Hot meals in the microwave recipes

Casserole with shrimp
136 5 60м 4
The original dish, which garnish the best fit boiled potatoes.
136 4.5 - -
sweet dessert
Tilapia with zucchini in the microwave
131 4 30м 3
Fish for this recipe turned out juicy and tender. Oil is not added.
The grilled chicken
131 4 - -
The recipe for cooking in a microwave oven with a grill mode.
Oatmeal with banana and egg
130 - 10м 2
Healthy Breakfast - oatmeal with banana and egg. Porridge makes a delicious and airy banana adds sweetness, and the egg satiety. While serving, add peanut butter and fruit - the Breakfast of Champions is ready!
Oat porridge
129 - 3м 1
Diet porridge cooked in the microwave. Option # 1 berry # 2 with the banana.
Potatoes "Stag dinner"
125 3.5 10м -
Perfect for bachelors and those who have absolutely no time to cook. This title gave my husband - a man very far from cooking: when I was sick, he decided to cook dinner. From the delectable smell and sight of this simple dish I immediately felt ravenous appetite. So I decided to share it with you - treat yourself!
Egg in potato nest
124 - 10м 2
Express dish for Breakfast. Mashed potatoes cook for dinner, of course, and the next day, I make more. The next day, or make patties with potatoes, or hychiny, or this dish is quick cooking. In egg, you can add pieces of ham, sausages, canned peas, canned corn.
Cupcake in a Cup in 3 minutes
121 - 10м 2
A quick Breakfast in micro (based on the recipe Marina Klimova).
Fish in beer with lemon and raisins
121 - 20м 4
Interesting recipe, delicious combinations, it's quick and easy! Invite fans of fish! This recipe was posted on the website of cook Aposia in 2009 under the name "Sudak in the microwave" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Hot quick
120 5 24м 6
If You don't have time to dinner - got home late from work, the beach, I was chatting with a friend I have on this account is a win-win option that will appeal to Your family. This is the hot simple to prepare, delicious and goes well with any side dish. It may like the fact that there are only 115 calories!
Hotpot in the microwave
120 - 40м 2
Long found this recipe and it always saves me! Very tasty, and most importantly, quickly and in the microwave! The best recipe! You can do any meat. Vegetables I this time really was not, but in the ingredients write as you usually do
Apple cake in 5 minutes
119 - 5м 2
Very tasty and quick cake that is always in the fridge. Maybe for experienced cooks rustic, but for these chefs as I am at the time!
Jam of kiwi and lime
119 - 15м 5
The original marmalade, kiwi and lime very well harmonize with each other, forming a great taste. Besides, it takes a few minutes. The author of the recipe - Karina.
Jacket potatoes in microwave
118 - 7м 1
The child is asked herring and potatoes. But if you cook in half an hour, I'm afraid, is not true. Then I remembered that mom makes potatoes for salads. Here this recipe is not found.
Dumplings with mushrooms in pots in the microwave
118 - 20м 2
Dumplings - delicious, nourishing food. Sometimes so lazy to cook anything, and helping me out with the dumplings. Our family love them very much, especially Pets. When it is time, my mother and grandmother making them a lot (a whole drawer in the freezer). And with the acquisition of microwave cooking dumplings accelerated to a minimum.
Risotto (recipe No........ )
118 - 15м 4
Risotto with spinach, mushrooms and almonds. Cooks in 15 minutes in the microwave. What else do you need when time is short and hungry?
Vegetable stew in the microwave
118 - 30м 3
I want to offer the option of vegetable stew in the microwave. Simple, fast and nourishing!!
Rice with vegetables "A La cell"
118 - 20м 2
Offer you a quick recipe for making delicious, beautiful and healthy rice with vegetables in a microwave oven. This figure can be as a side dish and a separate dish.
Grilled chicken in the microwave
118 - 30м 8
Love this chicken recipe! Cooked very quickly, it turns out fragrant and delicious! I hope my recipe will be useful not only for those who have a microwave oven with the function "Grill", but just for cooking chicken in the oven!
Hot sandwiches "salute from childhood"
116 4 15м 1
As a child my mother would make me these sandwiches. Now I cook them for my family.