Porridges recipes for Lent

Kabardian pasta from millet
112 - 30м 1
A recipe from a magazine "Happy and beautiful". Option paste with semolina, with step by step photos.
Sushi porridge
110 - - -
I love sushi. I think many will support me. Sushi and rolls were in the last almost our national kitchen. For the love of sushi I thought of sushi porridge. The name of the porridge is, because the taste is very reminiscent of sushi rolls. I often cook in the post. Quick, easy and delicious. Help yourself.
Semolina pudding with cranberries
110 5 15м -
Found this recipe in the recommendations on rational nutrition for pregnant women. Cranberry is very useful in pregnancy, it is truly "the larder of nature". It is rich in organic acids, vitamins, macro - and micronutrients. Cranberries are recommended during pregnancy for edema, varicose veins, high blood pressure and just as a multivitamin means, especially in early pregnancy. And so unusual in color and taste semolina with cranberries will appeal not only pregnant, but many hate the monkey. Try it, I think You will like it.
Porridge corn vegetable
109 - - -
During lent, we went to the pilgrimage tour to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy (Golden ring of Russia). The tour included a visit to St Alexis desert. In the past an interesting tour we were offered lunch. And as the court of the post, respectively, and the dishes were meatless. Here is one of them I want to offer. It is a lean corn porridge! Which we ate with great pleasure.
Grandma's sweet pilaf
109 3 50м -
This pilaf was preparing my grandmother, who lived for many years in Mary, is Uzbekistan. I really liked it, so I decided to offer it to you. Through all the sweet rice, but the Cook yet. My first step-by-step recipe, do not judge strictly.
Dessert risotto
108 - 60м 4
Cinderella worked hard and she often had to sort out cereals. At the ball, of course it will rest, you will find love and fun from the heart. But our task it to eat to feed), So it was time to offer her a Very healthy and Delicious snack.
Rice porridge with Mandarin orange and raisins
106 5 25м 4
Now comes the post, so I decided to cook for my family rice porridge with tangerines and raisins. The family loved it, so I decided to post on the website.
Bulgur in the pot
106 - 40м 4
Very tasty and crumbly it turns out the porridge, quickly and easily prepared
Porridge "North"
106 - 80м 8
Post - not a diet. Fasting is a time of repentance and spiritual purification. In the first week of lent offer a dish of rice and buckwheat with vegetables. This dish will take a worthy place in Your menu. The advantage of it before others in that there are days of fasting, when allowed to eat hot food without oil. In this mess of the oil is added just before use. If the oil is allowed, add the butter, if not, don't put. Even the porridge is quite satisfying. Dish from the magazine "School deli".
Buckwheat with cabbage and vegetables
106 - 60м 6
Found the recipe in the Internet. On the cook it like no. A quick garnish to any dish. Very tasty!
Oatmeal with dried apricots, orange Frosch
105 - 15м -
Oatmeal is undoubtedly a very useful product, but cooked at a low temperature to Zepter cookware for fresh-squeezed juice without sugar and butter, it becomes doubly useful, and very diet dessert
Mess with the taste of Apple pie
105 - - -
Insanely delicious rice porridge with a strong Apple and spice taste, light hint of coconut and crunchy nuts nice variety to Your Breakfast! Suitable for vegans and fasting!
Barley Thai
104 - 1270м 4
Hi all. Honestly, I don't know if there's barley in Thailand )), but it does not matter for this recipe. It's simple, but time for preparation will require.
Dessert dumplings with cottage cheese
104 - 30м 3
This is a perfect dish for a full Breakfast and afternoon tea, I highly recommend mothers who are not liking cheese. These dumplings, - solid benefits and protein, everything you need for growing, and not just the body! I have them today were in the afternoon.
Millet porridge with prunes
104 - - -
If you love prunes, then this cereal is for you! Cereal for post. Recipe source: Calendar 1995
Baked oatmeal with caramelized banana
104 5 40м 2
Delicious baked oatmeal with caramelized bananas. For lovers diet food to cook a gruel can coconut milk, not fasting on cow's milk by adding any berries, spices, honey. I like the version with coconut milk, this porridge is more like a dessert.
Chocolate oatmeal with prunes
104 - - 2
Porridge is quite delicious, almost like dessert. Children from this cereal just will not give up, and adults too. Fragrant, chocolate chip, soft oatmeal!
Flax cereal
103 - 5м 1
Flax seeds often used in baking, but not everyone knows that the whole seed is not absorbed by the body, so it is better to grind it into flour and "cook", for example, such a mess. Since len has a special flavor, it will tavalisem blueberry jam and delicious barley couscous, which is almost prepares itself!
"Grandma" millet porridge
103 3 60м 4
Reviewed all the recipes cereals and, for some reason, the millet is cooked almost exclusively in a sweet version! And my mom is cooking the millet according to the recipe of his grandmother - with sauerkraut. Yummy - those are the best. Taught me, and I want to share with You.
Dessert barley porridge "grandma's candy"
102 - - 4
We fell in love with barley porridge, and as such, with pineapple and almonds, ready to eat it every day.
Chocolate oatmeal from John. Oliver
102 - 10м 6
A very simple recipe for cooking oatmeal. The dry mixture can be prepared in large quantity. It is well stored in a tightly sealed jar and, after some time, becomes more aromatic. It can be boiled in milk and water, it turns out very tasty. Recommend!