Billet recipes

Spices "Garam masala"
401 5 20м -
Well, that got around to continue my story about "Method, Masala" the art of cooking spices. This time I want to tell you how to prepare such mixtures of spices as "Curry", "Tandoori Masala" and others. Tell you the example of the most popular blend in India and among the professional chefs of the highest skill. The use of this mixture in the dishes almost always ensures success, imparting unique flavors and absolutely stunning aroma.
Imeretian saffron
398 - - -
Dear cooks! Tracking a long time recipes, published on the website, I came to the conclusion that almost all cooks love to use in their dishes spicy! And of course, most of these spices are purchased... Often, when you buy, you may encounter either with the high price of spices, or low quality... today I Want to share with you how we do house one of the most popular of spices - Imereti saffron. At home we simply called "saffron", but in fact real saffron is derived from other plants! How homemade "saffron" fragrant purchase, words cannot Express! And to do it at home not working. The scope of this spice is very extensive: drinks, meat, fish, vegetables and cakes sweet and not sweet! Look! Read! Take note. PS Wanted this information to be published in journals or useful advice, but came to the conclusion that the diaries and tips are not so popular among the visitors of the website, how popular the directory recipes... And hopefully more people learned how easy to cook this spice!
Cabbage pickled with beets
396 4.5 20м -
A wonderful and quick appetizer for the second dish, especially in winter, when fresh vegetables have long forgotten.
Soup for the winter "Country"
394 - - -
Hi! Offer another preparation for winter - easy vegetable soup that is wonderful will save you time in everyday work and variety to your table. The author of the recipe Nina Strekalovskaya, "Recipes for an Encore".
Zucchini in tomato-garlic filling
393 5 - -
I once gave this recipe called "Mother tongue". I don't agree with the title, because the language is long, but here zucchini - diced. Well, it turns out very tasty.
388 3 120м 5
The sauce for seaming, pointy.
Maturing salted cucumbers
379 4 - -
Tasty, crunchy and very quickly colada
Pear-ginger jam
375 - - -
The recipe for this jam was sent to me by our Nadia (pretty kitty). It turned out very tasty and spicy and we loved it. So I want to treat You to the jam and dedicate the recipe to our Beautiful kitty.
Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)
373 - 60м -
The prickly pear is a plant belonging to the family Cactaceae. Extremely thermophilic, so it grows in hot climates. Fruit in sweetness to compete with figs and useful properties superior to the majority of fruit. This is the only very sweet fruit that you can eat and not gain weight!!! Extracts of this plant are used in pharmaceuticals as a means for weight loss and combat cellulite. In Greece it grows prickly pear species with relatively large seeds that are not worth trying to crack. In my opinion, is a disadvantage of this fruit. "Great harvest" Opuntia encouraged me to create the jam, although more healthful fresh fruit.
Marinated tomatoes with peppers
370 3 - -
Juicy tomatoes with a flavor of pepper.
SOT "Baby"
369 - - -
Wonderful salad for the preparations for the winter. Have long promised to share it, my hands reached. Beginning to cook a fresh batch and remembered that it would be necessary to issue a prescription. Why this name - I don't know the recipe came to me with the same name in 2001. Since there is no winter without this snack, always close. Eat it with great pleasure and lovers and Opposers of the eggplant)
Adjika raw
366 - 120м 1
This is my first recipe I decided to spread the network. I must say, the sauce for those who like real thrills. So, after reading all the recipes are there, its not found. The chutney I make for several years and all on it is always great. And the recipe too. This recipe I got from my aunt, but remade it in his own way. This sauce is stored in the fridge almost until spring.
Pickled cucumbers "Mom"
365 - - -
The recipe for these pickles I got from my mom. I can say that this is the most delicious pickles I've tried. Yes, and the method of cooking the marinade is different from all what I saw. Doing exactly as my mother taught me, and try as accurately as possible to bring this recipe to you. Immediately I apologize for the unnecessary details in the frame, but I not only shut the cucumbers, but at the same time cooking dinner and tried to communicate with the child.
Appetizer "Modigene"
364 3 - -
Love simple and delicious recipes, so this appetizer of eggplant for me and my family very much.
Pickled peppers with honey "she"
364 4.5 - -
Excellent appetizer. The taste is unusual and pleasant. I got the recipe my friend working at the senior people, they accept it with a Bang! And without sterilization.
Squash caviar "Zamorochena"
361 - 120м 6
Due to numerous requests spread recipe squash caviar, like that found on the website. In General, do not like such zamorochili recipes, something simpler would be. But caviar is very tasty. To say that just like the famous Soviet, I'm not, everything about your recipe, so they say. In the past year did three different variants of squash caviar. One of my family members rejected, a second kind of nothing, but the grandson was eating only this. And all of it very much. Children were asked to close at least a few cans that way. That will not do for their loved ones. Moreover, all your grew up in the country. Maybe someone would look? But a lot of fuss, it's true. From this quantity of products obtained 6-liter jars. I do once in 6 kg of zucchini in a huge tank. Of squash is also very tasty.
Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"
360 - - -
Good day, I want to share with you the recipe for “Pineapple-banana marmalade "Sunrise"!“ Very pleasant, exotic taste the marmalade! Marmalade is solid (which can cut) and liquid (smear)! I suggest a liquid version that is stored in jars! Fans of bananas and pineapples I can only advise!
Tursha in Armenian
359 - 40м -
I must say that in the Caucasus tursha is in Ukraine - borsch-every family has its secrets, their proportions, their components. Overall, perhaps. only one thing: it's pickles, made of green beans. Today I will tell you and show you how to prepare turshu my neighbors - Susanna and Arsen Melkonyan, of course, with their secrets and my clarifications. So, today we have tursha on-malkhansky passed through my experience. Done for long and the pleasure immensely.
Cucumbers with mustard "Marquis"
359 5 - -
This recipe gave me a neighbor at the cottage. I use it for soon 9 years. All friends, neighbors, and friends of these pickles very much. For this recipe suitable even overgrown cucumbers.
Jam of chokeberry with apples
356 4 - -
This jam made for the first time. Found the recipe in the Internet ( can't remember which site)But thanks a lot!! Very I liked it, so I decided to share this recipe with you. Jam jelly turns a beautiful red color, and the cinnamon gives a spicy taste.
Siberian adjika or bollocks
356 3.5 15м -
I think everyone knows this cool!!! seasoning to the dumplings, manta rays, spaghetti, even just on bread... Very surprised, finding it to "Cook". Maybe a different title? Well worth in the fridge all winter without twist. The perfect accompaniment to vegetable soup, the recipe of which I posted earlier.