Cake with meringue - recipes with photo

Cake "cherry in the clouds"
Cake "Kievan Rus ' "
Cake "Duet" or plus Raspberry meringue
Chocolate-merengo-Muscovy cake
Cake for sweet tooth "dementia"
Dessert "The Beautiful Helen"
Cake "The Kiss"
Cake "Barbie Doll"
Cake "sun"
Sukotto, "Tuscany"
Cake "Chocolate cream one-stop"
Cake-meringue with raspberries and chocolate. Dear Boy birthday!!!
Cake "Air."
Well, almost a cake "Kiev"
Cake "puss in boots"
Cake For friends
Cake "Senatorial"
Cake "Flight" is almost a GOST
Pie "Roasted Nuts"
Florentine cake