Decorations for dishes recipes

Candied citron-candied fruit for cake decorating
159 4 35м -
Stripes lemon zest - beautiful and delicious decoration for your cakes.
Roses from candy
158 5 30м -
Sweet, delicious and beautiful
"Flaming cocktail" of melon
158 5 - -
Exotic. This cocktail is dedicated to my friend OKSANA (OK-71 ), in honor of her birthday 01 July.
Salad "chicken-hen"
157 - 40м 3
Salad in an unusual design!
Mirror chocolate glaze from Pierre Herme
157 - 30м 10
Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe of a chocolate mirror glaze "Picasso of pastry art" Pierre Herme. This recipe differs from the one available on the website, but very interesting. I should warn you, the frosting contains a lot of sweet ingredients, which can cause resentment among Chefs. But someone might come in useful. For the recipe thank Alexei mirsladostey.
Quick chocolate icing without butter
155 - 5м -
The grandmother of my husband gave me a cookbook 1991 release. I smile and start flipping through it and came upon a simple recipe of chocolate glaze, which do not need to add oil! Now always use only this recipe, decorates not only the usual home-made cakes but also birthday cakes.
"Christmas decorations" of mastic
155 - 20м -
I have these few pieces made, the cakes look nice, especially with snowflakes)
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
155 - 50м 10
Hello, dear friends! I would venture to suggest to You mA-a-ahonkaya a master class in decorating and serving buffet. The first bonus You can obtain quite independent and a delicious dessert, easy to manufacture. The second bonus You can, or rather just have to, to attract children to the manufacture of this dessert. Third bonus - the kids will be happy, parents happy, a pleasant shock!
"Pineapple" of the melon
154 3 - -
Chocolate glaze
154 - 15м -
Not very sweet, slightly sour glaze. Very similar to the glaze, but I have a little bit different ratio, and a taste the other - she tried! :-)
Fruit basket
153 5 - -
This watermelon basket is well suited for feeding fruit salads. I manufactured to order, for a wedding.
"Basket" of watermelon
152 3.5 150м -
Decoration. Well, I got to the watermelon!
A pyramid of crayfish
151 5 - -
This decoration is invariably admired.
Cake "Watermelon"
150 - 60м 8
The cake looks like a Watermelon. Help yourself!
Sugar glaze
150 3 3м -
Today my daughter the first time she baked eclairs. We decided to cover them with the sugar glaze recipe my friend, it turned out so smooth and shiny. Done two minutes and the fun... the Recipe for eclairs not write, because them to site a great multitude, and Fudge to try suggest.
Creamy frosting for cakes and cupcakes
149 - 20м 20
The recipe for the sweet tooth, as the cupcakes themselves are sweet, and the frosting makes them even more sweet, but a creamy! Help yourself!!!!
Decorations from marzipan
149 4 - -
And this cake for my synuli, he still hadn't seen him sleep. Hope the surprise was a success and he will be happy. The car is his weakness. The cake recipe was not present. Want to share a recipe for marzipan. Delicious and decoration molded very easily.
Princess "Vanessa"
147 5 40м 1
Beauty! For kids!
Chocolate glaze
146 3 10м -
For desserts and cakes.
Easter eggs "Patterned"
145 - 60м 10
At my request the "Easter eggs" the search came up 512! options. Scrolling through 100, I stopped... My recipe is certainly not new. But the eggs turn out so bright and interesting that dare to publish. May hostesses will be useful. If you do something wrong, moderators "correct"!!!
Glaze for painting
144 - - -
Many make the frosting for the cakes same cakes. No this is not the frosting, it turns out the brittle, heavy, and when dry crumbles. For gingerbread painting glaze is done differently. In the video I will try to show. It comes out dense, after drying, has a smooth flat surface and does not crumble. Paint glaze is quite simple, a few curved lines will certainly be. But then you will pillowcases and you will succeed. Cook the cakes with pleasure, paint at its discretion, make its close.