Casseroles recipes

Vegetable casserole "Summer"
291 - - -
We are beginning the season of summer vegetables. In stores prices are not so bite. Really want instead of potatoes and pasta on the side, something bright, light, gentle. This casserole summer elegant and simply delicious.
Zapekanka "On the island of Buyan"
291 3 - -
In the sea the island was cool, Not RUB, not residential; It lay empty plain; It grew on oak unified... ...through the lapping waves ... and the surf... through the rustle of leaves and the howling of the wind...we're getting to a good shelter.. where fear no storm...where on the carpet near the fireplace in moricet cat.. gentle fire warms our body, our soul will warm up here's a juicy zapekanok delicate puree with marcovicci and dill.. filled with bright vegetables and tender mushrooms.. all this combined with bright spices and condiments.. very juicy.. tasty.. but at the same time totally lean.. so "Fast from Moulinex". with pleasure.
Cottage cheese-spinach casserole
288 - - 8
Casserole where alternate spinach and cheese.
Millet buzz
288 5 15м 4
This dish I did it in haste. Very hearty and very tasty. Mushrooms!
Cabbage hill
279 4 - -
Fabulous kitchen Shula
Carrot-cheese pie with mushrooms and cabbage
278 4 60м 3
Another dish with mushrooms (if not tired from the mushrooms). Again, the same squeeze on the juice of carrot, I decided to make a casserole...
Rice casserole with meat and vegetables
278 4 - -
A very tasty dish! Was found by me in 90 -ies in the journal "BURDA". Since we cook often. A great dish for dinner.
Vegetable casserole
274 - - 4
I am again with a dish of Okara. This time zapekanka in which the usual mince I replaced the soy, and juiciness added vegetables: pumpkin, onion, mushrooms and all this framed by the Beijing cabbage. The result is a hearty and healthy dish. Give it up for Your court and for the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
273 5 10м 1
Savory, traditional Greek snack. A little spicy, with a southern flavor. To cook is not difficult.
Vegetable casserole with spinach
273 4 80м 4
Per serving: 296 calories. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Pumpkin cheesecake "Monkey"
271 - - -
It's the year of the monkey, and we each house has a small "monkey"))) They are very clever and try to feed her something useful. All that good - looks are not always nice. And all that is beautiful is not always useful. His "monkey" six years, I cheated here))):
Super-cheese casserole
271 3 50м -
Super cheese because super easy and super delicious!!!
271 3 - 8
Flummery with apples and raisins.
Potato gratin with mushrooms
269 5 - -
A very simple dish, but very effective, a very good alternative to the usual mashed potatoes with fried mushrooms.
267 4.5 - -
(my improvisation) as the lasagna is possible to cram everything that you can find in the fridge, I got this. Very tasty! The cooking time much more than eating)))
Pizza minced meat
267 4 90м -
The basis is not the dough and the stuffing. The filling can be any of your choice.
Casserole vegetable
262 5 - -
Delicious vegetable zapekanka
Casserole of pita bread with meat "melaina"
248 4.3 60м 6
When I tried this dish the first time, then didn't immediately realize what cooked... Very similar to puff pastry... and really.. everything is much easier
Buckwheat casserole with sausage links topped with tomato crust
248 - 30м 3
Fragrant casserole of buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral" with fried vegetables in tomato sauce and delicious sausage with cheese-tomato crust will appeal especially to children. Quick, tasty and fragrant!
Corn casserole
247 3 5м -
Took the recipe from a favorite book "Kitchen Shula"
Muffins made with sweet potato and leek "Thimbles"
243 - 60м -
The reason for this recipe was from two events: the purchase of molds for mini-muffins and a desire, finally, to try the sweet potato (sweet potato, which I've heard so much about). The result of the confluence of these two circumstances was this dish: lush cupcake with the subtle flavor of Basil without the gram flour. Especially liked their size.