Dairy products recipes

Cheese "Paneer"
240 - 20м -
About Panerai has been known for many centuries. This delicious fresh homemade cheese Indian brother Circassian cheese, use it in a variety of dishes from salads to sweets. Its use provides energy and quickly restores strength, strengthens muscles and nervous system, boosts immunity, calms the mind. Paneer is considered to be easily digestible alternative to meat. Nutritionists believe that paneer can be eaten, even people with intolerance to dairy products. Here's a unique cheese.
235 - 60м 5
This is a very tasty dish of his childhood in the village, with the milk first Padoa. Very nutritious and high in calories). Here managed to get hold of this milk and that's what happened)
Suluguni cheese
232 - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti
Cheese Swiss type
223 - - -
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.
Alsu (dairy product made from milk, honey and beet)
210 - - -
Many people know and are able to prepare homemade yogurt (yoghurt), and they are not surprised this recipe. But this recipe very tasty and healthy additives, so don't pass it by! And don't buy store milk products (chemicals), because it is so easy neproblemnye to make themselves at home, and You will have your environmentally friendly product! Took the recipe from the book "Tatar cuisine".
Homemade creme fraiche
210 - - -
In supermarkets could never find creme fraiche. And here is one journal came across the recipe. I beg to love and favor homemade creme fraiche!
Homemade cheese with herbs and olives
204 - 120м 14
For fans and lover of cheese! Simply recipe delicious and piquant cheese. The result is 800-900 g vkusnejshaja cheese!
Imereti cheese
203 - - -
At the dawn of its cheese activities I have already posted the recipe of cheese Imereti. This is a more authentic option. As close as Georgia. Just want to say thank you Chelyabinsk cheese-maker Pavel Chechulin, who, while travelling in Georgia, measured by such indicators as the time of flocculation, the flocculation multiplier and temperature regimes.
Butter from sour cream
201 5 20м -
This recipe was prompted by my mother.
Acidophilus milk
199 3 - -
Acidophilus milk has anti-inflammatory action, activates processes of body cleansing, neutralizes toxins and side effects food and drugs. Particularly useful in the period of epidemic influenza for the normalization of intestinal motility and reduce the toxic effects of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucosa.
195 4 90м 20
Did cheese my mom the camera and she is not, so the result is captured only at home. I'll write the recipe, but no photo - sorry. Turns out very tasty cheese, much tastier than store-bought! Poprobute!
Fermented baked milk at home
190 4 600м 2
It is not difficult to drink homemade delicious and healthy milk drink.
Cheese paneer
189 - 90м -
Ingredients for Indian cuisine is not always easy to find, but one of them – paneer – easy to do. Paneer is fresh cheese. It is porous and soft to the taste and so perfectly absorbs different tastes and dishes adds a very pleasant texture. Cubes of cheese can be perfectly combined with a sauce of spinach (Paalak paneer) or spicy tomato sauce (Shahi panner). Also there is a wonderful Indian dish in which paneer is cooked along with potatoes, green peas and spices (Aloo matar paneer). In whatever combination you or cooked, the paneer makes the dish delicate and special.
Cottage cheese "Cottage cheese"
189 - - -
Cottage cheese - this cheese is also known as "cottage cheese", "farm ", it is sold as cottage cheese with cream, and usually it is more expensive than a simple cottage, but it is tastier, I just love it. And now, thanks to Dmitry (NDemon) and Orsik starters I learned how to do it myself.
189 - - -
Halloumi - Cyprus cheese classic. In Cyprus it is made from a mixture of sheep's and goat's milk, but I have not, therefore, made from cow
Cheese "Paneer"
188 - 840м 12
Paneer can be added to soups and vegetable dishes, or eat right. Pressed paneer can be used for cooking or cut into cubes, add to vegetable dishes, raw or fried. Paneer does not melt or lose shape when cooking or frying, it is fresh and natural, it's delicious.
Varenets home
183 - - -
Offer the recipe is very useful product. Remember, once upon a time, in stores that sold this yummy. So I decided to experiment. It was very similar, and there are no preservatives and this makes it even more attractive. Well, of course, no secret was not. In General, if you're interested - go.
Cheese homemade "Lazy" (urban version)
178 4.3 600м -
Well, very lazy! Does not require pre-fermentation of milk. For those who want homemade curds and natural milk to take anywhere. Or for those who have no place at all to buy a normal cheese (such too, and I'm including). In General, for all who would like to join my urban experiment.
177 - 5м 6
Mouth-watering milk product with bifidus and lactic acid bacteria excellent foods for babies, restores intestinal flora (at dysbacteriosis after antibiotics)
Cheese from milk and yogurt in 5 minutes
176 - 10м 2
Quick recipe tender and delicious curd from milk and yogurt.
Purified melted butter "Ghee"
175 4 120м -
Imagine a versatile oil that can be used many times, which gives a truly magical taste all the dishes that can be stored for CENTURIES (!!!) and which, with all that is infinitely good for your health! Presented? No, I think. This wonderful oil is called "Ghee&qu ot;! I want you to imagine today.