Sauces recipes

Sweet sauce paste
276 - 15м -
A delicious, simple sauce for pancakes and fritters will please those with a sweet tooth and especially fans of halva. Try it!
Lemon sauce for fish
260 - 5м 4
The lemon sauce comes out tender, spicy with garlic-lemon note. Soy sauce adds a gentle salty taste and color to the sauce. Preparing the fish sauce is very simple and fast!
The creamy sauce and honey to the pancakes
260 - 10м 2
Traditionally pancakes are served with honey and sour cream, and I combined those two ingredients and it turned out sweet and creamy flavor with a slight honey aroma.
Beet sauce
254 - 10м 6
I can not share with you this sauce! Will definitely be useful to our friends and family! Gentle, velvety, and fluffy with horseradish and beets! Bright, creamy, spicy! You will enjoy with your family! Fragrant and garlic! Fish will be delicious for sure! The pork, tongue! And just to the table! You can spoon without! Will definitely fall in love with it!
Sauce with minced meat
254 4 40м 4
Sauce familiar to us products (without adding exotics)
Apple sauce for grilled fish
242 - - -
We recently a neighbor at the cottage had brought a gift of fish tench. It is very tasty, but there is one thing: the body of Lin covered with fine, adherent scales and a thick layer of mucus. In General, cleaning it is not fun. But this time we decided to bake it on the grill, just wash it with slime, and the scales are not clean. It'll be removed after baking. And help us in this set for marinating fish grill from the Forester. I myself want to offer Apple sauce-a condiment that goes well with fish.
Sauce "Piri-Piri"
234 3 20м 100
Molho de piri-piri. Like every true Russian man at home in the fridge will certainly find a jar of horseradish or mustard in a true Russian, traditional recipe, only sniffing you can see the sky in diamonds... and a true Portuguese house always stashed a jar of sauce "Piri-Piri". Piri-Piri in Portugal, the so called chili. :-)) Such concentrate is indispensable to prepare the sauce - marinade for a traditional Portuguese barbecue (Churrasco). The classic example of which can serve as "Chicken Piri-Piri". I was asked to give the recipe of this grilled chicken. Fulfilling this promise give me until just the beginning of the recipe. :-) This sauce is akin to "Mexico".
Sauce pumpkin and ricotta pasta
217 4 30м 4
This is perhaps one of the most favorite sauces. I use it for pumpkin varieties "Prefecture", because she's amazing "nutty" flavor, but you can cook with any pumpkin!
Dip avocado
214 - - -
In this recipe, a special attention is paid to the dip of avocado (though the recipe shrimp attached). It goes well with fish dishes and seafood, to delicate kebab of chicken, and fresh vegetables. The taste of the sauce can vary depending on the destination. For example, if to serve with boiled or baked fish, it's good to add a little beet juice for the pretty pink hue or chopped nuts, which will bring an original touch. Imagination has no boundaries. The sauce perfectly complements vegetarian and meatless (soy yogurt) meal.
Emulsion for lubrication forms
213 - 10м 1
In addition to the recipe Borodino... girls, I don't know, again... I apologize in advance))) I Found on the Internet this recipe, made, now, overjoyed!!! Author low bow and a thousand thanks! Do not stick anything!
Cranberry sauce - 1
213 5 15м -
This sauce is perfect for meat dishes and dishes from the birds. The sauce made thus is good for cooking.
210 3.5 - -
Eggplant in garlic sauce (Azerbaijan cuisine). Very tasty. Try it, you will not regret. For photos thanks scullion Hedgehog xD.
Raspberry vinegar No. 2
208 - - -
I have already posted the recipe for raspberry vinegar, which was made last year. He liked it so much that fruit and berry vinegars of their own making now in my kitchen are always present. I bring to Your attention another recipe for raspberry vinegar.
Sauce "Bolognese"
207 4 120м 4
Traditional sauce from Bologna. Bolognese - a rich meat and tomato - fairly thick sauce for pasta. Try to cook all the rules.
Homemade mustard
205 4 - -
Tastes better than the store. The recipe is illustrated with user Охапа_71 in the framework of "Coloring".
Sauce "Veloute"
204 3 - -
White sauce.
Tomato jam
203 - - -
Riding in the bus, read the news in the smartphone and suddenly, popping up contextual advertising: Tomato jam – trend 2018. Interested, went. I liked the idea. Prepared. Girls-boys – grade! Spicy-sweet tomato sauce with gets slices of tomatoes. Delicious with meat, poultry, fish, cheese. Cooked very easy! In short – go, cook and feast!
Homemade mustard
203 - 30м 24
Homemade mustard is very tasty and flavorful sauce that can be added to almost any main courses, and appetizers. Offer a recipe of my favorite homemade mustard.
Teriyaki Sauce
201 - 15м 10
The sauce, which is lovely as a sauce by itself or as a marinade for fish, chicken, pork.
Dip-eng. dip
198 - 30м -
"Dip" sauce the consistency of thick cream for dipping into it pieces of vegetables, meat, seafood... the Idea of this recipe I've taken from the weekly newspaper "Day" Olga Semenova, a culinary historian, a connoisseur of home cooking.
Sulu khingal
198 5 - -
Sulu (liquid) hengel. The Azerbaijan cuisine. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious soup.