Dishes pita bread recipes

203 4 15м -
For many years looking for the real name of this dish. It seems there was a letter H. So we and our guests began to call him "Ho". So for Korean food, this appetizer has nothing.
Envelopes with greenery, "Spring has come"
202 4 - -
Very spring dish for Breakfast, dinner or unexpected guests
Roll of pita
200 3 20м 10
Very light and delicious appetizer of pita bread. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
199 5 - -
Another variation on the pita bread and crab sticks :) Took yesterday at work flew to cheer. Even soak not given :)
Crispy lavash rolls "Cigarette"
190 - 25м -
These crunchy rolls like both adults and children. They are nice to eat and some TVs, and beer. Also ideally they will be suitable under more spirits
Roll fish
187 3 35м -
A delicious and hearty roll.
Roll of pita
185 3 15м 2
Quick and tasty!
Pie cottage cheese in pita bread
184 3 - -
Simple cottage cheese cake.
Delicious rolls
184 3 15м -
Delicious, simple and quick appetizer
Cheese pita chips
182 - 20м 5
I will say that on the website there are several variations of pita chips, I have proposed, is a combination of both. Please "stones" do not rush.
Pitas meat
181 5 30м -
Delicious and original look on the holiday table
Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"
181 4 60м 6
Walking past the kebab stalls, inadvertently pull the nose to the smell of chicken, but only stops the fact that the filling of this Taco is sometimes just necessary not to everyone's taste. Here I am, not having time to eat at work, I thought about this dish, came to the house and thought up)) (do not claim originality, but was delicious)
Snack-pita bread with beans and chicken
178 - 50м 6
The recipe I spotted in the blog of Katie KиVи. I saw, I immediately wanted to cook. Did not regret. Very tasty! Cooking time is given without cooking the beans.
Lazy banitsa with cheese and banana
178 - 60м 9
Delicious and easy to prepare dish.
Roulette "Speedsters"
174 - 10м 10
The speedsters, because it is very quickly prepared and quickly eaten ))) was in a hurry when I was cooking, while my son is asleep)
172 4 20м 8
Continuing the theme of pita bread.
Roll of pita №2-with peppers
171 4 - -
Very tender and tasty loaf. A recipe from a magazine "School deli"
Qutab "light"
162 - 30м -
On the motives of Azerbaijani cuisine. Kutabi - Azerbaijani Honkarakenne cakes of unleavened dough, fried on a dry pan - no oil Filling is the most varied - meat, cheese with herbs, cheese with herbs, just the greens with egg. Yes, even mashed potatoes can - be delicious. But to mess with the test I too lazy today - so I took a thin pita...
Caesar roll at home
159 - 25м 1
My family loves Caesar salad, and if it is in a pita, it's just happiness for them! Hearty, delicious, nutritious! Their joy has no bounds when I cook!
Roll with ham
155 4 30м 6
Quick and easy to use. perfect for unexpected guests)))
Part of the metro burritos
154 - 45м 3
In the late 90s in the Moscow metro was a blue tent "city Express". They sold strange then burritos. Inside was the meat and cheese, and they were very different from what is served in Mexican restaurants. It was a real fast food. But it was delicious and we went to these tents. Useful this dish is difficult to call, but the fact that rich - that's for sure.