Broths and soups recipes

Fish soup with capelin
0.6k - 60м 3
The soup in the Post, when allowed to fish. I invite you to try delicious and nutritious soup is soup made from fish broth from capelin with vegetables and quinoa. Capelin - fish is very useful. Unfortunately many people ignore it. The use of capelin cover a broad spectrum of effects on the body, from preventing heart attacks to improving your mood. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet and for everyday use, and in the composition of the diet.
Pumpkin soup
0.6k - 30м 4
Hello dear cooks. On this site I for a long time. But your personal recipes as it is not meant to spread. But for the past two years as I live in Spain, in the part called the Basque Country. And I became interested in her kitchen because my husband is Hispanic, and baskovskijj people are hard to convince that in the world there are other equally delicious "food". As I know, most of the Spanish restaurants with three Michelin stars located in the Basque Country. And San Sebastian is a city with a record number "Michelin" stars per square meter in the world! But I'm not going to acquaint you with molecular gastronomy. Because at home, it is almost impossible to reproduce, we, mere home cooks. But what is different baskovskijj normal cuisine is simplicity, naturalness and usefulness. So, let's begin.
"Zatirukha" milk
0.6k - 30м 6
Milk "zatirukha" - the taste of childhood. All children, as is customary in the summer and sent to her grandmother in the village. And Granny for dinner and prepared "zatirukha", the taste is amazing, supplements asked all... In memory of his beloved grandmother... And You remember the taste of childhood?
Mushroom soup with truffle oil and parmezanom chips
0.6k - 20м 2
I love mushroom soup, cook it very often, but I always want to add different notes, because even a favorite dish can get bored :))) I Propose You a little "cheer" everyone's favorite mushroom soup.
Soup with coconut milk and shiitake mushrooms
0.6k - 20м 4
In explanation of Thai cuisine, to the middle of the post is still wanted milk. At least the coconut! Taste the magic, it's just indescribable!
Beet soup with pesto
0.6k - - -
The recipe, of course, more for hot summer days, but warm autumn is also quite suitable. This light refreshing soup is prepared very simply, and looks bright and elegant.
0.6k 4 120м 4
Very tasty and hearty dish of Uzbek cuisine.
Soup "Chord" with rice and prunes
0.6k - 30м 8
Bright, flavorful and thick soup with lots of vegetables and the softest meat. And even soup with lamb can be quite easy and without peculiar smell. Come and try it! p.s. The history of the name figured out, leave in the original as in clipping from a magazine. This is probably related to grub. There is a certain similarity of textures and flavors.
Fish soup "Aquarium"
0.6k - - -
A very useful soup with seaweed. Specially for the kids.
Soup with rice and beets
0.5k - 60м 4
Today for lunch we have soup with beets and rice. Rice contains complex carbohydrates, so the rice is nutritious, but not high in calories and contributes to overall weight loss.
Soup with rice and meatballs
0.5k - - -
This soup is usually prepared in a milk the week before lent. This soup can easily play any carnivore that meatballs without meat is almost impossible to guess. Very hearty, delicious soup.
Of artal
0.5k - 180м -
The artal - the so - called Georgian sirloin, shank, and also a meal out of it. In fact, the broth is very concentrated, fragrant, and most importantly, very useful, especially for a growing body!
Cheese soup
0.5k - 45м 4
Vegetable soup with cheese flavor and hints of soy sauce. A great variety to your diet.
Soup with bread and dumplings
0.5k - 30м -
Recipe taken from the magazine "Liza". If everything is clear with dumplings, the bread here is very unusual. Offer to try will not be disappointed
Polish soup with pickles
0.5k - - -
This is one of the most popular traditional Polish soups. This soup is low in calories. Try to cook for dinner Polish soup with pickles and dressing for the pickle "Maggi". Preparation takes very little time, the result is a delicious and hearty entree, reminiscent of a pickle.
Potato soup with mushrooms
0.5k - 45м 8
Delicious soup)
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
0.5k - 40м 5
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
Cream soup of fennel with a creamy mint
0.5k - - -
Rarely in our Northern city can be seen in the sale of the fennel, and then only in the network of a large supermarket "Sigma", but they have... And then lucky jumped to buy gelatin and saw fennel. Fresh, sturdy!!! Well, how can one resist?!! I got fennel soup. Help yourself.
Minestrone Siberian or winter stew "grandfather Planted a turnip... "
0.5k - 40м 6
Flavorful hearty soup of vegetables (maybe not even a particularly favorite), growing in any the Siberian garden. Nothing fancy, just delicious!
Ukrainian borscht
0.5k 4 - 1
Long, but good. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Ushytsia with oregano
0.5k 3 30м 2
Delicious diet soup