Flour dishes recipes

Meat kutabs with pomegranate seeds
392 4 30м -
Probably many are familiar with the Azerbaijani cuisine and not just eat kutaby. There are kutaby with meat(lamb), herbs and pumpkin. Who are not familiar, are welcome. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".
388 4 60м -
This is an original dish from Indian cuisine. Like pasties, but smaller. In India love to use a lot of spices and herbs to dishes. So samosas are different from the pasties their flavours and content.
Mixed vegetable dumplings from the dough
387 - 120м 8
Husband ordered the dinner fried dumplings. And I really want something bright. And since homemade ravioli quietly waiting in the wings in the freezer, the bright I decided to make dumplings. Dough recipe belongs to Evgeny Gusev. As part of the test only vegetables, greens, flour and water. And since the dough is suitable for dumplings, and the filling You can choose any. So, let's add color!
Japanese dumplings "Gedza" with fish stuffing
376 - 60м 4
Many dishes of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine has long taken root on our table, many have become beloved. Gedza one of them. Many are familiar with the classic recipe have gyoza with minced meat and Chinese cabbage. In addition, there are many recipes with different fillings, there's even a sweet. Offer a recipe with minced chum salmon.
374 4.5 90м 6
ASAC. Along with plov, manti and kebab is one of the most respected In Afghanistan dishes. Usually cook with the whole family, like the dumplings we have in the old days in the villages of Siberia. And to me, the Russian mistress, enough 2 hours to feed and please your family. Oddly enough, even the kids love it. Oh, and I forgot to say, preparing it, almost like dumplings, but the filling I would suggest wild garlic, and if not the season, and the leeks are perfect. Can you imagine how many vitamins! So, go ahead to the kitchen!..
Potato dumplings
374 - 60м 6
Available and cheap products are surprisingly tasty and satisfying dish!
370 - 60м 4
Migas / The Crumbs. Just admit that this dish was prepared not by me, but my mother-in-law. My husband's family, the indigenous Andalusians. And more recently, the meat on your table, they only saw on holidays, this despite the fact that kept their chickens, pigs and rabbits. But, as I told mother in law, they changed the meat in fat (1 to 3 ) and so it is enough food for the whole year. So, I mean, Migas is one of the cheapest meals of the ones they ate. Times have changed and now they can afford it, but on their Desk, there are always dishes that are cooked by their mothers and grandmothers (paella, tortillas, Migas, pigeons soup, bean soup, etc.). To me these babies hit the spot and very often my mother in law makes them for my order. Go take a look, maybe someone will like it!
Avar khinkal
367 - 30м -
Avars - a nomadic people of Asian origin who migrated in the sixth century in Central Europe, created a powerful Avar khanate (VI—IX centuries ) Now in the territory of the Caucasus Avars survived no more than 50 thousand people Present their dish ; -)
Manti with pumpkin and potatoes
366 5 - -
Of course the meat dumplings taste so much better if you used lamb, but the pumpkin and they turn out delicious and flavorful.
The real Uighur lagman
365 3 - -
In Central Asia lives a very many nationalities. Of course, historically, their culture are intertwined, and this affects the affinity of languages, traditions and, especially in the culinary arts. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to answer the question about belonging to a particular nation of a certain culinary masterpiece. One of such masterpieces of Central Asian meal is Lagman. For those who first hear about this dish, I will explain is manually stretched noodles with gravy, but it's unlike noodles flat view, but rather a kind of spaghetti. That there are many varieties of it, no doubt, but the real dish is called, but rather clarify: the Uighur. I want to share the secrets of making Uyghur lagman, focusing rather on the technique of cooking stretched noodle, not gravy. After all, as mentioned above, the gravy – SAI - may be different, but the dough is one - extended. This skill passed to me by my mother, she is a native of Xin-Jiang Uygur Autonomous region of China.
Ural dumplings
358 5 240м 10
Preparing a very long and laborious, but it is indescribably delicious. To store-bought ravioli is irrelevant.
Manta home
353 - 75м 3
Manty steamed - tender, juicy with an unbeatable aroma. My shape is traditional, the simplest of unleavened dough cooked with egg on hot water. Try it, let family dinner will be cozy and manta rays.
Tatar manti
349 4 - -
This recipe many years ago, taught my mother her friend is a Tatar, and my mother - me.
Oram Nan
342 - 70м 6
Oram, national Academy of Sciences in Kazakhstan, prepared with different fillings, we made it with carrots. Cooked very easily, it turns out very tasty, and the kids will just love it!
340 3 90м 6
Boraki - Armenian dumplings. The main difference between the dumplings of other Nations is that the stuffing for them pre-fried, by the dumplings give a cylindrical shape and leave it open at the top and, finally, does not boil, and sprinted and then fried. Cooking takes time, but the result is something incredibly delicious!!!
340 4 15м 2
Cheese tender easy dish, suitable for Breakfast or dinner, for adults and children.
Query - dumplings with cheese
337 4 - 20
Traditional Russian dumpling filled with young cheese. My favorite dumplings. If not pork, you can replace the Adyghe cheese or Slavic.
Dumplings with chickpeas
330 - 50м 3
Delicious dumplings for vegetarians and simply for lovers of variety - easily and quickly.
323 3 65м -
This fresh dish. It is easy to cook.
Shrimp dumplings
317 4 - 3
Delicious and unusual dumplings will appeal to seafood lovers!
The dough for dumplings and dumplings with mozzarella
316 4 - -
Delicious dumplings and dough too. This recipe was shared by my friend and I tried. And was very pleasantly surprised, good dough.