Dairy products recipes

Yoghurt or yogurt
170 4 - -
Yogurt.. Sour milk product Or simple, a lot of delicious sauces can be prepared from the yogurt.. Soups.. Before showing you the recipes of yogurt.. I decided to show how to make it at home)))Here where I live to buy it I can't.. and the soup love)))To make dolma sauces.. ))Thought maybe someone else useful)
Condensed "Lazy"
169 - - -
Recipe for the lazy and for a helluva lot busy, too... On the preparation of this condensed milk not need to sit directly.
A La cheese
167 5 60м 1
Here is the recipe of this cheese, and I have variation, but no less delicious. (recipe from the website "home Cooking", the author of Olyka)
Cheese-cream "Travertine"
166 4.3 15м -
This recipe I've been looking for, looked in his notebook, the Internet.. until I found in the forum how to do it in the home version. It was said that you can cook with cheese and cream, but a word about it. I'm terribly fired up the idea to cook this cheese. After all the trial and error settled on this ratio of ingredients. Luck pleased me! Cheese-cream "Travertine " did it! Try it! To cook very easily! Fast, inexpensive, which is important in our days!
Melted butter in a water bath
164 5 90м -
Ghee is a traditional product of many peoples. During the long process of heating the butter freed from various impurities, such as milk protein and water, protein is formed in the form of a foam, and the water just evaporates. This allows you to keep butter for a very long time and used for deep-frying: ghee does not burn when overheated and does not form carcinogens at high temperatures. In addition, when roasting gives the products great nutty taste. For unrivalled beneficial properties it is called "liquid gold"! Make sure to prepare this oil for yourself, it's useful and easy!
"Ayran" or "tan"
164 5 600м 30
Airan is sour milk drink, which came to us from countries such as Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.
163 4.5 - -
Fans of dairy products.
Cheese "halloumi" and "Anari" from goat's milk
162 - 240м 24
Here's a he ... halloumi cheese. Halloumi — ripening semi-hard brine cheese made from a mixture of goat's and cow's milk either — only goat with mint, which, it is believed, enhances the flavor and, in addition, has a natural antibacterial effect, which increases the shelf life of cheese. Halloumi has a high melting point, and therefore it can be fry or cook on the grill.
Creamy cottage cheese
159 - 1800м 1
Creamy cottage cheese turns out very tender, it can be used for making cream cheese, perfect for children, add the greens, ham or mushrooms would be a snack and if you add berries, chocolate or syrup ready a delicious dessert, shopping e much tastier, and most importantly much cheaper. From this number of products is roughly 1kg. cheese. Costs about 300 rubles, the store Almette cheese (125g.) costs about 100 rubles, maybe more. To save face, for me, this cheese is just a salvation for the preparation of cakes with the cream cheese. This recipe I found somewhere on the Internet, unfortunately I do not remember the name of the author, but many thanks to this man! Try not to regret it!
Homemade yogurt without a yogurt makers and slow cookers
157 - 15м 6
The yogurt maker and slow cooker I have (I don't like these things) so the easiest and simplest recipe for homemade yogurt improvised!
Coconut milk
157 4 60м 1
Dear cooks, I think many of you faced with the need for coconut milk. This is because it is so many interesting recipes! Not everywhere you can find a Bank so exotic for our climate product. But we will not stop! Exotic coconut milk at home? Easy!
Homemade condensed milk
155 - 15м -
Delicious condensed milk and quick cooking.
Cheese "Fromage Blanc" home
154 - 20м 330
The Fromage Blanc. Recently I came across an interesting recipe in which you had to use this cheese. Even here in St. Petersburg to find it is not very easy, and the price can plunge people in a long stupor. Had to spend the time to create a recipe available for cooking at home and as close to the original. The result pleased me. I am sure that you will not be disappointed with what happened. An output of 330 grams.
Cheese with pepper and dill
151 4 - -
Saw in a magazine the recipe of the cheese, solid. Repromedical decided to do and was not disappointed, are ecstatic. Adygei cheese is reminiscent of freshly brewed, just for my taste, much tastier. At the time I had several attempts to make hard cheese. But everything went... down the drain ))) I gave that up and did their pleasure only processed. And then it turned out, HOORAY!!! Cheese, milk and eggs. Supplements also vary on your taste and color, I decided to make it with dill for freshness and sweet peppers for flavor.
Milk formula
151 5 40м 4
For feeding babies. Is that breast milk is not enough, and dry mixes are very expensive, that comes to mind is a recipe from my grandmother.
Imereti cheese
150 - - -
Every culture has a cheese young cheese. In Georgia's Imereti cheese. It is possible to make cheese Suluguni.
Homemade cheese type Adyghe
150 5 10м 4
Milk cheese at home
Condensed "Quick and tasty"
149 - 10м -
Gusenichka be prepared very quickly and turns out very very tasty. Condensed milk this recipe was prepared by my mother who passed away on July 27 of this year
The yogurt Actimel
149 - 12м 1
Very easy to prepare and very useful. I have a friend cured his child of eighteen months a chronic disorder of the intestine dysbacteriosis. I'm your baby constantly to give the night a yogurt.
Homemade condensed milk
147 - 60м 1
Nowadays very hard to find a real natural delicious condensed milk. And why not make it yourself? I will present you a simple recipe for this homemade condensed milk!!! From 1 liter of milk comes out about 300 - 400 grams of condensed milk!
Yogurt strawberry-chocolate
144 - - 5
Natural yoghurt, cooked with his own hands - what could be tastier?! Besides taste, the yoghurt has beneficial properties that are beneficial to our whole body. Now strawberry season, treat your loved ones delicious yogurt dessert with a rich chocolate and strawberry flavor.