Grills recipes

Chicken breast beer marinade
164 - - -
Infinitely tender and juicy breast it turns out, if it is marinated in dark beer. Light bread aroma from beer and exciting spirit haze - these components make the chicken unique!
Grilled cheese "Spring and BBQ"
163 - - 2
Anyone who doesn't eat meat, just cheese fans offer to cook this cheese kebab in a spicy breading "barbecue" and breaded fresh spring greens.
Costica in Moldovan
161 - - -
Costica, like many foods (meat, fish) is grilled (BBQ). They added sauce muzhdu. Go, try it.
A La shish chicken on skewers
160 - 50м 4
Beloved husband gave a birthday grill, now come up with different variations of dishes to prepare for a miracle thing. I hope You like it too.
Chicken rolls grilled with mushrooms and cheese
160 - 60м 4
To prepare homemade chicken rolls stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, in nature will help us wonderful gadgets of the company Forester.
Sausages in the marinade
157 - - -
A very worthy recipe. Sausages are obtained with an Asian touch, and the marinade later turns into a beautiful sauce, which is good with sausages. Try it, I'm sure you will not be disappointed!
Cherry bird
156 4.7 50м 2
Quail in my favorite marinade for chicken on the grill or chicken BBQ.
Tikka kebab
155 - - -
This recipe I have long since found in the book of Stalik hankishiev, but haven't been able to try it because I was afraid that the breast will be dry and tasteless. But as it turned out, in vain! It turned out tender and juicy, and very flavorful, with a light ostrinkoy. I'm surprised and happy!
Sausage a La Mexican chorizo
151 - 60м 10
Chorizo (chorizo) - pork sausage that is made in Spain. I offer you the option of cooking sausages, which repeat the composition of an authentic recipe, but to cook them, we'll be on the coals, the type of barbecue. However, here too has not done without my change, please, come on in and try!
The Burger on the grill
151 - - 4
Fast food in nature.. why not. Hearty burgers with a bun for a quick snack. And one can add the sauce from Blue Dragon.
Chickens on the grill
151 - - -
Try to offer tender, flavorful and juicy chicken with spices Forester. Tomato sauce with garlic is the perfect complement to the dish.
Grilled chicken
145 3 90м -
And one more from a number of recipes about chicken Ryaba, which is called "grill"
Kebab with teriyaki sauce and pistachios
144 - - -
Such kebab I've had in Turkey. I really, really liked and every trip to Istanbul, I am sure they ordered in the restaurant. The Turkish kebab was made of lamb, I, unfortunately, could not find lamb. My kebab from pork, but it turned out so delicious..... I'm sure You'll love them.
A Hen Ruddy
144 4 - -
Variation of cooking chicken grill.
Grilled chicken
144 5 1м -
Pork grilled "fairy Tale"
141 3.7 - -
Here's a soup I made this weekend itself, and as itself is marinated and fried on the grill. It's something! Meat super! I highly recommend to cook! You will not regret! For this we need this.
Corn with lemon and garlic
140 - - -
A wonderful recipe for variety meat menu for a picnic. Fragrant delicate sweet and spicy corn will appeal to both adults and children.
Grilled salmon
139 5 - -
Fish is baked very quickly.
Pork grilled "music"
137 - 20м 4
To make amazingly tender, flavorful, juicy meat from the grill, you can use the set for marinating from the Forester. But if you fantasize and make it your additives, this meat is really "music".
Grilled fish
136 4 18м 2
For microwave oven with combination mode grill.
Grilled chicken "Delicious"
136 4 90м -
Wonderful, fragrant, so ruddy and tender grilled chicken... From the long roasting meat itself is separated from the bones. And the smell... M-m-m... Just divine!