Sauces recipes

Sauce of sheep's cheese
456 5 - -
The sauce for the barbecue!
The sauce of mascarpone
456 3 - -
Sauce for desserts!
Rosemary-thyme marinade
454 4.5 20м 3
It is suitable for vegetables, meat, fish - for everything. We have pork.
Chicken in peanut sauce "BAJ"
440 - - -
Sauce "BAJ" (BAJ) with chicken. This walnut-garlic sauce with seasonings. This dish is cooked in Western Georgia. Also, this sauce can be used for fried fish.
Sauce "Piri-Piri"
430 3 20м 100
Molho de piri-piri. Like every true Russian man at home in the fridge will certainly find a jar of horseradish or mustard in a true Russian, traditional recipe, only sniffing you can see the sky in diamonds... and a true Portuguese house always stashed a jar of sauce "Piri-Piri". Piri-Piri in Portugal, the so called chili. :-)) Such concentrate is indispensable to prepare the sauce - marinade for a traditional Portuguese barbecue (Churrasco). The classic example of which can serve as "Chicken Piri-Piri". I was asked to give the recipe of this grilled chicken. Fulfilling this promise give me until just the beginning of the recipe. :-) This sauce is akin to "Mexico".
Sulu khingal
430 5 - -
Sulu (liquid) hengel. The Azerbaijan cuisine. It is very easy to prepare and very delicious soup.
Meat sauce "Bolognese" pasta
426 4 30м -
Beef-flavored tomato. Sharpness to taste. I do not very sharp.
Beet sauce
410 - 10м 6
I can not share with you this sauce! Will definitely be useful to our friends and family! Gentle, velvety, and fluffy with horseradish and beets! Bright, creamy, spicy! You will enjoy with your family! Fragrant and garlic! Fish will be delicious for sure! The pork, tongue! And just to the table! You can spoon without! Will definitely fall in love with it!
Lemon sauce for fish
398 - 5м 4
The lemon sauce comes out tender, spicy with garlic-lemon note. Soy sauce adds a gentle salty taste and color to the sauce. Preparing the fish sauce is very simple and fast!
Sauce pumpkin and ricotta pasta
390 4 30м 4
This is perhaps one of the most favorite sauces. I use it for pumpkin varieties "Prefecture", because she's amazing "nutty" flavor, but you can cook with any pumpkin!
Raspberry vinegar No. 2
390 - - -
I have already posted the recipe for raspberry vinegar, which was made last year. He liked it so much that fruit and berry vinegars of their own making now in my kitchen are always present. I bring to Your attention another recipe for raspberry vinegar.
Teriyaki Sauce
383 - 15м 10
The sauce, which is lovely as a sauce by itself or as a marinade for fish, chicken, pork.
Cranberry sauce
379 - 45м 8
A stunning sweet and sour sauce bright pink, turkeys and more!
371 - 40м -
Now about the hell you know all about its medicinal properties, and more. Who do not know, Google to help: plenty of information. :)
Tomato-vegetable sauce
365 - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.
Sweet bread "Shirin charak"
359 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Sweet bread is baked mainly on holidays.
357 - - -
Famous Georgian sauce. For those, who like spicy. Thank you for your support in creating recipe user Hato-ECA.
Sauce "Bolognese"
357 4 120м 4
Traditional sauce from Bologna. Bolognese - a rich meat and tomato - fairly thick sauce for pasta. Try to cook all the rules.
Dip-eng. dip
356 - 30м -
"Dip" sauce the consistency of thick cream for dipping into it pieces of vegetables, meat, seafood... the Idea of this recipe I've taken from the weekly newspaper "Day" Olga Semenova, a culinary historian, a connoisseur of home cooking.
Mayonnaise with garlic, cucumber and ginger
355 - 10м 5
You, lovers of mayonnaise, dedicate your first Adune recipe! About what they sell in stores with the inscription "mayonnaise" to tell the millionth time I will not. Yes, and the psychological moment, when you know that put - also very important! As a kind and becomes very harmful mayonnaise, and don't get fat from it ), and tasty - solid benefits! Excellent option for situations when the salad is already cut, there's a Blizzard (freezing cold, rain, hurricane, tornado - underline), and in the refrigerator, as it turns out (Oh the horror!) there is no mayonnaise! So, in 10 minutes You'll have it! And not to go anywhere. Based on the classic recipe homemade mayonnaise, but here, as in any culinary business, important details.
Sauce with minced meat
355 4 40м 4
Sauce familiar to us products (without adding exotics)