Cook in a double boiler recipes

Hanuschik steam - my version
322 5 - -
After the holidays and before new I want to give a little rest to our body. Here came the idea to prepare a steam roll. Nadinochka team, but it turned out very tasty and juicy. Invite!
317 - 360м 20
POF-TSE is a Korean dish. In fact, pies with cabbage steamed. But filling in my option makes them something special. Recipes for dough and fillings for POF-TSE a lot, although the Boy found no and my told me an old Korean woman and we are now happy to regale the fact that for a long time bought. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients and start )))
317 4 160м 4
It is better to do from a leg part, but you can from the neck, Breasts.
316 4.5 - -
Very tasty and satisfying! This Korean dish is steam cakes!
Steam roll "lady" with a cheesy mushroom sauce
307 5 - -
Roll out dumpling dough stuffed with meat and cabbage, steamed, mantoverde (or steamer), and it did cheese-mushroom sauce. The combination of fillings of meat and cabbage is very tasty, and if you season it all with mushrooms and cheese, it is possible to equate to a festive dinner, turned out well, very tasty. Steam rolls with meat are called "Lady", but to claim such a title, I will not, I do not know how he prepares, all the subtleties of cooking the stuffing and whose dish do not know, therefore I propose an alternative, which can be called "simplified manti" in their interpretation.
Chicken Chinese style on a few
302 - 60м 2
The sauce will add steam to the chicken rich flavor and aroma. Use and enjoyment all in one.
Crumpets "Roses"
302 - 30м 4
These crumpets successfully replace the bread on your table.
295 5 60м 4
Chinese pompushki with onions, steamed. To prepare 7 - 15 minutes in the steamer.
Carp with ginger
289 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Meatloaf with djusai
287 - - 4
Not throwing the Slippers from the simplicity of the recipe, in fact, the filling can be done all sorts, the whole trick to the test. I live in the East and we love jusy. It is added to the dumplings, rolls, pasties, salads... well, everywhere. So, let's start!
Pasties in Ukrainian with cabbage and meat
286 5 30м 10
Fried in oil, "otvarennye" in the steamer pasties and cabbage stuffing will please the eye with their appearance and taste as the family and guests at any time.
Manty "Another recipe"
284 - 40м 4
A traditional meat dish of the peoples of Central Asia. Prepared as taught by my mother))) the Only difference is that I added the stuffing the pumpkin. And tastier and even juicier.
Home-made sausage
284 - 40м 10
Homemade sausage that you can fry, bake and jerk. And most importantly, made with her own hands, and we know what's in it!
Mushroom pudding steam
283 - - -
Tired of fried mushrooms? Cook steam pudding! And tasty, and useful!
Lazy dumplings
280 5 60м -
Cheese-cheese roll-scrambled eggs for a couple
274 - 20м 2
Very easy, useful, scrambled eggs for Breakfast both adult and child - a great start to the day!!!
Chicken cutlets in a double boiler
273 5 60м 5
Steam cutlets of chicken minced meat.
Buckwheat porridge with chicken hearts, "Port"
273 - - -
Earlier on the chicken hearts I didn't pay attention. This product was unfamiliar. But this year travelled to the South "savages", while settled, it took time for lunch. But really wanted to eat. Went in near the harbour, dining room, and there remained a little of the first and second buckwheat porridge with hearts. My men turned up noses, but hunger - not my aunt, not to talk! :-) I had to take and eat what was available. And Oh, God, mess with the hearts turned out to be insanely delicious! So we "have raskusil". Now cook it often, and my men called porridge "Port". :-) Hi from us to the city of Yeysk and its wonderful inhabitants!
Pasta with chicken for a couple
273 4 - -
Dish for steam cooking.
Roll meat
272 4 60м 8
Continuation of the series "cooking in the steamer".
The sole a couple
270 3 - -