Cook in a double boiler recipes

Favorite dumplings
256 5 - -
Cheese with sun dried apricots
256 - 25м 2
Cheese is very useful, but kids don't always want to eat it! You have to go to all sorts of tricks!
Granny's fish
252 3 - -
Maybe America I will not open, but I really want to share the recipe. My grandma a fish cooked, hence the name.
Meat hedgehogs for a couple
249 - 50м 5
Delicious steamed meatballs in the form of hedgehogs.
The potatoes in the steamer
248 5 - -
For those who the seem to be fresh.
Chicken "Tender"
248 4.5 45м -
In a double boiler.
Megavitamins in the steamer
247 4 40м -
The vitamin seaweed salad cooked in a double boiler. There are many variations, but this favorite in our family.
Lenten fish pilaf for a couple
247 4 45м 1
I love seafood and healthy eating, and in this recipe I combine the healthy with the sea. Share with you.
Stuffed apples
247 3 15м 2
Two versions of the stuffed apples. A simple and delicious dessert. Will appeal to both adults and children.
Pork ears in Korean
247 - 100м 8
Pig ears can be used not only in the jelly. Come visit and You will see that is prepared from pig ears I.
Steam pork sausage and chicken
246 - 50м -
Many families have long abandoned "shopping " of sausage, and it is clear why: the terrible chemical composition+bad taste+health and this whole "beauty" is still decent and worth the money! Offer the option of home sausages steamed. Not difficult, quick and tasty!
Chicken breast with crab meat
245 3 20м 1
The combination of crab meat and chicken - "BOMB"
Spinach Turkish "Ispanak yemegi"
245 - 30м 4
A recipe for delicious and healthy food that is easy to cook.
Tomato rolls in tomato-cream sauce
245 - 60м -
In explanation of lazy dumplings...
Salmon in Chinese
244 3 30м 4
Want something new? Try the Chinese cuisine.
Suleski "Coco nut"
244 - 45м 5
I love all cheese, especially in a double boiler, so was born this recipe.
Vegetable steamed buns of semolina stuffed with spinach
244 - - -
Useful, air, vegetable rolls cooked in a double boiler. Who are interested, please treat!!!
Steam dumplings with red currants
244 4 35м 4
Very airy, soft dough dumplings just melt in your mouth.
Steam fat
243 - 30м -
This fat is constantly preparing my stepdad.. We love him so much and so quickly eaten. That was the first time photographed..
Shrimp in a creamy sauce and gratin of zucchini
243 - 80м 3
Tiger prawns in a creamy sauce "Elder" gratin of zucchini. The recipe is taken from Nina Niksya, author – Serge Fery! I want to say the shrimp was very tender, and the taste gratins are just gorgeous!
Stuffed zucchini from the steamer
242 - - -
Delicious, hearty, healthy!