Fish and seafood recipes

Fish "VIP"
475 - 15м 2
+ video. Instant, easy, amazing, VIP fish recipe specially for "Matches+". Only one restaurant in the world was served a fish. It was in Libya, in Tripoli. Beautiful, two-story restaurant, near the Turkish Embassy. From the Windows overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Fate brought me together with the wife of the owner of this restaurant, ASMA al Shamas, I taught her English, we became friends and she often gave me "guest card" for my family. We could be the map to go to a restaurant and order any dinner or dinner on the house. The food there was served only fish and seafood. Chef Ramzi, a Lebanese by origin, was personally asked whether we are happy with the ordered dish. I left the country, like many of our compatriots, when NATO began to bomb the city. Thank you EMERCOM of Russia... chef Ramsay is already there, in light of recent events in the country, perhaps the restaurant too. There are only bright memories of happy, carefree days. I tried to play a special fish recipe in "black sauce". Moreover, I tried to make a video to show how quickly you can prepare this dish.
Stuffed pike
470 3 90м 4
Actually, it's more, Banquet dish, but I think if you submit it in the evening, with candles, and even under wine...
Lobster "Thermidor"
466 - - -
Lobster "Thermidor" - a dish of meat of lobster in a wonderful sauce of cream, egg yolks, mustard and cognac. It was created in 1894 at the Paris restaurant "Chez Marie" in honor of the premiere of the play "Thermidor" by the film Director by victorien Sardou. I took the liberty to recede a little from the classic recipe. What came out of it – decide for yourself. You are all invited to a lobster!
Rolls of hake
463 - - -
I bring to Your attention the recipe is very gentle rolls of the heck!
463 - 40м 4
"does" - French stew made with chunks of white fish, potatoes and tomatoes stewed with white wine.
Turban muslin
458 5 60м 10
Of fish. Superbrata. The whole history of cooking for this dish ; -)
Hokie in brine
453 - 45м 4
My husband loves pickles, I love pickled tomatoes. Buy them often and, of course, is the brine. I feel sorry for him just pour out and so I often add it to meals. Then caught my eye Hoki fish. I cook it a second time. Its meat is dense, without the typical fishy aftertaste. In General, I suggest you try it if you get caught. For this recipe you can use any fish.
Minced fish cutlets with yogurt sauce
451 - - 4
I suggest you budget recipe chopped cutlets of salmon. These burgers are delicious, fragrant, delicate and useful. Of course, you can make them from any white or red bony fish upon request and availability. And the bonus to them is the yogurt sauce.
Couscous with seafood
446 4 15м 2
Usually all seafood garnish rice, I decided to make couscous, so the dish is prepared in minutes. Done on 23 February, as my husband is a big fan of seafood. If you are not indifferent to them - welcome!
436 3.5 40м 2
In various Japanese restaurants one of the most my favorite dishes is "Unaju" - eel with tasty sauce on a rice pillow with scrambled eggs. A friend found the eel at an affordable price, so why not try to make the delicacy at home? Tried it, it worked! I love! Happy to share the recipe with you and offer for the contest "give me tonight"
Rolls of burbot
428 - 60м 4
Burbot meat is sweet, tender and delicious. Offer to try to cook a dish that will appeal to many fans of fish.
427 5 40м 2
Bought fish and wanted to just fry, but the fish is called Cupid, a sin not to figure out something special for her beloved husband, but nothing special was not, had to sculpt from what it was. It turned out very very tasty.
Delicious Pollock for a couple
425 - - -
Important in Pollock is to buy a good fish. If you are lucky, and the fish is purchased fresh and not frozen, even the steam fish is tasty and tender. But this recipe still juicy.
Zrazy "the Don" with a composite garnish
421 - - -
Very tasty dish, serve as a decoration as a festive and everyday table.
Fish pose
420 - 30м -
Buuz (postures) is a traditional Buryat or Mongolian dish or baozi Chinese food made from meat and dough for a couple. Poses have a certain shape modeling with a hole on top to release steam. For a change I want to offer the fish poses no less delicious and satisfying.
The squid in the marinade from the pulp of a kiwi
420 3 - -
Very tasty! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Krevetki "Crony"
415 3 20м 4
"Crony" - because the first time I tried the performance of my godfather. Now eat shrimp only. But the highlight is the fried dill. Prepare, you will not regret.
Fish "Harbour"
407 5 60м 4
In the beginning was the idea to make just the meatballs, but then decided "to dream" delicious "boats" from minced fish, with a side dish of spaghetti...
406 3 20м 4
The conversation went fish, sardines, I could not resist, fished out from the archives your sardines. I initially thought it strange that the sardines need to fry, I used to use them in salt form, and the smell of frying... but nothing, and I learned to cook and eat, hot, and yummy, even the Italians agree. Prescription, as such, no, just need to take a fresh sardine, elastic, silver, as a whole, not cleaning, not cutting, put in a hot ribbed surface, bake from one and other side, a little salt, or maybe not, the sardine has its natural salt ready to sprinkle with lemon juice and hot to eat (skin and bones left), toes to lick. Everything!!! Come, see photo.
Mussels baked with Parmesan cheese
405 5 35м 4
This dish is a tried in Japanese restaurants and since I am a big fan - has learned the trade itself.
403 - 30м 4
The word tempura refers to a method of cooking food in batter, deep fried. In Japan this method to cook fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and very rarely meat. Today we will prepare the tempura lightweight way of shrimp, slices of squid and rice noodles.