Hot meals recipes for Easter

Pork knuckles with cabbage
330 - 420м 8
The dish is very tasty, although a long time getting ready. To German cuisine. Although German cuisine variations of cooking pig's trotters with cabbage, there are many, as always – we each cook a recipe. Not to be confused with a dish called isban! It is made from pork shank, in our case – namely the legs, with hooves.
Pigs in a blanket a La "Jambon an cool"
329 - 250м 3
Jambon en croute. Good day, I want to share a Christmas recipe meat, who hails from the Alsace region of France. The dish turns out very fragrant, with a crisp pastry, tender meat and certainly festive! Traditionally it is prepared with boiled pork ham, but it is possible to replace just the flesh of pork, veal, kasseler or other smoked meat. And the pastry you can replace the puff.
327 5 40м 8
The dish is cooked for a long time. Decided to share with you.
Meat in peasant
321 - 180м 6
For this dish I took the beef, though, I think we can make it with lamb or lean pork. Generally, in old Russian cookbooks, the word "meat" almost always refers to beef. About veal said too much. And almost never mentioned pork. I focus mainly on the book by P. Alexandrova-Ignate eve "Practical foundations of culinary arts", but apparently, not just her.
Shahi paneer
318 - 20м 4
The will of fate I had to live in India for 12 years. During this time, acquired a lot of friends who, like me, scary miss this blessed country. Therefore, we periodically organize "Indian gatherings" and reminisce. And without fail on the table exclusively Indian food. They are something I want to present on your court. Don't be very strict – it's my debut. Should immediately assure you that the recipes are not taken from cookbooks or the Internet. All gathered bit by bit over many years. Indian Housewives were happy to share with me their secrets. So provided that the food is not of restaurant and Pets, and casual, and festive. The only thing I adjusted is the amount of pepper. An inexperienced person cannot accept stratio, which are used by the Indians. Everything else is left without any changes. Usually lunch in India consists of the following dishes: vegetables (fresh and stewed), legumes (they call it dal), paneer (fresh homemade cheese), meat of some sort (chicken, lamb, fish - if the wallet allows and religion) and Fig. So on my "Indian party" are these dishes. The first recipe is called "Shahi paneer". This fresh cheese in a creamy gravy with lots of spices. About the paneer to write in detail will not – it has a lot of information on the website. Aaron-Space did a good job! You can cook for yourself, and particularly if you do not want to bother, then buy a simple soft cheese. The recipe will not suffer, and time and effort save. I have tried paneer in different types and variations. "Shahi paneer" is one of the favorite recipes. It is not only a Symphony of aromas and flavors, but also delicate texture.
Chicken souffle "gentle"
317 - 90м 4
Try to cook this delicious and delicate souffles for my family. And most importantly, it is the minimum set of products and cooked very easily. My husband is very fond of him, the guests too much. The recipe is from my mother's notebook of the Soviet era, I remember from my childhood and is still. Looked exactly the same recipe is not found. I hope my first recipe on the Pillsbury, will appeal to your table.
Steak "5 minutes"
306 - 5м 3
I suggest you try the incredibly delicious steak ready in a few minutes. I was amazed how this recipe is simple and affordable, and the taste of the steak is amazing. Juicy, soft, flavorful, with a salty crust! This steak will be the main dish for your holiday table and I'm sure no one will remain indifferent! Also, this recipe is perfect if you suddenly have guests and you need to cook something tasty! Help yourself!
Pork "Fun"
305 4.5 - -
This name arose from the fact that I like when cooking, experiment with this part of pork. The meat always turns out excellent! Especially marinated in a mayonnaise-mustard marinade filling, layered with pear, tomatoes and garlic and baked until Golden brown.
Juicy chicken baked in the oven
299 - 120м 6
What turned out tender and flavorful chicken, not to transfer. Couldn't wait for it to cook to try. A bunch of different spices and herbs in addition to soy sauce made the chicken incredibly tasty and juicy.
"Scarlet sails"
296 4 - -
Eggplant stuffed with different cheeses. Well, very simple dish, BUT what a taste! Recipe cook only for 1 level. Welcome to the kitchen of the Maghreb.
Anti-freeze in the pot 12 liters
296 - 45м 8
Chashushuli – a Georgian dish. This is one of the best for the simplicity and time the cooking at the check-out family camping. Translated from Georgian tables means "sharp". From the name we can understand that the dish should be spicy. But if You don't like spicy food, the spiciness to fit your taste.
Manti with squash
292 5 100м 5
Very tender, juicy dish! And the blame for all of this zucchini! Yes, Yes, zucchini! And preparing this dish is quick and always turns out!
Chicken chops in cheese batter
292 - - -
Chicken chops in cheese batter turn out delicious, soft, flavorful and just melt in your mouth! It's a win-win both for holidays and for everyday!
284 3 - -
Juicy, spicy beef, marinated in wine. Recipe from the cookbook with my adjustments.
283 4.3 100м 12
Nagut - so we have in Moldova is called chickpeas. I offer you another way of making it... Well, truth is, we are always ready husband. I that had tried to take a picture and share with you.
Elahi Bakhsh
281 - - -
Very unusual pilaf. This is an old recipe of Bukhara Jews. I recommend to try, very tasty.
278 3 - -
Sophisticated puff pie
276 4.5 100м 4
The recipe is taken from the book "anti-Stress menu" of the series "Recipes of beauty" and changed the composition...
Chicken fillet with beans and peppers
276 - 90м -
Bright, tasty vegetable dish with chicken. I deliberately did not add any onions or carrots. But for brightness of flavor added pepper, green peas, very fragrant, spicy condiment which goes well with poultry. Was also added smoked paprika, which complements the taste of rich aroma. I made this palette of flavors. Let's eat, my friends!
276 - 120м 6
Dolma is all of us favorite stuffed only with grape leaves. It is very fragrant and tasty dish. Which everyone should try.
Fish balls "Smiles in the Solarium" with cheese
274 4 60м -
This is one of the many variants of the fish cutlets. Crispy on top and tender, juicy flesh inside, with a hint of melted cheese. Simple and easy.