Cook in a double boiler recipes

"Lady" for advent
186 3 - -
Christmas fast is not as strict, and you can pamper yourself rolls that are delicious without meat.
183 - 360м 20
POF-TSE is a Korean dish. In fact, pies with cabbage steamed. But filling in my option makes them something special. Recipes for dough and fillings for POF-TSE a lot, although the Boy found no and my told me an old Korean woman and we are now happy to regale the fact that for a long time bought. We will prepare all the necessary ingredients and start )))
181 3 40м 2
Very tasty fish, like hake or walleye, but better.
Dumplings in Uzbek "Gul-Khanum"
178 - 120м 8
This dish of Uzbek cuisine. Steamed. Very simple to prepare and looks original. I hope to taste You will enjoy.
Meatballs in a pumpkin "Bright mood"
178 3 120м 10
I offer this recipe for the second hot dish. It has a main product and a side dish. Men will appreciate the tender meat, women juicy pumpkin, and children will appreciate the "surprise" in the meatballs. The dish retains all the nutrients as it is prepared without frying. Stew, bake, cook for a couple.
177 5 60м 4
Chinese pompushki with onions, steamed. To prepare 7 - 15 minutes in the steamer.
Steam cutlets of pike
175 5 - -
Very diet of burgers, cooks them, my mother, and she was happy to share its recipe with You.
Pasties in Ukrainian with cabbage and meat
175 5 30м 10
Fried in oil, "otvarennye" in the steamer pasties and cabbage stuffing will please the eye with their appearance and taste as the family and guests at any time.
Mini vegetable rolls for a couple
174 - 30м 4
Continue to have my steamer, so this recipe was born.
Crumpets "Roses"
171 - 30м 4
These crumpets successfully replace the bread on your table.
168 4.5 - -
Very tasty and satisfying! This Korean dish is steam cakes!
Stuffed apples
168 3 15м 2
Two versions of the stuffed apples. A simple and delicious dessert. Will appeal to both adults and children.
Dinner at the steamer
167 3 60м 6
Was surprised when a friend said he didn't know what to do with donated steamer. It can also cook many tasty and healthy dishes! Especially now, in summer when lots of fresh vegetables, and the heat is not conducive to long standing at the stove. For example, you can cook, not bothered, here's dinner.
Favorite dumplings
166 5 - -
"Sea" meatballs with vegetables
165 4 40м 2
Lunch for kids - all most useful in a double boiler. Sea meatballs with a side dish of mashed potatoes and scalloped vegetables. The flowers and all the rest of the vegetables he ate immediately, without hesitation.
Roll greens
165 3 80м 6
Long hesitated to show you this recipe, I thought you wouldn't understand. It is also our national cuisine, the taste is very delicious. We have this grass is called "Singa" and you, I said that "centipede". Try.
Steam chicken bun
165 - 180м -
Steamed cakes "Gift for huli-Jing". You know what huli Jing - the Chinese Fox is a werewolf? Beautiful, seductive and treacherous at times taking the form of beauty, in order to confuse the minds of the poor students... You may ask what does all foxes, and even the werewolves? And just huli-Jing, like all self-respecting foxes, for sure I love chicken! But eat them raw they are, perhaps, not by rank. So when she was going to make this time chicken, motivated by interest in Chinese culture and recently read "Notes Liao CIA of the extraordinary" woke up inspired.))) I wanted something soft and delicate, and however unusual, as the nine-tails huli-Jing. So I got these steamed cakes with chicken. The filling turns out really tender, and the soy sauce instead of salt and butter added to taste delicacy. Well, to judge, of course, You, dear cooks! I think Fox would not mind)))
Steam dumplings with red currants
161 4 35м 4
Very airy, soft dough dumplings just melt in your mouth.
Chicken Chinese style on a few
160 - 60м 2
The sauce will add steam to the chicken rich flavor and aroma. Use and enjoyment all in one.
Fish cutlets in Romanian
160 3 - 1
A healthy diet should be in the first place, especially when it's so delicious
Manta rays (improvisation)
156 3 - -
This, of course, not quite correct manta rays, but very juicy and tasty.