Dairy products recipes

Nadughi in mini-pellets Suluguni
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Each of our travel to a new place leads to another the knowledge of local cuisine. So this time, visiting Tbilisi, I managed to discover new. We all know cheese dressing, but few people know that there are a variety of cakes. These cakes sell in the markets of Georgia. These are thin, almost transparent pancakes the size of a saucer, with a recognizable taste. When buying cheese on the market, the woman-the seller gave us Suluguni cake inside which was a mouth-watering cheese nadugi. So dish has this name. Porassprosit Georgian friends and Google in the web, concluded: the filling for these pancakes is identical to the already known to the ricotta.
Homemade cheese
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Homemade cheese using the enzyme
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Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.
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Carville (Caerphilly) cheese, invented in the 1830-ies in the region, Carville in Wales. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Cheese "Camembert" from goat's milk
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This cheese was born in France. There is a legend about the appearance of this cheese. In 1791 Normandy farmer Marie Harel during the French revolution saved from death hiding from persecution monk who, in gratitude, revealed to her the only way he the secret of making this cheese.
Cheese from yogurt
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We have a little man often drink kefir, which is produced on the dairy kitchen, also themselves through times of drink, in short builds up sometimes a lot, throw a pity, pancakes sometimes too lazy to cook, what to do with it? Cheese! It turns out a little bit, but in the case! Cottage cheese, you can do many things, here on the website a lot of recipes. Can someone come in handy.
Homemade cheese
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The technology of making cheese at home.
Real varenets
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Very very tasty and healthy product. The recipe is not the author, of course, taken from the book of 1905 , however, ideal for cooking in modern conditions. Especially recommended for children, pregnant women (I'm one) and lactating mothers, and all lovers of dairy products))))))) Can be used as a standalone product and also as dressing for fruit salads
Cheese "Fromage Blanc"
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Fromage blanc a fresh French cheese creamy texture. His close relatives - American inside the German quark. Their recipes similar to the recipe for fromage Blanc, like two drops of water, so if You master the cooking fromage Blanc, I can safely say that are able to do inside quark.
"Cream cheese" home
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Saw in an Internet the idea of making cheese, and decided to cook myself of course changed the recipe according to your taste. Decided to share with you, maybe you'll like it.
Cheese "Ricotta"
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Another of our experiment. It was very similar to cheese, but not cheese. And certainly not the cheese for sure. Gentle, soft, creamy taste. He'd make a good cream in cakes and pies . Source - The Internet.
Yogurty cheese on sourdough with a bonus
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I really wanted to make cheese Crescenza on the advice of Dmitry (NDemon), but this recipe has already appeared because of Hope (Navely), so allowed myself to deviate from the classic recipe and cooking methods of the aforementioned cheese and did not regret it. Received salted cheese has a dense texture on the cut (almost crumbly), a pronounced creamy taste with hints of marinated olives and mild cheese and spicy smell. Due to the dry yeast to get the yogurt from Orsika, which contains thermophilic bacteria and bulgaricus that is similar to the cheese you can get at home. I am particularly pleased that it is possible to control the composition of the product and do not doubt its freshness. And a nice bonus of the side product serum obtained the cheese, was made the most delicate ricotta to the recipe which will share below.
Cheese "mozzarella"
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I love Mozzarella, especially the balls smaller. He's great in salads or on a pizza, or just as a snack. But the price... not the most available. So I'm very interested in how to cook at home. Shoveled a mountain of Italian sites, I chose the best option for home cooking. It was very simple.
Cheese "Creamy" from the women Shura
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This very tasty home-made cheese, which is about 15 -20 minutes, did the sister of my grandmother - Baba Shura. As a child I loved to visit at her house - she baked delicious pies with cherry and pozdnikova, and I asked her to cook your favorite cheese. In memory of dear Baba Shura, which is no longer with us, I want to share this recipe.
Greek yogurt
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Greek yogurt in a dehydrator Oursson DH0620D.
Home-made cheese in 5 minutes
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Today I will tell You how to make homemade cheese in 5 minutes! Incredibly simple recipe of cheese prepared at home will not leave anyone indifferent. Cottage cheese is a very valuable product that contains no preservatives, flavorings and other chemical additives. Recipe of cheese from yogurt surprise many. But believe me, this cheese is exactly like You! With this cheese you can experiment: add sweet ingredients, like raisins or dried apricots. And the result is a dessert. You can add it to salads, cakes and is simply wrong. The recipe of making cheese is very simple and requires no special tools. Watch the video and cook along with me this wonderful homemade cheese.
Cheese "Sandwich"
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Great recipe for soft, delicate cheese for 5 minutes, without baking soda. Today I decided to experiment and cook up a quick cheese with sour cream, without soda. When I tried, she was stunned how delicious it turned out!
Homemade cheese
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I think my recipe will appeal to those who often cooks everyone's favorite Greek salad. And cheese in the house is not always there. Offer You 2 hours to make the cheese with their hands.
Soft cream cheese with salmon and dill
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A very simple recipe of cottage cheese prepared from pasteurized cream with 10% fat. Filler salted salmon and dried dill. I wrapped the cheese in a nori sheet for convenience, but you can do without the nori. Help yourself!!! PS Natasha, happy Birthday!!!
Homemade yogurt without a yogurt makers and slow cookers
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The yogurt maker and slow cooker I have (I don't like these things) so the easiest and simplest recipe for homemade yogurt improvised!
Milk formula
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For feeding babies. Is that breast milk is not enough, and dry mixes are very expensive, that comes to mind is a recipe from my grandmother.