Eggs recipes

Scrambled eggs "Mash-vyruchalka"
208 - 20м 2
... or scrambled eggs, mouth. With careful stirring eggs on a very hot pan with butter, soft egg forming lumps. I made a country and hearty version of this eggs. I added the eggs in the prepared roasted vegetables. Served with millet TM MISTRAL on toast. Low products-a lot of fun.
An omelet tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and capers
202 - 20м 2
An omelet tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and capers is a dish for those who are tired of the usual scrambled eggs and you want to treat yourself or your loved ones with something tasty, unusual and exquisite. Well, if You still like Italian food, then skip this recipe actually does not. In General, watch and enjoy! Bon appetit!
Coco Jambo
201 5 5м 1
Scrambled eggs with toasted white bread. Easy and satisfying!
A perfect omelette in 5 minutes
199 - 5м 1
Perfect scrambled eggs by Jamie Oliver for 5 minutes. All ingenious - is simple. This variation of scrambled eggs I had seen my favorite British chef - Jamie Oliver. He positioned himself and scrambled eggs perfect. Accustomed to scramble eggs with milk and other ingredients, I was amazed at the ease of set of products. Then the recipe has been tried, the result is very pleased! It is exactly 5 minutes, taste the same - very tender, and the texture of the omelette was just silk)
Roll "Bramble"
194 5 20м 2
Very nice an omelet roll that is great in the evening when I want something tasty to eat without gaining weight. p.s. In the filling you can add ham, anchovies... but from experience I can say, and in this form it is self-sufficient.
Men's Breakfast
192 4 30м 2
Pasta baked with egg. For photos thanks to cook Cherry Berry 2017.
Kefir omelette
192 3 10м 1
"in the Morning the scrambled eggs, day fried eggs, scrambled eggs in the evening, and at night - an omelette. I'm going to cluck like a chicken!" - lamented hero in the kitchen young wife. But if sometimes in the morning, you can.
191 - 30м -
Time to cook this dish takes only 10-15 minutes, and the result is a delicate, airy omleta pizza. Was instantly eaten by my husband.
Omelet "VIP"
189 4 5м 1
Economically and effectively!
Scrambled eggs in the package
179 5 30м 1
Quick, tasty, and most importantly without a drop of oil!
Scrambled eggs "get Rid of winter inventory"
178 - 20м 3
If you still have stocks of furniture in the winter, I suggest to prepare a quick and delicious Breakfast or dinner.
Egg roll
173 4 - -
Economical and delicious! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Omelet "Infection"
164 - 25м 2
Good day dear cooks!! I come to You with a recipe for delicious scrambled eggs! The set of products the most simple and banal, and the output is airy and delicate dish!! This recipe is in my chest of prizes for more than 10 years. I found it in the newspaper "Our" being a schoolgirl. Tested immediately after reading. It was very tasty!! And here I was preparing all week in a row, and they nursed the whole family))) Many will say that instant noodles is harmful to health, are unable to disagree... But for this omelette always keep a couple packs in the bins... even my husband.. not a particular fan of noodles, fast food, chips... no—no and asked furtively: "Maybe cook dinner that your omelette with pasta? In any case, I strongly recommend to cook this omelette at least once...
160 4 15м 2
Gentle for some scrambled eggs delicious and very easy to prepare. A recipe fit for beginners.
Scrambled eggs with Kale and sausage
159 - - -
My family has a tradition - every Saturday my husband cook something from eggs. The other day I saw the transfer on the culinary TV, where he prepared scrambled eggs. Let's try.
Omelet with bacon
156 3 30м 3
Very tasty, for Breakfast.
Eggs Florentine
155 5 30м 4
a light and tasty lunch of available products, from the magazine "Delicious and easy" No. 1
155 3 20м 4
Cooked very quickly and easily, and most importantly - satisfying.
Scrambled eggs with dill and smoked salmon
155 - 10м 1
Hearty, but still diet Breakfast of English magazine "Diet world". Hungry, here's the recipe more satisfying and is still within the allowable calories!
Scrambled eggs with maple syrup
154 - 5м 1
The original recipe for those who are not afraid of experiments.
Baked eggs with mixture
154 - - -
The option for Breakfast of the day: tasty, flavorful, nutritious. After this dish a good mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole day guaranteed.