Cooking in grills recipes

Meat "La barbeque"
150 4 30м 4
Again my aerogelic helps)))
Juicy chicken Breasts
145 - 30м -
Breast of chicken in aerogrill, which work well, very juicy with a minimum of training. Can be used as a main dish or various salads, toppings, rolls, sandwiches and sandwiches.
Smoked fish in convection oven
144 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
Real barbecue the apartment
141 - 25м 4
My sweetie really wanted barbecue and we happily live: three children, five cats in the forest go, food to eat from the belly! So I decided to find a way to get married the dream: I bought a convection oven. See how it's done! The kebab recipe is yours, my way of cooking!
Baked potato halves
140 3 20м -
Filling of your choice.
139 3 60м 5
The name for the work, gave my eldest son. And so tenderly he calls these meatballs, because you can't find the onion! He can't stand him. Well as meat without onions? So we have to get out!
Medallions of Turkey bacon in the convection oven
139 - 20м 6
Such a tender and tasty breast meat would seem dry Turkey, it turns out, probably only in grills. I was fascinated by the whole family. Recommend for Tanya Samoilova and her Margot, for Венерочки71 for irina_vip and Alice with their wonderful baby. And all who have AH, little kids and who likes low-fat but tasty meat.
Potato gratin with minced offal
139 4 - 4
Potato gratin with minced offal.
Chicken in aerogrill
138 3 1м -
Chicken in mustard sauce baked in convection oven. It turns out very juicy and tender.
Squash casserole a La pizza
138 - - -
I love zucchini. And what of them can be prepared in addition to the fritters, and casseroles? In search of the next recipe zucchini found this recipe. The name of the food is almost Italian, but the Italians of such, probably, was not prepared.
Casserole macaroni "Chieri"
138 4 - -
Recipe macaroni casserole with minced meat and dishes made of several recipes for fellow chefs. The recipe is nothing special, but I baked it in the convection oven - in my experience.
Grilled chicken
137 - 100м 8
Chicken at home is one of the favorite dishes. Has a lot of things you can cook. But my favorite is the usual roasted whole chicken grilled.
Asparagus baked with lemon in aerogrill
137 - - -
Asparagus is a tasty, healthy, vitamin-rich vegetable. Asparagus can be eaten: both cold and hot; as an independent (main) dish and as a garnish. Ideal for fish (especially red) and seafood. Today, I offer the option of baked asparagus with lemon.
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches
135 - 60м 5
The dish is delicious! Very tender, very tasty! Will appeal to all! I seem to be in a special delight will be kids! The taste changes if the dish is hot or cold, but one thing consistently - it is always very tasty, I recommend!!!
Pork "Juicy"
135 3.5 20м 2
Easy to prepare, crispy, juicy inside, spicy pork, which is easy to cook in the convection oven, in the oven.
Carp in aerogrill
131 4 40м 2
This recipe is for those who love fish in any form. It can be prepared during lent not only in grills and in the oven! Help yourself, my dear cooks!!!
Potatoes with bacon baked in foil
128 - 60м 2
Baked potatoes with bacon... it's a dish where the garnish - a potato, it becomes the main ingredient... will be of interest to you, whether you like it or not. It becomes very tasty, tender and melting in your mouth. Truly, this dish is the most affordable, it requires no fine spices - all very simple, but the result exceeds expectations - incredible!!! It can be prepared on the fire, in the coals of burned wood simply by burying it in the flaming embers; on the grill-grilled on skewers, grill, etc. etc. - then you have endless possibilities, and fantasizing, you still get a very tasty and quick. As the saying goes: "No problems!!!" Looked at "Search recipes" on the website concerning baked potatoes and a little from his chair fell. There are, mother dear!!! And potato this, potato that, and bacon and cheese and chicken wings... just the ocean, but... still, my version with any of the recipes do not intersect. Therefore, the spread.
Zucchini "cheese meadow"
128 - 25м 5
Quick, tasty and simple. On the 10th anniversary of joint life the husband gave up meat. Here, learn slowly. So, do not judge strictly.
Perch smoked
127 5 60м 1
It turns out very juicy and tasty fish! For cooking in the convection oven.
Roulade of chicken in aerogrill
127 - 30м 6
There are a lot of recipes this loaf. My cooked in aerogrill.
Pancake casserole cottage cheese-lemon
126 - 80м -
Very tasty, tender casserole with cottage cheese-lemon filling will appeal to you and your family!!!