Hot meals recipes for Lent

378 4 30м 5
In the Afghan language, it sounds a little bit different- Boma. Rare places for our vegetable. It is often sold frozen and has different names: okra, Gombo, lady's fingers (lady's fingers). The first time I tried it when I arrived in London, her husband bought a strange vegetable on the market. The form does not inspire confidence, and when cleaned it was a little disappointing: it turned out slimy and with small round seeds inside. We Boma fried potatoes... like a potato with masatami... still can't forget the taste. Now think why I have prepared today is different, just wanted to show the Afghan national dish Boma. Fans of vegetables dedicated!
Japanese dumplings "Gedza" with fish stuffing
376 - 60м 4
Many dishes of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine has long taken root on our table, many have become beloved. Gedza one of them. Many are familiar with the classic recipe have gyoza with minced meat and Chinese cabbage. In addition, there are many recipes with different fillings, there's even a sweet. Offer a recipe with minced chum salmon.
Green lobio with tomatoes and nuts
370 5 30м -
Lobio is one of the most popular Georgian dishes. There are dozens of ways of cooking this dish. I think that will appeal to all who love the combination of beans, cilantro, nuts. I recommend to try and those who are not fasting, it turned out very tasty and juicy. Yup, still in its juice, and not an ounce of any oil. The recipe for participation in the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Perlotto, "Russian"
368 - - -
Barley with onions, carrots and mushrooms - a traditional dish of Russian cuisine. For some reason now, barley is most often cooked with mushrooms, but in Russia this time of year, cooked with dry mushrooms. For cooking I chose the technology of risotto. The result is a delicious vegetable, perlotto. As nepolnoi supplements son asked me to cook chicken in soy sauce. Well, he loves it! Help yourself!
362 3.5 30м -
Semolina with vegetables. This is a simple, tasty and nutritious Indian dish well suited for the contest "Fast from Moulinex"
Pancakes without eggs and no flour
360 - - -
In our family, pancakes are prepared just so
Beans Mexican "Chelita"
356 - - 6
"Well, who in our region Chelito not know? She is so smart and wonderful, And so irascible, and overbearing, That her mind is dangerous. Ay, ay, I-ay! What a girl! All immediately will find the answer, Always laughing loudly!" Many probably remembered the playful refrain of this song that came to mind when the name of this stew. Beans in Mexican a great dish of Mexican cuisine. Prepared quickly, it turns out delicious. Beans for the Mexicans, as well as maize (corn), basic product. Corn tortillas with beans they dish each day, and tellingly, it is a complete food, rich in minerals and vitamins. And to prepare effortlessly.
353 3 25м 4
Classic Israeli dish, those who tried it asked for additions, of course continue to "Fast from Moulinex".
351 - 40м 6
Mujadarah (mujaddarah, majadra) is a dish of middle Eastern cuisine, consisting of cooked rice, cooked lentils, fried onions and spices. In some recipes instead of rice use other cereals. I decided to cook this recipe with the addition of wild rice mixed with steamed white rice. The dish was delicious, spicy and hearty. Recipe found on the Internet. I Express my deep gratitude to the author of the recipe Olga.
Stuffed cabbage with quinoa
346 - - -
Finally appeared on the shelves of cabbage, its tender green leaves are perfect for stuffed cabbage. This time I decided to experiment with the classics and to cook a very special stuffed cabbage with quinoa. It turned out just fine, overseas quinoa is very harmoniously blended into the Soviet classics. Grains unusual burst on the teeth and have a stunning rich finish. Made two versions of stuffing, vegetable and not. Lean in to the quinoa I added mushrooms and vegetables, and neostem meat and vegetables. I want to say that both options are very delicious and was highly appreciated by my family. Even my husband who doesn't understand a meal without meat, happy to eat meatless cabbage rolls. To them I filed a spicy adjika, and nepolnym traditionally sour cream. I highly recommend to try this recipe, it will pleasantly surprise you.
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
342 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Braised sweet and sour cabbage bavarois
336 - - -
Beautiful, harmonious taste of vegetables. It is great to diversify post, but on ordinary days perfect with pork. Welcome aboard!
Pumpkin pancakes with sprouted wheat
330 5 20м 3
My experiment! I doubted this combination... But it turned out very tasty! Had heard that the burgers from sprouted wheat to taste like meat... Doubt... it Turned out that it really is! And in combination with Queen pumpkin - great, tender and very useful burgers! For the competition "Bright mood".
Dumplings with chickpeas
330 - 50м 3
Delicious dumplings for vegetarians and simply for lovers of variety - easily and quickly.
Caviar beet
329 - 30м -
This caviar gave us in the garden, if you remember (and why I then did not eat?) To cook it learned much later from her mother-in-law. Very easy recipe: 1 ) easy and fast dish, especially important for "unloading" after the holidays and during fasting; 2 ) it so happens that after making a salad, for example, "Herring under fur coat", I got a few sokolac and where to attach them, You don't know... ; 3 ) can be used as a side dish, such as sausages, meat or spread on bread. In addition, I will tell you how to cook beets (I'm sure not all young Housewives know how to do it... ) the site has few recipes for beet caviar, but mine is the taste of childhood, no extra spices and ingredients... Everything is just...
"the flaming Flower of love"
306 3 40м 4
On Earth, there are countless flowers, each flower in its own beautiful, original, carries a piece of happiness and bestows them all. I hope this flower will be a gift that will be remembered for a long time, will allow You to Express emotion and evoke a special feeling. Let this flower help to surprise, give joy to, to confess, to ask forgiveness, to Express gratitude, to make a good impression... FLOWERS... it's always.. the combination of fragile tenderness and originality, which allows to achieve a particularly impressive effect and thereby draw maximum attention, to make any event more vivid and memorable. Well, my flower is dedicated to the contest "Fast from Moulinex," embodying hope, and expressing deep gratitude...!!!
305 - 90м 1
Seitan is a product made from wheat protein. Home to all of East Asia. It turns out no similar food rich in protein, which is especially important in the post. And the younger sister is very impressed by the cooking process :).
Dumplings with secret with buckwheat and mushroom filling
299 - 60м -
The secret to dumplings is not in the coin by chance found in the dumpling, and the dough recipe. This secret was suggested to me by my grandmother. For many years she worked as a chef the dining room, and these dumplings were in great demand. Dumplings are very lush, even if not cooking for a couple. Try.
Lentil and bean patties
293 - 45м 14
A very interesting and tasty cakes turn out!!! Just tired of the mess... but a mess with a bean touch - very unusual happened!!! Meat not distinguish!!!
Capelin baked in foil
293 - - -
Offer you a recipe of a very quick, tasty and healthy cooking capelin. The fish turns out tender, juicy, very tasty. I was very surprised when found nothing similar on our website. Help yourself!
Zapekanka "On the island of Buyan"
291 3 - -
In the sea the island was cool, Not RUB, not residential; It lay empty plain; It grew on oak unified... ...through the lapping waves ... and the surf... through the rustle of leaves and the howling of the wind...we're getting to a good shelter.. where fear no storm...where on the carpet near the fireplace in moricet cat.. gentle fire warms our body, our soul will warm up here's a juicy zapekanok delicate puree with marcovicci and dill.. filled with bright vegetables and tender mushrooms.. all this combined with bright spices and condiments.. very juicy.. tasty.. but at the same time totally lean.. so "Fast from Moulinex". with pleasure.