Pregency "Simple"
478 - - -
Offer to cook pregency. Fry their deep-fried in vegetable or melted butter, so this sweet dish is called Praiano. It's delicious, but a few high-calorie treat! And yet sometimes you can afford to treat yourself and your loved ones! Invite for a Cup of tea!
478 - 15м 1
Caprese is one of the most famous salads, the symbol of Italy, because even the colors of the ingredients I repeat the colors of the Italian flag - red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green Basil. Variants of the feed of these ingredients are endless, and different cooks this dish will always be different both in taste and appearance. I present to You my version, which I consider the most complete, delicious and, of course, beautiful. Look, taste, enjoy!
Dacoit with raspberries
478 - 120м 5
Very tasty, easy to prepare the cake, but still a great idea to recycle proteins. Dacoit is traditional for the South-West of France the cake consists of two or three layers of nut meringue. As the name indicates the origin of the city of DAX))) I love this cake immediately after cooking, the cakes then crispy mmm... but my household love is already like a cake soaked. Berries of course can be replaced by any according to your taste. Cakes can be prepared in advance and store wrapped in parchment. The number of condensed milk, adjust to your liking.
Penne pasta "Mama MIA"
478 - 60м 6
A few words about this dinner: the Officials, the Bomb, Mama MIA... Girls, finally I found your recipe for macaroons... We tried different meals and home and away, and in restaurants, but what we ate yesterday for dinner, we have never met: combination of taste, beauty and enthusiasm, all very much liked, even those who do not eat the pasta; once tasted, asked for more, and the sounds of this pleasure was, "mmmmmmmmmm m", "oooooooooo oooooooo", and how much time my husband kissed my hands for this dinner - it's all the best thanks. I suggest to you the recipe for our enjoyment.
The mince pies from little red riding hood
478 - 120м 12
Let us recall the tale of Charles Perrault about a girl who loved her grandmother and went to visit her with a gift in the form of pies.
Mole Burger
478 - 30м 1
A fun sandwich that is not only beautiful but also the unexpected that will surprise both children and adults!
Chicken Ukrainian
478 - - -
What to describe ?! Came up with the idea to cook burgers with bacon :)
Pizza Belissimo
478 - 20м 8
Tasty and quick pizza. Favorite will be happy!!!!!! The dough is thin and toppings a lot! Yum.
Hodgepodge "My fish"
478 3.5 - -
I belong to a small number of strange people who don't like soup. Well I do not like it, you can eat, but fun to me is not delivered. The only ear in my life that I ate with pleasure, had cooked on the fire. This backstory is told to what I was really afraid to cook fish hodgepodge. And me about her so many nice things to say. Well, decided... to my Delight there was no limit! I just fell in love with this dish with a spoon.
Biscuits "Matanoski"
478 - - -
The recipe is simple, but very, very tasty obtained.
Karamelli with mozzarella in tomato sauce
477 - 15м 3
Pasta is never too much, I was always struck by the variety of forms. Everyone knows Farfalle, spaghetti, Penne, ravioli - you can find them in most cafes and restaurants. How often do you hear karamelli? It is their traditional recipe. Not sure if he will go for a full lunch. For me, it's more of a snack. But it's all in the volumes, of course. Preparing and 15 minutes.
Soup with eggplants and canned beans
477 - 80м -
I offer a very hearty and delicious eggplant soup. It can be prepared without meat (great for lent), or to make thick, rich meat. Cook pork, lamb, chicken, Turkey or beef. In the recipe provided the option with the flesh of beef, so cooking times listed with the stewing meat. Help yourself!
Chicken in rural
477 - 50м 5
Many pet chicken, one of the easiest and delicious recipes. Minimum products and time, maximum flavor and enjoyment. Help yourself.
Cake "Kremowka Krakowski"
477 - - -
The recipe of the cupcake Kremowka Krakow is very popular in Poland since ancient times. But the history is somewhat silent one caveat - these cakes have a high enough alcohol content in the cream. So go "kremowka" meant to feel like an adult and try the "forbidden fruit".
477 - - -
Shrimp fishermen fish often called a sea eel, and after marinating in soy sauce becomes superficially similar to eels. As toppings I used a mixture of raisins, nuts and lemon. It turned out delicious!
477 - 40м 5
I got the recipe friend, but since our baby's intolerance to milk protein, I slightly changed the recipe, the result was satisfied with all family members!
Ear on birch juice
477 - 60м 6
In birch SAP contains fruit sugar, tanning substances, vitamins and microelements. Offer "bituminite" soup and cook it on the stove )))
Bestex with a side dish 2 in 1 "Feminine charms"
477 4 90м 8
Definitely we have with Irina, who earlier put the cake "Chest mulatto," the same thought. So how about the approach of spring is felt? My husband came home from work and seeing what I made for dinner, he exclaimed: "how lovely"! And he added: "Female". Hence the name. Try to prepare them for their loved ones, and they will not be disappointed.
Salad "Whim"
477 3.5 - -
Under this name I was eating this salad, I think, familiar to many. For those who do not know him, I give a tip :-)
Salad "Dwarf"
477 3 - -
My impromptu.
Cake "Barash"
477 3.5 - -
Now, many kids love to watch Smeshariki, and my son is no exception, so he was very happy after seeing this cake on your birthday!!!