Dishes pita bread recipes

Enchiladas with chicken
128 5 30м 8
A very simple recipe of delicious Mexican dishes - enchiladas. If you want to make the dish poetry - add more red pepper.
128 5 25м 5
Delicious, hearty, spicy Shawarma. Prepared simply and quickly.
Shawarma lean
127 - 10м 2
Offer the recipe is very tasty and juicy vegetarian Shawarma. As in the no meat, you can afford to use it in the post.
Pointy lovasik in my opinion
126 - - -
Again, no photo, not bought another mobile.
Triangles of pita
126 - 25м 3
Delicious, quick, hearty, hot Breakfast or snack for the whole family. Recipe found on the Internet and for several years he is one of the favorite morning food.
125 3.5 20м 1
When cooking a burrito there are no specific rules. All you need to do with soul, with love, the filling can be any.
Saverton with chicken in Chinese style
124 - - 2
Now we have a lot of different rolls of pita traded cafe on the road, and call them "saverton". So I decided to offer the author's recipe of saverton. Quick, tasty, fragrant, very comfortable at the picnic.
Torn pie pita
124 - - -
And on the next Breakfast is on offer to prepare a simple pie Turkish pita or tortilla. Very tasty, hearty and fast. Prepare a Pie for the lazy! The cake turns out with a crispy crust and soft inside. The filling is minimal and completely arbitrary. Enjoy!
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
123 - 30м 8
Today I will tell you how to cook an appetizer of pita "Roll of pita bread with crab sticks". A simple and quick recipe for a loaf of bread will not leave you indifferent. Rolls of pita especially relevant in the season of picnics and holidays. Roll of pita bread with a filling of crab sticks safely replace boring sandwiches. The main plus is that is rolls very quickly. This easy to prepare appetizer of pita bread has a very pleasant and original taste, which give the crab sticks in combination with cheese and tomatoes. A wonderful bread recipe pita is useful for all Housewives! Watch the video and cook along with me these incredibly delicious and easy to prepare crab cake pita.
Moldavian pie in a hurry
123 - 10м -
If You do not have at hand the test or You are too lazy to cook it, you will come to the aid lavash)))
The Doner kebab for vegetarians
122 4.7 12м 2
Delicious and quick Shawarma without the meat (the optimal ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates)
Roll "Capital"
122 3 30м 20
A lot of similar recipes and post your. Making olivye salad in an unusual option. Original, tasty and not expensive. Try it, you'll like it!
Baked lavash rolls with eggplant
121 - 80м 6
Delicious lavash rolls with roasted eggplant and cheese. Can be served as hot with any sauce and can be cold and as a snack.
Of Ruhla
120 5 10м -
Always made for the arrival of unexpected guests, but surprisingly the kids loved this dish, now do it yourself.
Pie pita
119 3 30м 6
Eternal theme! Versatile pita bread. What he did not do. I even tried to gather a collection of dishes! And each of them is a masterpiece of culinary thoughts. View this pie. Like anything new, the pita is the same, but I liked it so much that I decided to share!
Shawarma roll with the liver
119 - 20м 2
We love Shawarma, tried different options and combinations, but the chicken liver do for the first time, very interesting taste, and I advise you to try it!
Roll of pita with fish
119 4 15м -
Love this loaf.
Lavash with Suluguni cheese and greens
118 4 10м -
Delicious, nutritious, quick to prepare dish.
Cheese-cheese mini quiches pita
118 - 60м 4
Mini-pies, because it's not the whole pie, and it is divided into 4 portions. It is convenient that the cake is initially cut and only put on a plate to the guest, the shape of the piece is not broken, as it would be when cutting the pie.
Pita bread in the egg
117 3.5 15м 6
If you have kitchen scissors, consider that half of cooking is completed.
Turkmen lavash rolls
117 5 25м 8
lavash rolls