Broths and soups recipes

Soup "Two cans"
0.5k 3.5 - -
This soup is the champion for ease of preparation and taste!
Czech Christmas fish soup
489 - 30м 6
On the nose Christmas, and it is time for traditional recipes. In the Czech Republic is one of those recipes is fish soup. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparation and interesting taste. I used Carp, because in the Czech Republic is the traditional Christmas fish.
Algerian chicken soup with couscous
480 - 60м 4
Oh, what came of soup. Thick, rich, flavorful, hearty. Cooked for lunch, but gladly ate and dinner. Gorgeous soup! Eat it?
Zaporizhia kapustnyak with bulgur
477 - 130м 2
Great soup with sauerkraut and bulgur from the Mistral. Delicious, nourishing. Come on in, help yourself.
Soup "Yochai"
469 - 120м 5
Famous Hungarian bean soup, named after its author Yochai Mora. Mór jókai, a Hungarian novelist and one of the most influential figures in Hungarian literature of the NINETEENTH century, is known in Hungary and abroad and as a natural cook who enriched the Hungarian national cuisine and original recipes. Almost all Hungarian restaurants you can find dishes prepared according to his recipes, and bean soup more than a hundred years popular. The soup can be described in one word - rich! Thick, velvety, fragrant. I recommend to get acquainted.
Nancy Korean hash
445 - 15м 2
I guess every kitchen in the world there are cold soups. In Korea this soup is called Nancy. "Nan" means "cold", and "Kuk" — "soup." Instead our brew Nancy pour a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and water. And keep everything very loose.
Soup "Hot pot" with their hands
443 - 10м 2
Now, in the cold season, you really want something hot and tasty, and fast to warm up... Offer a "magic wand" version of the soup with the egg in a very hurry, a kind of "hot pot" with their hands. Saw a similar recipe online, but decided to simplify even more, and here is the result - the soup for 10 minutes)
Czech cabbage soup
419 - - -
Here is a funny to the Russian ear, the name of this soup. But it is an ancient soup of the Czech peasants and it consists of potatoes, onions, sauerkraut and a large amount of meat. I don't know why the peasants were so much meat to cook this soup. By the way, telnack cook until now, and even served in the restaurants of Prague. However in them it is served in a bread pot and a glass of plum brandy.
Spanish Christmas soup stuffed pasta
418 - - -
Very simple and easy soup. Ideally, I think, for the Christmas table. After a long post-should start with heavy food is not too good for the body. Here's a soup will be just right. In addition, it is very tasty. Gave the husband a job, and he didn't know what. In the evening came in and asked: "What kind of yummy to me yesterday you did?" Here it is.
Italian soup "Zupa Tuscany"
417 - 40м 6
Offer you, dear cooks my favorite soup I tasted at an Italian restaurant in America. So delicious, rich, hearty, and garlic-butter...! Thank you Nastya, my friend for the recipe! In General, try it yourself, you will not regret!!!
Pizza soup
411 - 40м 4
Very tasty, unusual, and most importantly - fast! Your participation - at least. The soup is very rich, with a pleasant mild spicy flavor. Hearty. You will like it!
396 - 90м 6
Kalia - a spicy, thick soup with a spicy and thick in consistency broth, cooked with the addition of brine, most often, cucumber. There are three types of first courses of this kind: Kalia, rassolnik and Solyanka. They are all very tasty and different from one another by the presence or grains, or potatoes, or other additives and, of course, the level of spiciness. Cal cook fish, meat, chicken broth or broth of fowl. Homeland cagli Finland and originally the soup was made only on fish broth (kala - fish), the more interesting how the soup was to belong to the Russian cuisine. Cal I cooked in chicken broth was very tasty, I recommend to try.
Pumpkin soup the old warrior
393 - - -
About this soup in the Carpathians is composed of a legend. Before the decisive battle of wise man fed it to soldiers-fellow villagers. He assured that the pumpkin is combined with pearl barley will make them invincible. The battle with the nomads was won, and the recipe for this pumpkin soup was passed down from generation to generation. Today I will try to connect the past with the present and to prepare this soup in high-tech cookware Zepter
Kharcho from Roxana Babayan
392 - - -
Back in the 2000's this recipe I found on the page of a magazine. The recipe very much. If you strictly follow the recipe, it turns out an amazing dish - a real feast for the taste buds. I want to share it with You. Anyone interested - you are welcome to my table.
Soup "Touraine"
391 - 30м 6
"In France, one of the most favorite soups - Touraine, from garlic to tomatoes – a native of Gascony. Locals call it a dialect "quickly done" - he really is prepared immediately, and the hostess used this recipe when you need someone to feed. It is also the "hangover" soup: its flavor literally returns to life, so Touraine is often served as Breakfast."
390 - - -
This dish is in Georgian and in Armenian cuisine. The name (if not mistaken) Armenian. It is a kind of soup with kefir (yogurt). Very tasty. You can eat and hot and cold.
Mushroom soup with truffle oil and parmezanom chips
386 - 20м 2
I love mushroom soup, cook it very often, but I always want to add different notes, because even a favorite dish can get bored :))) I Propose You a little "cheer" everyone's favorite mushroom soup.
"Zatirukha" milk
381 - 30м 6
Milk "zatirukha" - the taste of childhood. All children, as is customary in the summer and sent to her grandmother in the village. And Granny for dinner and prepared "zatirukha", the taste is amazing, supplements asked all... In memory of his beloved grandmother... And You remember the taste of childhood?
Soup-soup of wild duck
381 5 50м 5
For The Lion.
Soup of processed cheese
370 4 40м -
Very tasty soup, this soup a favorite from my children and husband.
Soup "hen"
369 5 - -
The name of the soup gave my son in childhood. This soup is like my home. Try it, maybe he will like you.