Drinks - recipes with photo

Fitness cocktail coconut bran
Smoothie "Spinacino"
Smoothie "Fruity"
Apple-celery smoothie
Banana-Apple smoothie with cilantro
Peach smoothie with a twist
Green smoothie
Yellow smoothie "Exotics"
Yogurt smoothie with mango and oatmeal
Smoothies "Fresh day"
Cranberry yogurt
Pear cocktail
Smoothie with cottage cheese
Kefir apricot cocktail with persimmon
Pumpkin-Apple smoothie
Smoothies mango-banana blueberry
Smoothie of strawberries and yogurt
The classic recipe for a smoothie with yogurt and banana
Quick chocolate smoothie recipe with yogurt and banana
Smoothie (yogurt, banana, Apple)

Drink recipes — one of the most multifaceted and popular topics. Today there are more and more people who want to make delicious and natural drinks at home.

First of all, there are two groups: soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. And those and others can be successfully prepared at home. In the summer heat are particularly relevant recipes for summer drinks. At this time, doctors and nutritionists in unison recommend cooking and drinking cold drinks, recipes that will help you survive the hot season for the benefit of the body. Recipe refreshing drink you can choose to your taste. It is a drink orange recipe soft drink Mojito recipe lemon drink recipe cold drink of cranberry, beverage, drink recipe, Basil drinks recipe, cherry recipes from sea buckthorn and many others. At home you can even cook tarragon drink, the recipe is quite simple, the main thing is to buy fresh tarragon. So choose and prepare soft drinks, recipes are usually quite simple. But on a holiday or feast, you can also cook something unusual and interesting. For example, the drink sherbet, whose recipe was invented in the East many centuries ago. Lemonade is perhaps the most popular cold drink. Lemon drink recipe is one of the most popular. The mint lemonade is usually added. Recipes of mint and lemon drinks are often recommended for children.

Now let's move on to the topic of alcoholic home-made drinks. Recipes of alcoholic beverages are not created in order to quickly prepare alcohol and feel intoxicated, the main thing is the taste. Interestingly, for some men even becomes a hobby of making drinks. Recipes of alcoholic drinks are often interested in men. Such recipes of drinks at home allow you to prepare them to the highest standards, from the most natural ingredients, which is called handmade. Recipes of alcoholic beverages are also very simple (filled with alcohol, waited, and drink), and more complex, which involves the fermentation process. Home alcoholic beverages — recipes of tinctures, moonshine, wine, liqueurs and many others. They are drunk on their own or used for cocktails. And the recipes of coffee drinks will tell you how to make coffee, milk, cream, spices, alcoholic beverages incomparable in taste and aroma drinks.

One of the most popular drinks for women today is ginger drink. Recipe ginger drink may be slightly different, but the main point is simple: grated ginger, filled it with boiling water or a little boiled, and drink to your health. Why ginger drink is so popular? - you ask. And all because they use ginger for weight loss. Recipes of ginger drinks may contain honey, lemon, sugar, but in this way they become more caloric. Keep this in mind when you prepare a ginger drink for weight loss. The recipe of ginger drink will also help you to prepare a great anti-cold remedy. Therefore, in winter it is very useful to drink ginger drinks, recipes of such drinks will help to improve health, defeat the flu and cold. In the cold season it is worth remembering about such a drink as honey. The drink, the recipe of which our ancestors knew, also has healing power. And after all there is still kvass, sbiten and other host delicious beverages. Recipes with photos will show you how to cook them.