Pie in the yeast-4
205 - - 16
Another "daily" pie in the yeast. Delicious, soft, air! Baked for everyone! Come on in, help yourself!
Toast with tuna
205 5 15м 6
Offer a recipe of my favorite grenaches tuna.
Salad "Bourgeois"
205 4 30м 4
Our answer is "Gentleman"! When discussing Lackinga (Pachita) salad Barin flashed the phrase "Eat pineapples and hazel grouses chew..." then what all know! Thus was born the idea of this salad! Try it!
Vegetable medley
205 3 50м 8
This dish is cooked in a double boiler. Fast, simple, useful and very cute
Steamed vegetables in Bulgarian
205 3 40м 2
Steamed vegetables with Lecho... the competition "Fast from Moulinex".
Brisket Turkey Holiday
205 5 - -
Delicious, beautiful, simple light. No mayonnaise, no fat, no frying. Ideal for a children's table.
205 - 60м 12
"Larks arrive, studená winter bring the Warmth of spring bring: Winter we are tired of All the bread we have eaten!"
Mashed turnips
205 3.5 - -
For lovers of turnip greens. A nice additional garnish for the potatoes.
Tomatoes and spaghetti under the browned cheese crust
205 4 30м 4
Quickly prepared.
Salad with potato and mushrooms
205 3 30м -
Delicious, original, fast, and inexpensive!
Roast Turkey with pepper sauce
205 4 30м 4
Roast Turkey with red sauce nikujaga pepper. A dish of Turkey breast.
Bean salad with mushrooms
205 3 15м 4
Satisfying, quick, tasty
Pear cake
205 3 - 12
Taken from the magazine "Lisa" many years ago. Easy enough cake, for lovers of spicy taste
Roast beef with wine sauce
205 3 90м 8
A good meat dish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Stuffed chicken
205 4.5 - -
The meat in milk sauce with buckwheat
204 - 20м 2
The sauce of meat and milk is a very quick hearty hot Breakfast, but if the meat in milk sauce to spread on buckwheat, you get an excellent dish for lunch or dinner which can be cooked at the cottage. This sauce is prepared in just 15-20 minutes.
Avocado in French
204 5 30м 4
DEAR COOKS, YOU ALWAYS amaze ME your recipes. Let me buy now and You. This is my first recipe, so do not judge strictly. Recipe taken from the French site and has 8 years of appearing on our plates. I hope to appear on your own. Only 5 products, the taste of which merges into one, to the mouth to create a striking combination of textures and harmony. After many experiments: in a few moments You will be able to surprise Your loved ones for the holiday table (alternative to dining batchewana will also be posted). This salad is similar and Leccinum Silverina1, she got me on it inspired.
Salad "foxy joy"
204 - 60м -
Delicious and quick to prepare salad. This salad is perfect for a family lunch and dinner. It can take its rightful place on the holiday table.
Soup "Garlic"
204 - 60м 8
My husband decided that the urgent need to Prepare a garlic soup! Well, no, not the grub, Slightly similar, and that's all!
Soup seafood
204 - 30м 3
I live in the Primorsky Krai. We love to catch and cook fish, squids, mussels, scallops, shrimp. Seafood balanced in composition, they are easily absorbed by the body and are a low calorie diet. Diet based on the consumption of seafood reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps fight excess weight and even (checked temperamental Italians) increases libido. This recipe I picked up from eldest daughter. No wonder they say: live and learn. The soup is very light and low in calories.
Suluguni cheese
204 - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti