Porridges recipes

Sweet rice
308 - 60м 1
It is very difficult to "persuade" my niece something to eat. Children always want "harmful" food, but if you work on appearance and taste, the child will be satisfied), the Niece of my sweet rice with nuts and raisins very much.
Polenta with mushroom gravy
307 - 30м 2
This version of porridge of corn grits on the website I found. Try it, very tasty.
306 - 30м 10
This side dish consisting of millet with potatoes and fried onions, a great find in the days of fasting. Taught to cook by my grandmother of her husband, when we were in Ukraine. "Slivochnoe" (in Russian will sound "sliwoski") porridge called, probably, because it blends the soup and serve as gravy. Porridge is very fragrant and rich! In our family its all love. Highly recommend!
Couscous with zucchini and eggplant with yogurt sauce
305 5 - -
a quick , easy dish for lent
Millet porridge with cauliflower
302 - - -
This dish I like the fact that you can change the proportions depending on the preferences and to millet porridge with cauliflower or cauliflower with millet. In any case, it turns out very tasty.
Millet porridge with pumpkin
301 4 90м 2
The other day I saw the recipe in my LJ and something I remembered a Russian stove, the village grandmother. As in the morning we woke up to the smell of milk... porridge. Fortunately, the home turned out to be (except a Russian stove). Nostalgia ahead!)) And you cook so mush, I assure you, not even lovers will eat with great pleasure. Recipe shared vlad_piskunov, for which he thanks a lot.
Millet dessert salad-citrus
301 - 30м 1
Delicious dessert salad is obtained from boiled in Apple juice millet, flavored with honey, nuts, candied fruit and creating a refreshing note of tangerines. This is one of our favorite treats in the post, it's quick and easy, and the taste is extraordinary.
Fruit mix
299 - 10м 1
Delicious, nutritious, quick and very healthy Breakfast. Oatmeal has always been famous for its useful properties: it perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, promotes weight loss, improves digestion. Well, the fruits serve as a rich source of vitamins. Preparing once or twice. Help yourself!!!
Rice porridge from childhood "from Marousi"
299 - 1м -
The simplest version of quick rice porridge yogurt will help you save time to prepare, tasty to eat and keep the shape.
Casserole buckwheat
298 - 60м 1
This diet meal is not very difficult and relatively quickly.
Risotto with cherries and pine nuts
298 4 40м 4
Delicious, "fancy", a dessert risotto - like, not only adults but also children! An alternative to the usual rice porridge.
297 3 60м 4
this mess my grandmother made in the Russian stove, and now I'm doing it in the oven
Porridge "Orange"
293 - 40м 4
Autumn, gloomy rainy days, long nights, Depression and the Blues will not take long. But in order to overcome them, will help tasty colourful food, rich in vitamins. There are still fresh seasonal vegetables, cook a porridge, and cheerfulness and good mood will be with You all day! And soy sauce "Kikkoman" in this dish is simply irreplaceable! Help yourself!
Rice porridge with chicken "Danchuk"
292 - 120м -
Danchuk or taktuk - complicated Korean name of this dish translates quite simply: "PAA" – rice porridge, and Dak is chicken. This food is included in the daily menu of many Koreans. Besides that it is delicious, Danchuk is incredibly useful.
Porridge of lentils with chanterelles and pepper
292 - 25м 2
Dishes of Lentils - one of the favorite in our family, lentils are combined with mushrooms and peppers-it is something inexpressible, porridge turns out hearty, healthy and delicious!
The porridge "Peter"
288 4.5 30м 4
The porridge is fragrant, nutritious, ready to eat as a separate dish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Porridge "5 cereal" Yorkshire pudding
288 - - -
How to spice up your morning porridge? So tasty and unusual? I propose to apply it in edible "plate" of the Yorkshire pudding!
Spicy oatmeal
285 - - -
Offer you the option of an Indian Breakfast. It's not usual for us sweet porridge and spicy Hercules with vegetables and spices. To cook the dish fairly quickly. And if the vegetables chopped the night before, it will take 15-20 minutes to get to the table your family was expecting a rich, spicy, balanced Breakfast that will provide energy for the vigorous beginning of the day.
Millet porridge with carrots and dried apricots
284 - - -
Breakfast at the cottage needs to be quick and delicious! And preferably useful! Don't always have time to cook classic milk porridge. But such a mess like always! Quick and delicious!
Carrot-rice casserole
283 - 90м -
A dessert that won't ruin your figure, if not add butter, and vegetable oil can post.
Millet porridge-orange for 2 minutes
283 - 2м 1
I offer the option of millet porridge with orange juice, which is prepared in a few minutes. One, two and voila! Tasty, healthy and simple. Serve hot with a slice of butter!