
110 5 15м -
Found this recipe in the recommendations on rational nutrition for pregnant women. Cranberry is very useful in pregnancy, it is truly "the larder of nature". It is rich in organic acids, vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. Cranberries are recommended during pregnancy for edema, varicose veins, high blood pressure and just as a multivitamin means, especially in early pregnancy. And so unusual in color and taste semolina with cranberries will appeal not only pregnant, but many hate the monkey. Try it, I think You will like it.
Porridge "Creme brulee"
110 - 15м 1
Creme brulee porridge, it is our history. When I was little, I was often sick with colds. And one of my favorite drugs, was burnt sugar with milk. And my grandmother cooked a special, "medical" porridge. With her I want you to meet. She like all children without exception. Be sure to try.
Kutya with uzvar for Christmas and Epiphany
109 - 90м 4
Cooked Christmas pudding on Christmas Eve - the first Holy night. 18 January - Epiphany Eve - the second Holy night. The Christmas pudding on the eve of the Epiphany prepares the same, but tradition is on Christmas Eve to remember the dead and their souls leave for the Christmas pudding on the table, and on the eve of the Epiphany follows the entire Christmas pudding to eat. A dinner with meatless dishes - fish, dumplings, pancakes, Christmas pudding and uzvar.
Porridge "Hercules" with stewed apples
109 - - 4
As you know, porridge is the perfect Breakfast: a hearty, nutritious, energizing. To diversify the mess, I propose to add stewed apples in syrup with cinnamon.