Cook in a slow cooker recipes

Drink "Multi-rosehip"
181 - 420м 1
The slow cooker is a wonderful thing: soup doing on the mode to "extinguish" drinks on the mode "soup" and then remembered about the mode " Stewed"! And came across bought dried rose hips. In the end the night slow cooker cooking, and in the morning we enjoy a healthy drink!
Beef goulash with chickpeas
181 - 60м 6
Very hearty, delicious and not difficult to prepare, goulash. With an array of spices, the dish turns out very fragrant, a great lunch for a cold time of the year!
Lenten chocolate cake in a slow cooker
179 - 15м 6
Incomparable sweet, delicious and lush vegetable pie from nothing. We recommend you to prepare!
Mushroom soup with cous-cous
179 - 30м 2
Friends, about this recipe is you can say one thing - its simplicity is equal to its taste. Delicate creamy soup with slices of mushrooms will remind You of the classic cream soup, but the couscous will give the old taste of the new sound.
Rice casserole in a slow cooker
178 - 60м 2
Delicious, tender, flavorful casserole. A great way "disposal " residues of rice porridge.
Chocolate cakes with creamy vanilla custard
177 - - -
For chocolate lovers - can enjoy the wonderful cakes! Their preparation will not take much time and the result will certainly please you! The idea of the saw S. Makarevich.
Cod under vegetable marinade "Harmony"
177 - - -
Delicious, simple and healthy dish. Cod makes a very succulent and surrounded by vegetables. The flavor is incomparable!
Herring stewed "Pacific"
175 - 50м 4
I live in the far East, as far as I remember, and mom prepared this recipe, and after it turned out that this beloved herring my husband. As soon as I got multivarka VITEK VT-4204 GY, the husband asked me to cook this fish. Try it - you will not regret. Besides, the dish is versatile, delicious hot and cold.
White bread in a slow cooker
175 - - -
What could be more delicious homemade bread.
A cake of oatmeal in a slow cooker
174 - 100м 8
I want to share with the cooks recipe is simple and delicious cupcake. I hope my recipe will like. Please do not judge too harshly.
Cake "Chunga-Changa"
173 - - -
A simple formula delicious homemade cake: recipe cake, tried the recipe of the cream and... "chew coconuts, eat bananas!" from the well-known cartoon :-) all will be well soak... and have fun! ;-) With gratitude to the cooks and zoloto85 irres present you with a cake "Chunga-Changa"!
A hodgepodge of cabbage in a slow cooker
172 - - -
My mom's prescription, however, she is preparing in a conventional pot, and I in the slow cooker. My bag better!
Milk with walnuts in a slow cooker
172 - 65м 2
Very tasty! There are no words! Try it and you will not regret!
"Lazy" dumplings with vegetables in a slow cooker
172 - - -
Known to all "lazy" dumplings. I saw some recipes on the website. But still decided to share my simple recipe "sloths" with vegetables in a slow cooker.
Jam of onions in slow cooker
171 - 60м 4
Very fond of jams and marmalades for cheese, meat, poultry. And onion is most suitable, not all fans of the jam from the chilli, for example. So I adapted the recipe of Jam of onions to slow cooker, and with all sorts of different herbs. This jam serves as a delicacy for beef steaks and pies, and roast duck. Particularly good onion jam, cheese with red wine.
Fake sprats of herring in a slow cooker
171 - - -
This fish on our family table a very frequent visitor. Delicious, easy, and looking at the price of sprat in the Bank and profitable :) you Can cook on the stove and in the oven.
Young potatoes under the snow in a slow cooker
170 - 60м -
Bought new potatoes and can not find here just young potatoes recipe in a slow cooker. Decided to add) know that simple)
Honey cake in multivarku
170 - 90м 8
Very simple to prepare, the taste is just amazing! Honey sponge cake perfectly combined with sour cream, a variety of taste add nuts and butter cream with condensed milk. This cake did the first time and the first time it I got. All highly recommend!
Mackerel in Italian
170 - - 4
A simple recipe for cooking mackerel. This dish I cooked in multivarka VITEK VT-4215 BW.
Millet porridge with pumpkin in MV
169 - 50м 4
Finally I waited for your welcome gifts - multivarka. The first thing I made was this delicious porridge recipe and method of preparation pozaimstvovala mom, she cooks for my dad often, too, in MV, very simple and tasty! This recipe I put up for the sole purpose of getting it into slow cooker recipes.
Omelet in a slow cooker
169 - 25м 3
These eggs always get pyshnenky and not fall off even when cooled. Recipe created by long searches on the Internet. Prior to this I was unable a lush omelet in the pan, or even in the oven.