Cooking in grills recipes

Cod fillet in aerogrill
253 - 40м 3
Fillet of cod tender and dietary fish. A convection oven allows you to preserve the usefulness and low-calorie product. Tasty fish for 30 minutes
Perch smoked
252 5 60м 1
It turns out very juicy and tasty fish! For cooking in the convection oven.
Eclairs in aerogrill
251 4 - 4
Continue to master the grills and this is my first cakes in it. In principle, the recipe is not new, just specific instructions to the owners of this wonder-stove. So if you want to remove it, then so be it.
Drunken ribs
250 3 120м 4
Delicious, juicy, tender...
Biscuits "assumption"
250 - 25м 15
The last day of the Dormition fast. Available. Just. Quickly. I hope that's okay. And, most importantly, lean.
Potatoes "Aero"
250 - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Meat "La barbeque"
248 4 30м 4
Again my aerogelic helps)))
Baked potatoes with cottage cheese
247 - 40м 2
Dear vegetarians, I offer you a recipe that I took from the book "GRILL - EASY AND DELICIOUS" (Der Grosse Grillspass) I adapted this recipe to suit your taste and made step-by-step photos. I hope you like it too!
Just pork
246 - 90м 5
Stuffed with pork or beef.
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches
245 - 60м 5
The dish is delicious! Very tender, very tasty! Will appeal to all! I seem to be in a special delight will be kids! The taste changes if the dish is hot or cold, but one thing consistently - it is always very tasty, I recommend!!!
Smoked fish in convection oven
243 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
Burgers "Nest"
242 - 25м 8
Tasty, juicy, fast, beautiful!!!
Grilled chicken
240 - 100м 8
Chicken at home is one of the favorite dishes. Has a lot of things you can cook. But my favorite is the usual roasted whole chicken grilled.
Rice pudding with raisins
239 3 - -
Delicious, nutritious and good Breakfast for both adults and children!
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers
239 5 - 2
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers.
Cookies couscous
238 - 30м 1
Again, my diet Breakfast. Came up already several times made, I really like it - and here it seems nothing like not found. No butter, no sugar (although if you want, you can add), on top of a crust, soft inside, very simple and hopefully useful... the Invention, in one word.
Potato gratin with minced offal
237 4 - 4
Potato gratin with minced offal.
Leg of rabbit in aerogrill
236 - 50м 4
I'm back with a recipe for aerogrill. Today's menu will be rabbit. Or rather - legs rabbit. Although it is so you can prepare other parts of a rabbit. It turns out a cross between a rabbit grill and barbecue.
Squash casserole a La pizza
235 - - -
I love zucchini. And what of them can be prepared in addition to the fritters, and casseroles? In search of the next recipe zucchini found this recipe. The name of the food is almost Italian, but the Italians of such, probably, was not prepared.
Meatloaf "Moulin Rouge"
235 3 - -
Tender roll of several kinds of meat cooked in vaccinia.
Puff "Bows"
234 - 20м 6
A very quick treat for coffee and tea. Little puff pastry and a handful of any nuts or poppy