Marinade, breading recipes

Quick pickled mushrooms
129 - - -
The site already has the recipe for quick pickled mushrooms, but the recipe is super fast. My somewhat slower :))) But also very tasty. The husband said: "Better than store bought"
Chicken wings with tomato and capsicum
129 - 110м 2
A simple and quick recipe for making wings! Very tasty and flavorful!
Herring spicy salted dry
125 - - -
Shared with me this recipe a very nice man, who gave his life sea. He taught me that salting the fish need without removing the guts and gills - then the output to get the herring, and the smell, and a completely different taste. And most importantly for me, the fish meat is not compacted, as in pickling brine.
Marinade for smoked chicken
124 - 10м 4
So I prepared the marinade for the chicken, which is then smoked in a homemade oil lamp. The meat turns out juicy and not dry. Also, this marinade is perfect for chicken, for example, in the oven.
Pickled mushrooms
123 - - -
Cool mushrooms.. the main thing that very quickly! as always, my adventures - accidentally deleted the pictures ( ( ( here I go again to take a picture.. even a little.. but about to seal the deal
Drumsticks in your favorite marinade
122 - - -
This marinade is our family took root a very long time. Any meat in this marinade would be delicious and exquisite, and herbs. The secret ingredient to the marinade-maple syrup! Very tasty marinade, keep the proportions and it will turn out awesome! Guests are delighted! The main thing in the recipe, this is the right soy sauce and real wasabi (paste).
Mediterranean marinade with soy sauce
122 - - -
Instant cooking BBQ marinades from Kikkoman
Spicy salted herring
121 - 30м 4
This method of marinating guarantees a tender, flavorful fish. On the market you don't get! I checked several times!
The marinade for barbecue
121 - 15м 8
Offer You a delicious marinade for grilled pork. This is a favorite marinade for a barbecue in our family. So you can marinate any meat, it comes out tender, juicy and flavorful.
Fish universal Ambassador
120 - 5м 9
Recently I bought a small, inexpensive smokehouse primarily for Smoking mackerel. And there was a question about finding a marinade for fish. Have checked all the net..., I have been reading a bunch of reviews... and here it is a miracle, I found the ultimate all-purpose marinade.
Marinated mackerel with ginger touch
116 - - -
On the website a sufficient amount of recipes and mackerel, some tried, some not. But to prepare this recipe all hands did not reach (though it is recorded I have not enough time))). And now he has become one of the favorite. I suggest to you to try my version.
Mackerel spicy "Express"
114 - 15м 4
I want to recommend a delicious recipe for quick pickling mackerel. I always do just so! 4 hours - tasty and the fish is ready. Fish is obtained such that the fingers can be swallowed, highly recommended. Try it and you will fall in love with this fish forever! It is delightfully delicious, is swept away from the holiday table is always first!!!))) Know what options on the site a lot, carefully studied them all, but this is not! Bon appetit, my dear, and all the upcoming holidays! Please favorite!!!)))
Quick marinated mushrooms
111 - 25м -
Delicious marinated mushrooms. Not require large financial and time costs, and the table disappear instantly.
Chicken thighs in the marinade "Mojito"
109 - - -
Marinated "Mojito" chicken meat is very tasty, tender, flavorful, with a pleasant sour taste of lime. This recipe will make a pleasant variety to your daily routine, and will not go unnoticed at the festive table. Come and help yourself :)
Fish red "Beautiful"
108 - 15м 8
Red fish who does not love friends? The menu without it we can't! On a holiday, and so for a sandwich table is always decorated it! Trout, salmon and salmon of course - they're for pickling we have flawless! A recipe for one in a hurry to share! And maybe this option will come in handy! Friend the fisherman told me, and I give you the joy of family!
Pickled mushrooms
108 - 45м 6
Never pickled mushrooms, but sometimes prepared for a particular recipe. Mostly made in China. Quite tasteless. And then the Classmates got the recipe. I decided to try, to correct and to offer, as the recipe is quick and pretty good. I think this short "blank" will be useful for other dishes, and just as savory snacks. On the website there are recipes, but they are several other. Most of the recipes already from 2008-2009. Can someone this quick snack will like.
Baked vegetables in a delicious marinade
107 - - -
The easiest to prepare, very tasty dish and for nature (pan-seared on the grill) and for home (if you bake in the oven). You can experiment with different vegetables. Have done already many times, here I share with you. And the recipe was I have seen in some of the rooms either "School, grocery store", or "cookbook".
Marinated mushrooms
107 - 30м -
This recipe will help You quickly and tasty to cook pickled mushrooms at home.
Marinated herring with spices
106 - 1000м 4
Very tasty and tender herring. The spices I added to taste, make for a perfect combination, reasonably spicy. You can taste add your favorite spices, onion, or herbs.
Flavored bread crumbs
105 - 5м -
I want to offer the recipe of flavored breadcrumbs. The idea I saw on the Italian site. This baby is perfect for pasta, casseroles, salads. To enhance the taste and flavor, I added Parmesan cheese. Store chips in a tightly closed container (jar) so it is not damp.
Turkey kebab
105 - 60м 4
Simple but very tasty recipe of a shish kebab from meat Turkey breast which I do quite often, it can be prepared a pleasure, even inexperienced in the culinary Affairs of the people