Sauces recipes

Red sauce with onions and cucumbers
303 - 25м 10
Recipe from the wonderful book "Russian food" under the editorship of V. P. Butromeev. Very beautiful publication with an interesting pre-revolutionary recipes. Many reproductions of paintings, photos, menu, pre-revolutionary banquets. I love these historical culinary publications. Well, about the sauce. Ideal for filing side dishes, stewing chops, roasting mutton The sauce is very good with fresh bread. Spicy, sweet and sour. The brine taste traditional Russian cuisine. The recipe does not include the cooking time of the red broth, but cooking will be taught. Took the recipe as a basis, but slightly altered under itself. Come on in, help yourself.
Sour cream sauce, adjika and coriander
302 - 5м 4
The sauce is perfect for Shawarma, kebabs, pita, hot dogs, and just with hot Pitta bread or pita bread is delicious!
302 4 - -
To ice cream, to pancakes, to cheese. In General, I can say that this sauce-the caramel does not spoil Your dessert, and will only improve.
301 3 20м 1
So named for mayonnaise in France. And thanks to a typo made in a cookbook, became famous mayonnaise.
Homemade mustard
301 4 - -
Tastes better than the store. The recipe is illustrated with user Охапа_71 in the framework of "Coloring".
Honey mustard sauce
300 - - -
The sauce is prepared in minutes. Has a wonderful velvety structure, amazing honey aroma and a sweet-tangy taste. It's worth a try!!!
The "orange sauce" for spaghetti and not only
300 3 40м 5
Love to feed babies carrots. So they had no idea! I remember in my childhood when I was spinning plates, I really liked the song: Orange sky, orange sea, Orange greens, orange camel. Orange mother orange Orange songs orange guys sing... " the pasta is, always show the Italian mom who cooks well "the most delicious sauce". I think that I would be able to act as the "orange mom" because my sauce all his friends love children (not only children)!!! Not knowing about the carrot!!!
Cheese sauce-five-minute
299 4.3 10м -
Easy to prepare and inexpensive sauce perfect for meat, fish or vegetable dish.
Sauce "Shock"
298 3.5 25м -
Suitable for fish, the taste was odd and familiar.
Sauce Thai shrimp paste
297 - - -
Thick spicy tomato sauce with the addition of a paste of boiled shrimp is a great addition to Asian dishes.
Nut sauce "BAJ"
296 3 - -
Hello, my fellow Cooks! Today I propose you a traditional Georgian walnut sauce. Bage sauce is almost universal and is preparing very simple. The only thing it is not customary to eat is meat, is not suitable. And, of course, a matter of taste. As satsivi, lobio and khachapuri to cook it knows every housewife, and, of course, each with its own method and taste. So just say that don't pretend to possess the ultimate truth and offer the option of which I was taught by my grandmother (plus modern technology). Try and make sure that it is very tasty!
Hot cheese sauce
296 - 15м 4
Very tasty cheese sauce which goes well with crepes and pancakes. Fragrant and hearty!
Walnut salad
295 3 10м 4
Fragrant seasoning with a nutty flavor.
Tomato jam
295 - - -
Riding in the bus, read the news in the smartphone and suddenly, popping up contextual advertising: Tomato jam – trend 2018. Interested, went. I liked the idea. Prepared. Girls-boys – grade! Spicy-sweet tomato sauce with gets slices of tomatoes. Delicious with meat, poultry, fish, cheese. Cooked very easy! In short – go, cook and feast!
Sauce "Tartarus"
293 - 5м -
I love this stuff. Very tasty, it turns out home. Goes well with shrimp, and just spread on bread is delicious.
Cheese-bean dip
293 - - -
Unusual thick sauce that can be spread on toast, vegetables and dip crackers in it or just eat it with a spoon.
Horseradish cream sauce
292 5 15м -
A very interesting taste. Perfect for meat.
Sauce for meatballs
291 3 15м -
This sauce from my childhood. My papule always cooks the burgers with this sauce. Try it, it's delicious!!
Spicy seasoning for meat
290 3 15м -
The caruncle, in nature.
Lemon-sour cream sauce for pancakes
287 - - -
I wanted the sauce sweet, but not cloying. Lemon-sour cream was exactly that!
Sauce for meat-Boulogne
287 - 20м 3
This meat sauce suitable for pasta, meat. Prepared quickly, from the available products. Saw him on TV.