Dishes pita bread recipes

Rolls with red fish
352 3 20м 6
Delicious, beautiful rolls. Like men. The decoration of the table.
Cheese pita chips
348 - 20м 5
I will say that on the website there are several variations of pita chips, I have proposed, is a combination of both. Please "stones" do not rush.
Pie cottage cheese in pita bread
346 3 - -
Simple cottage cheese cake.
Appetizer of pita bread with minced meat
346 5 - -
Delicious sandwich loaf.
344 4 - -
It's not the original recipe, but delicious. Very quick Breakfast, lunch.
Roll "Capital"
344 3 30м 20
A lot of similar recipes and post your. Making olivye salad in an unusual option. Original, tasty and not expensive. Try it, you'll like it!
Snack-pita bread with beans and chicken
343 - 50м 6
The recipe I spotted in the blog of Katie KиVи. I saw, I immediately wanted to cook. Did not regret. Very tasty! Cooking time is given without cooking the beans.
337 4 20м 8
Continuing the theme of pita bread.
Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"
322 4 60м 6
Walking past the kebab stalls, inadvertently pull the nose to the smell of chicken, but only stops the fact that the filling of this Taco is sometimes just necessary not to everyone's taste. Here I am, not having time to eat at work, I thought about this dish, came to the house and thought up)) (do not claim originality, but was delicious)
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
322 5 - -
Another variation on the pita bread and crab sticks :) Took yesterday at work flew to cheer. Even soak not given :)
Lean Pictionary pita
319 - 30м 6
Recipe in a hurry! Dishes from thin pita on the website a lot, and of "Tolstoy" – times-two and obchelsya, honestly was looking for this recipe, not to be repeated. This "pizza" has long taken root in our family, its my mom cooked and she like the more recent school and College years...
Crispy lavash rolls "Cigarette"
315 - 25м -
These crunchy rolls like both adults and children. They are nice to eat and some TVs, and beer. Also ideally they will be suitable under more spirits
Roll of pita №2-with peppers
306 4 - -
Very tender and tasty loaf. A recipe from a magazine "School deli"
Lazy banitsa with cheese and banana
300 - 60м 9
Delicious and easy to prepare dish.
Roll of pita
298 3 15м 2
Quick and tasty!
Home Shawarma with chicken and vegetables
292 - 60м 6
What could be more delicious Shawarma? Probably only homemade Shawarma, the Shawarma, which can be quite safely without straining to prepare at home. But don't think it's that simple! I will show you a tricky and unusual method of cooking meat for Shawarma! You have never seen
Crackers pita
292 - 50м -
For those who can not calmly watch as the children eat the preservatives from the purchase of packs with crackers chips, etc. Or unusual tasty crackers.
Meatloaf with beets
292 - 15м 4
This is an improvisation on an ordinary beets with garlic and mayonnaise! Very tasty and festive! )))
Delicious rolls
290 3 15м -
Delicious, simple and quick appetizer
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
289 - 30м 8
Today I will tell you how to cook an appetizer of pita "Roll of pita bread with crab sticks". A simple and quick recipe for a loaf of bread will not leave you indifferent. Rolls of pita especially relevant in the season of picnics and holidays. Roll of pita bread with a filling of crab sticks safely replace boring sandwiches. The main plus is that is rolls very quickly. This easy to prepare appetizer of pita bread has a very pleasant and original taste, which give the crab sticks in combination with cheese and tomatoes. A wonderful bread recipe pita is useful for all Housewives! Watch the video and cook along with me these incredibly delicious and easy to prepare crab cake pita.
Pitas meat
287 5 30м -
Delicious and original look on the holiday table