Billet recipes

Tomato candy
376 - - -
This will allow for say, one of the options billet any many sun-dried tomatoes. Since it is not always possible to buy thin-skinned tomatoes, often after the dryer turned out not udobovarimogo the skin. I decided to do differently, the way I liked, I offer it to you.
Jam, Canberra or black nightshade
359 - 40м 1
Here parents are in the country the berries are grown newfangled. Call Canberra. Ripened only now, in October. And then, almost tasteless. Read - jam needs to be boiled out of it. Yes, recipes are strange, which is only the Board to add the cherry sheet in October! Decided to look on gourmet websites - there is generally offer berries to push during meshaniya spoon. Or blender, I advise you to use. Jam reluctance - you want whole berries. Different methods tried - really liked this one.
Salad "Bean mandala"
349 - 30м 2
This salad is in the everyday menu of our family called simply "Bean". Today I offer you a festive version of the design of this dish. Soaked or sprouted grains - this is very useful, it preserves more enzymes, vitamins and minerals, than during heat treatment. Here they are presented as soaked soybeans. If sprouted grains to plant in the ground or under a damp cheesecloth – you will get sprouts. About 1, 5 -2 years ago they were sold in major Russian supermarkets. Also you can grow them yourself, the instructions are easy to find online. In this salad they are presented pea sprouts. A short blanching of vegetables in boiling water is also a gentle method of treatment. Beans for this dish is cooked five minutes. In this recipe might work – you can cook sprouts or soybean sprouts and take corn or peas. White beans, lentils, mung beans or sprouts, anything you like. This salad is rich in protein or proteins. You can take as lunch to work – it is very nutritious, we model them lunch on a hot day or add fresh vegetables. I hope this healthy, simple recipe will take root in your family ! PS the Recipe is not competitive. It just so happens that I designed and put this recipe recently for a contest on another resource, and this coincided with a themed competition on the Cook. :) The contest is over and I can share the recipe with your favorite website. :)
Lecho with tomato paste
331 - - -
Each hostess your option Lecho. Some add onions, some carrots, and some zucchini. For me Lecho - this is the only pepper in a delicious sauce of tomatoes. And most of all I love when the sauce is from fresh tomatoes, and tomato paste. Nothing more, just the taste of pepper!
Celery salt
318 - - -
Salt, which we used to use, is quite a controversial product from the point of view of utility. However, this is the easiest flavoring is very hard to refuse. All adherents of a healthy diet in the first place, replace the usual salt in the sea. Because sea salt is a pure organic product; all created by nature, absorbed by the body (created by the same nature) with the use of without slagging him with unnecessary chemicals. But besides sea salt, there are other natural substitutes thereof. How to extract and use the natural salt, I suggest you read it.
311 4.5 - -
Canned. Suitable for Breakfast, dinner and as a snack
Diabetic strawberry jam
294 4 15м 1
Sometimes (well, almost always) like sweet varingica, and sugar, alas, is impossible, for myself found out, I want to share with you, maybe someone come in handy! Of course, now is not the season, but soon... soon... go to your favorite cottage, and there, staring, and the time of berries... Jam perfectly stored in the refrigerator, take out... and the aroma of summer.
White marmalade
294 5 60м 6
Ancient recipe from the series "Monastic cooking." Recipe excerpted from "the Book of recipes of the last nuns from Odivelas". Marmalade this brand is considered a delicacy in the city of Odivelas, Portugal. The secret of cooking white jelly for several centuries was a secret of the nuns of the local convent of the order of Bernardus de Cister (Ordem das Bernardas de Cister), founded in 1295, After the death of the last nuns sisters of Carolina Augusta de Castro and Silva came to light cookbook, which I poschastlivilos to buy. :-)
Tangerine powder with vanilla
288 - 5м 4
I like to use tangerine powder with vanillin in the process of preparing dough for baking and desserts. Tangerine powder to flavor and color not inferior to the peel of citrus fruit and additionally it is fragrant vanilla smell that gives cakes and desserts a beautiful Golden hue and an excellent flavor.
