Dishes pita bread recipes

Lavash rolls with sweet peppers
238 - 20м 5
I used not purchase pita bread... and due to the fact that your lovasik turned out a little thicker and sdobnoe than regular pita, it was very interesting and tasty)) For recipe pita thanks to the author "begi"! It's all good!
Caesar roll at home
236 - 25м 1
My family loves Caesar salad, and if it is in a pita, it's just happiness for them! Hearty, delicious, nutritious! Their joy has no bounds when I cook!
Roll with minced chicken
236 4 40м -
A simple loaf which for my family!
Crispy rolls of Armenian lavash
235 - 15м -
Armenian lavash is always present in our shopping cart. If time and hunting to eat any of this product you can prepare wonderful rolls. Easy, tasty and fast! There are different toppings to Your taste! Be creative! While I will share one of the many variants of this dish! ; )
Quesadillas with Turkey and cranberry sauce
235 - - 4
As well as yoghurt and cranberry sauce with rosemary. You love a quick and delicious homemade fast food? Yes? Then, this quesadilla is exactly what You need! It is the highlight, or rather "klukvina" and ready without any dances with tambourines, and the result is that such "harmonista" quesadillas, you can cook for myself, and for friendly get-togethers, filed with white wine. Why "harmonista"? Because of her unusually delicious and delicate ingredients: Turkey, cranberry sauce, Apple, cheese, "gruyère" and completes all this splendor yoghurt and cranberry sauce with rosemary! This gastronomic ecstasy, I can tell You!)))
Cheese-cheese mini quiches pita
233 - 60м 4
Mini-pies, because it's not the whole pie, and it is divided into 4 portions. It is convenient that the cake is initially cut and only put on a plate to the guest, the shape of the piece is not broken, as it would be when cutting the pie.
Fast envelopes with cheese and egg
232 - - 1
This recipe once shared my virtual friend mama_tasi, and since this is often Breakfast at our table, I change a little according to your taste and desire, but the basis is always the same - pita bread, cheese, egg, water and salt. This is a very tasty, very fast, very simple and very delicious. Try? When he wrote the prescription, I was not given that this is already on the site, but because a large number of people have already added this recipe to favorites, I will not, if you'll allow me to delete it.
Roll with avocado in 5 minutes
231 5 5м 4
Continue the theme of "green" Shawarma, rolls, pita, this time with avocado.
Rolls "Palatine"
230 - 40м 4
Once decided to treat dad to Japanese cuisine. Ordered sushi and rolls. Dad was not happy : ( they Said that it's better that the Japanese eat, and we, Russian, are more like potatoes with meat. Then I came up with the idea to make these rolls, which would be made from the usual Russian man ingredients.
Breakfast in a tortilla
229 - 15м 1
A variation on the hearty and delicious Breakfast... a Mix of products wrapped in a tender tortilla... in 15-20 minutes you can prepare 2-3 servings. The recipe is for one serving.
Shaverma in simaginskoe
229 - 30м 2
Long thought to unload the refrigerator. Beef, boiled potatoes, some vegetables, sauce left over from the dumplings. Found in the freezer Armenian lavash, the forgotten month... So it's a great SHAWARMA AT HOME!!!
Shaurma with chicken
228 5 - -
I often cook the Shawarma with chicken and vegetables for the weekend. It turns out very tasty, tender, juicy and very hearty. Eaten within minutes. Cook, You will love it.
A La dumplings
228 5 40м 4
Want to offer You the lazy version of dumplings, but very tasty and unusual. The dumplings come out very juicy and tasty, and prepared well, very quickly! Try. Source - my imagination.
The Shawarma at home
228 3 50м 8
After the holidays, the fridge still the produce to cook something unusual. In our family all love Shawarma. I only cost to bribe a couple of ingredients and see the principle of preparation. That's what happened.
Roll of pita "my Fish"
227 - 20м 8
My acquaintance with rolls of pita began 5 years ago. I saw in the transfer of cooking recipe prepared and were disappointed. Like a great set of products (salmon, cream cheese), but it turned out dry and taste is not particularly impressed. But I never give up and after a couple of experimentation, found what I was looking for. Now this is my favorite nadinochka for a loaf of pita - juicy, tender and unusual. This option on the website not found, so post. Help yourself!
"Cheese" salad in pita bread
227 5 15м 8
Salad processed cheese with garlic in pita bread. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten :) And not boring. Cook each week. In our family it is eaten instead of bread, with a variety of dishes...
Shawarma "Favorite"
226 - 60м 6
I suggest to try my version of Shawarma. In our family love it all, from small to large. For its spicy, sweet, a little spicy, a terrific taste and not repeatable flavor. You can also try this.
Shawarma roll with the liver
226 - 20м 2
We love Shawarma, tried different options and combinations, but the chicken liver do for the first time, very interesting taste, and I advise you to try it!
Shawarma pita
226 3 15м -
First made pitas, and then... their Shawarma, which left me salivating...
Apple-cheese strudel pita
225 - 30м 6
Strudel pita, this easy, fast and simple pastries are perfect for Breakfast and will help out when you need something quick and tasty to cook for tea
Roll with ham
224 4 30м 6
Quick and easy to use. perfect for unexpected guests)))