Biscuits "Lemon cheesecake"
184 - 60м 16
For those lovers of citrus flavour as I would like to present a very lemony, very tender and flavorful lemon cookies. It just flew and was a little... About your careless mistake write in the recipe. If you follow strictly the recipe, the cookies will turn out with a "cracks". Another favorite is "settled" in my QC, under the heading "cookies".
Vietnamese soup "to Canh Chua"
184 - 20м -
Another interesting, a bit exotic recipe. This time we will try the Vietnamese cuisine. It's You, of course, a hearty Russian cabbage soup or Ukrainian borsch, but I advise you to prepare. You can serve soup hot. But I like the cold option, refreshing, with light acidity and subtle fruity notes - a great alternative to our hash on hot days.
184 - 140м 6
Will offer You the recipe from Elder hankishieva, almost rice, but tastier. At the time, the author of the recipe is borrowed from the Bukharian Jews ( in both!), and then they knew a lot about food.
Porridge "Friendship" of the 4 cereals
184 - - -
A cereal I have to convince to eat his son, but "Friendship" uletaem instantly. This is because the porridge cooking in the form of a game together, tell the tale (which I found on the Internet), divided by role and can't wait when she will cook and swell. Sweet porridge with milk made from buckwheat, millet, rice and bulgur, which combines amazing and "friends".
Pork "the Way to a man's heart"
184 - 90м 8
The meat is simply divine! Delicious, juicy, flavorful. Every morsel gently melts in your mouth. Try it, you will not regret.
Pork baked in the oven "Gentle"
184 - - -
The meat was just melting in the mouth, tender, flavorful. Time was not marinating (10 minutes total), and the result exceeded all expectations. Juicy meat, covered with walnut-Basil sauce - m-m-m delicious...
Cake "Napoleon"
184 - 180м 10
Been looking for a recipe for a delicious Napoleon, finally found!!! Share with you, hope to like it!!! It is so tender!!!
The watermelon show
184 - 15м 3
Carving show. Ordinary watermelon in 15 minutes turns into an unusual character!
Cheese Swiss type
184 - - -
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.
Liver salad "the tough Tiger"
184 - 60м 4
A lot of different decorations in the form of Igrikov already have a website, and decided your option spread. The salad is very simple and for lovers of the liver (such as me)!
Mango cake "Napoleon"
184 - 120м 12
Very tasty, tender and flavorful cake "Napoleon". It is unusual in that the cream is added to fruit, in this case mango, which gives the characteristic sour taste and aroma of the cake. Baked on the anniversary of her son, recipe taken from "Eaten at home" with my slight modifications. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!
184 - 30м 4
This spicy vegetarian soup from southern India. Races prepared according to this recipe, is eaten at the end of a hearty Indian meal, as it is believed that it helps to better digest. It is believed that fennel seeds promote better digestion and absorption of food. The soup is eaten hot, sipping his gently, "solids" would not normally eat. This dish is perfect for a light dinner or lunch, to use race as a sauce to boiled rice.
Mom's soup
184 - - -
This soup was invented by my mother in the years of perestroika. When we had no meat, pasta left much to be desired. Soup vkusnjashki, rich :)
Salad "Kan-Kan"
184 - - -
Beautiful, delicious, unusual to say about the salad "Kan-Kan" from the series "fusion".
Cheese and garlic croutons in aerogrill
184 - 25м 5
Delicious crispy croutons with garlic and cheese.
Cake "Opera"
184 - 240м 20
Asked me once Brother in "Chocolate". Suggested to try the cake called OPERA. Delicious, hearty... I Decided to restore this masterpiece at home, fortunately, there is a reason. First, where I went, it's our favorite website. Cake here this is, but, no offense to the author, I did not understand. Decided to poke around on the Internet and I found this: options cake a lot, probably due to the fact that the authorship fought two of the greatest confectionery house. I chose the house of Gaston Le nôtre, who (Gaston Le nôtre), by the way, was the prototype of chef in the cartoon Ratatouille. Why am I still attracted to this option... As I understand it, the author and the site itself has translated this recipe from the book by the famous Gaston Le nôtre, which (book) was produced only in French, English and Japanese. But when making this, don't be afraid of the word Masterpiece, I did not neglect to take advantage of advice and other masters. And here I suggest your Opera (L'opera Cake) on your court. By the way, in cooking it was not so difficult as its description. The cake can be cooked in one evening. The words cite the author with his corrections and additions in brackets.
Cake "Sonata"
184 - - -
Chocolate-hazelnut cake, fragrant and juicy, soaked in condensed milk and easy protein foam on top. Hardly anyone will remain indifferent to this treat...
Pie "Roksolana"
184 3 - -
Something recently took me for Apple pie. Tsvetayeva's Apple pie, of course, very good, no doubt))) But do not want to repeat. Got my old old notebooks... I Flipped... And dug up this recipe. Yeah, the archaeological site of my culinary archives can again to surprise))) the Cake turned out very tasty. This fragrant, delicate... it Seemed like it with chocolate, and chocolate-just not)))))))
Strudel "Tiger treats"
184 - - -
Stunning roll fine dough. Very tasty, hearty and spicy. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Brasato with polenta
184 - 120м 4
This is a classic beef dish from Piedmont. Preparing for a long time and, at first glance, looks unattractive, but the results are really worth! I've done with polenta, but you can with vegetables and potatoes. Delicious!
Cake "Spartak"
184 4.5 60м -
And as a child my sister and I called this vkusneishee-delicate cake "Time for school!", as my mother always baked it for 1 September. Can try, and your kids he will sweeten the end of the holidays!!! The competition "School time".