Rye malt
286 - 5м -
With́Lod — soaked and germinated seeds of grains: mostly barley, a less — rye, wheat, corn, triticale. The germination of cereal crops allows you to start the fermentation process. To stop further fermentation and removal of excess moisture germinated seeds are dried with hot air.
Adjika "Cossack joy"
278 3 - -
From "Recipes for an Encore". A wonderful piece for those who like to feel like a fire-breathing dragon )) Sharp fusion sauce... For those who physically can not withstand this amount of pepper, tip: decrease the quantity of pepper, at least, five times. Please in the comments don't write that it's not a real cheese sauce, I know that, but since the author called the sauce a chutney, leave him this right.
Spices "Garam masala"
277 5 20м -
Well, that got around to continue my story about "Method, Masala" the art of cooking spices. This time I want to tell you how to prepare such mixtures of spices as "Curry", "Tandoori Masala" and others. Tell you the example of the most popular blend in India and among the professional chefs of the highest skill. The use of this mixture in the dishes almost always ensures success, imparting unique flavors and absolutely stunning aroma.
275 3 120м 5
The sauce for seaming, pointy.
Pickled carrots with horseradish
267 - - -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe of "Pickled carrots with horseradish"! A very simple way of harvesting carrots with horseradish for the winter! I spend the whole winter is not marinated. Make a couple of jars when I finish, prepare a new batch! When there is little time, added to soups, main dish and salads! Anyone interested, welcome aboard!
258 3 - 8
We all know eggplant caviar, zucchini, and this is from red pepper, the national Serbian cuisine. Since I lived in Montenegro for a long time and know the true taste of Ivar, my recipe can be trusted for it is fully consistent with. It can be spread on bread, use as an appetizer and as a sauce for side dishes. I don't know a single person who wouldn't like it.
Pickles "Mom"
256 3 - -
They're so delicious and crispy! Thank you mom, learn to make vegetables a fairy tale.
Lemon-garlic infusion "Antigripp"
254 - 5м 50
I remembered another useful water tincture-when we still did not know about ginger, I in the period October-April made it for many years. Very effective! The smell of garlic will not. The effect is very good. But who has gastritis or any problems with the gastrointestinal tract, I recommend to not take on an empty stomach and 20 minutes after a light Breakfast. Also cleans blood vessels, reduces cholesterol, used successfully for the treatment of dystonia, fatigue syndrome
Salad "agate"
253 - 80м -
Delicious vegetable salad and a simple preparation for the winter. What I like about this salad is the fact that quite a bit of time at the stove. No need to fry everything separately - throw products and walk, just don't forget to stir from time to time. Minimum effort - maximum pleasure!
The juice from chernoplodku
252 - - -
Very tasty! As will soon leave for the summer with the baby in the cottage, would like to share with you a recipe given to me by a neighbor at the cottage, Konkova N.
Jam of prickly pears (ragosta)
250 - 60м -
The prickly pear is a plant belonging to the family Cactaceae. Extremely thermophilic, so it grows in hot climates. Fruit in sweetness to compete with figs and useful properties superior to the majority of fruit. This is the only very sweet fruit that you can eat and not gain weight!!! Extracts of this plant are used in pharmaceuticals as a means for weight loss and combat cellulite. In Greece it grows prickly pear species with relatively large seeds that are not worth trying to crack. In my opinion, is a disadvantage of this fruit. "Great harvest" Opuntia encouraged me to create the jam, although more healthful fresh fruit.
Dried caramelized garlic drain shelf
248 - - -
Accidentally stumbled upon this recipe online and couldn't pass by, the benefit of now draining the sea and I love to experiment. Compared with sun-dried tomatoes, plums are cooked much faster, and the taste, perhaps, win. For the recipe thank the author - Valery Yatsenko.