Oysters with wine sauce
230 4 15м 1
Some types of oysters (O. edulis, C. gigas, C. virginica, etc.) are of commercial value, are eaten raw (live) and canned. Average composition of meat of oysters: protein 11 %, fat 2 %, carbohydrate 6 %, ash 3 %, water 78 %, there are also vitamins C and group B. In Europe, USA, Japan and some others. Oysters bred artificially. In France produce annually over 1 billion In Russia large stocks of oysters are in the Black and Japanese seas.
230 - 100м 15
Roasted lamb Moroccan.
Salad with noodles
230 4 - -
Very tasty and satisfying.
The meatballs "three Hearts"
230 4 - -
Tender rolls of the three types of heart.
Deviled eggs
230 3 - -
Pear cake
230 3 - 12
Taken from the magazine "Lisa" many years ago. Easy enough cake, for lovers of spicy taste
Biscuits "Storm"
229 - 30м 5
Hello dear povaryata. Long sought in their piggy banks recipe which would not have been on the website and found here. The recipe I got from my grandmother. It was my most favorite cookies. Their grandma always baked for my birthday.
Pancakes on yeast
229 - - 6
Offer a recipe for great pancakes sourdough. Prepare very simple, it. Baking of sourdough, you have to refresh the starter. So for the rest of the leaven of the offer apply for the benefit. You will be able to make waffles out of this test. Of course, if there is a waffle iron. Pancakes are delicious, soft and very beautiful. Fry in a bare frying pan, without adding oil.
Salad "living" from Gilding
229 - - -
Dear Cooks! Like to treat you to a delicious salad that I met 15 years ago, in the café, the gracious hosts of this institution - spouses Gilding. The recipe was given to "eyes" (to taste). Here is the recipe, which I cook. This salad I am presenting to our wonderful Cooks - Tanya (korztat) and Olga (accus). Happy birthday, lovely girl!!! Not a cake, but from the heart!!!
Galeta on trubna test
229 - 70м 4
Great pastries to start the day. A delicate crispy pastry, sweet berry fruit and a delicate cream filling on the layer. The dough for biscuits universal, suitable for savoury options.
Cheek "gentle"
229 - 90м 5
Jowl cooked for this recipe you'll love! The meat is flavorful, very tender and just melts in your mouth! Yes, it melts!
Salad "Grant"
229 - 45м 4
For the first time this salad I tried on this New Year. Friend of cooked and brought it for a holiday table, and it immediately became a favorite. Prepare this amazingly delicious salad and you will not regret it!
Suluguni cheese
229 - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti
Dessert for Breakfast of buckwheat flakes
229 - - -
The low-calorie cereals - buckwheat. The taste of buckwheat flakes goes well with almost all the products of them can make not only a delicious side dish, but also diet, delicate dessert for Breakfast.
Fish schnitzel
229 - - -
I offer you the recipe of succulent fish schnitzel, which successfully took root in our family. This dish can be prepared even the young mistress. Recipe taken from Grub. ru, for him I thank the author - Olga. On our website there is a version of this dish, I hope You will take this one. This is a dish I can easily made in a wonderful multivarka Vitek VT-4205 VK.
Pie "Clementine"
229 - - -
It is amazingly moist, fragrant cake: it tastes like syrup-soaked. He kept quiet for a few days and getting better. There's no flour and oil. Clementine quietly, you can replace the lemon with oranges. It just fascinates me! P. S. Pillsbury, happy birthday!
Heh fish
229 - 240м 6
For thrill-seekers want to cook this dish. This cooking method is also suitable for any bases of salad (asparagus, chicken navel, stomach, meat, etc.)
229 - 40м 7
Recently the Internet has found the recipe of salad "treasure Chest". Reading the recipe, I realized that it may be uneconomical and not every stomach is able to withstand! Its members consisted of "seafood mix" Chinese food, mayonnaise, coriander.... and so on. I'm all a bit simplified, plagiati only way to decorate. It was very tasty, hearty and harmless to the stomach! Especially the salad which my kids enjoyed!
Drink warm pear with cinnamon and star anise
229 - - 4
Time icy drinks passed. Every day is colder and colder, increasingly want comfort and warmth. I warm up with a Cup of this spicy pear drink.
Lean biscuit Apple pie
229 - 60м 8
In lent to eat this cake is just fun. Tasty, healthy and delicious without breaking the post. The dough was biscuit, vegetable, difficult to distinguish from a real biscuit. Simple to prepare, try it.
Salad "Panda"
229 4 - -
salad with black caviar