Sauces recipes

Sauce for kebabs-2
195 5 15м -
Another variation. With radish.
Tomato sauce for pizza
195 5 30м -
The stuffed pizza plays an important role tomato sauce.
The "orange sauce" for spaghetti and not only
193 3 40м 5
Love to feed babies carrots. So they had no idea! I remember in my childhood when I was spinning plates, I really liked the song: Orange sky, orange sea, Orange greens, orange camel. Orange mother orange Orange songs orange guys sing... " the pasta is, always show the Italian mom who cooks well "the most delicious sauce". I think that I would be able to act as the "orange mom" because my sauce all his friends love children (not only children)!!! Not knowing about the carrot!!!
Cheese sauce-five-minute
192 4.3 10м -
Easy to prepare and inexpensive sauce perfect for meat, fish or vegetable dish.
Sauce for meat-Boulogne
192 - 20м 3
This meat sauce suitable for pasta, meat. Prepared quickly, from the available products. Saw him on TV.
Spicy seasoning for meat
190 3 15м -
The caruncle, in nature.
Red sauce with onions and cucumbers
186 - 25м 10
Recipe from the wonderful book "Russian food" under the editorship of V. P. Butromeev. Very beautiful publication with an interesting pre-revolutionary recipes. Many reproductions of paintings, photos, menu, pre-revolutionary banquets. I love these historical culinary publications. Well, about the sauce. Ideal for filing side dishes, stewing chops, roasting mutton The sauce is very good with fresh bread. Spicy, sweet and sour. The brine taste traditional Russian cuisine. The recipe does not include the cooking time of the red broth, but cooking will be taught. Took the recipe as a basis, but slightly altered under itself. Come on in, help yourself.
184 - - -
Famous Georgian sauce. For those, who like spicy. Thank you for your support in creating recipe user Hato-ECA.
Gravy with mushrooms
183 - 35м 4
Good old gravy in our time has become a rarity, because it is faster and easier to cook just the sauce, but do not take a little more time for this gravy)
Mayonnaise with garlic, cucumber and ginger
182 - 10м 5
You, lovers of mayonnaise, dedicate your first Adune recipe! About what they sell in stores with the inscription "mayonnaise" to tell the millionth time I will not. Yes, and the psychological moment, when you know that put - also very important! As a kind and becomes very harmful mayonnaise, and don't get fat from it ), and tasty - solid benefits! Excellent option for situations when the salad is already cut, there's a Blizzard (freezing cold, rain, hurricane, tornado - underline), and in the refrigerator, as it turns out (Oh the horror!) there is no mayonnaise! So, in 10 minutes You'll have it! And not to go anywhere. Based on the classic recipe homemade mayonnaise, but here, as in any culinary business, important details.
Sweet bread "Shirin charak"
182 3.5 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Sweet bread is baked mainly on holidays.
Walnut salad
182 3 10м 4
Fragrant seasoning with a nutty flavor.
Tahina-a paste of sesame seeds
182 5 - -
Did on trial: will or not. Happened, but was much thicker purchase, because sesame oil was just absent at the moment. The recipe was given badboy 2000.
The sauce and the salad of squid and shrimp
180 - 15м -
Dear cooks, I suggest to try a delicious salad of squid and shrimp, which when whipped in a blender turns into a delicious sauce for pancakes ;)
A sauce of chickpeas and yogurt to pancakes
179 - - -
Awesome sauce! It can be cooked as a sauce, as a savoury filling for pancakes. This sauce is a real mystery, it was prepared as a filling, my guests with an appetite for gobbling up the pancakes, nobody could tell what the filling is. It is very tasty!
Honey mustard sauce
176 - - -
The sauce is prepared in minutes. Has a wonderful velvety structure, amazing honey aroma and a sweet-tangy taste. It's worth a try!!!
Pancakes-the heart "favorite" with berries
175 - 15м 4
Beautiful pancakes with berries, fragrant sauce will delight the whole family. A piece of summer in winter!
Sauce onion and cheese
175 - 10м 4
Friends, of course we know as sauce is important to us! After all, meat, fish, vegetables, they certainly need us! Want a sample to offer another simple recipe, and suddenly someone. maybe he will enjoy with your family!
174 3 - -
The Azerbaijan cuisine. Literally hafta-Bejar means "ripen over the week". That is, through the week all ready.
174 3.5 - -
Greek dish. Was taught to make one friend in Greece.
Ketchup, red currant
173 - 55м 20
Since my ketchup CHERRY for many appreciated, I was inspired by your comments on the location of their recipe №2. Now just season the steak. So, do everything as in the Recipe №1