Marinade, breading recipes

Pickled mushrooms in soy sauce
127 - 40м 3
Share tasty mushrooms. With soy sauce and they're awesome. Time the cooking takes very little, and the taste is awesome.
Pickled mushrooms
125 - 20м -
Simple recipe for tasty pickled mushrooms, which can be canned or just chill and serve. Prepared very quickly - 10 minutes. A great snack.
Kebabs "Soya"
124 - - -
"Brochettes de soja," business card Cameroonian cuisine, a unique and very interesting recipe. Meat (any beef, pork, lamb or chicken) are marinated in spicy mixture and roasted on the grill, the grill and in the oven. Try spicy kebabs will seduce You with its original taste and will not leave indifferent.
The marinade for the beef and sauce
123 - - -
If you marinate in this marinade the beef for about 6-8 hours, the meat will be soft and juicy. The sauce is very well suited to any meat. Also this recipe is suitable for Dukan diet, phase "Attack".
Mackerel marinated
123 - 15м -
The cook is not the first, but the recipe is my debut. I looked at a lot of options for cooking mackerel, but the same is not found ( do Not judge strictly, from the fish in this recipe delighted my whole family.
Salmon marinated in soy sauce
122 - 20м 4
Soy sauce is compatible with almost all products. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals it has no cholesterol, and 100 grams. product contains only 55 calories. So I use it in all products, perhaps, not drinking glasses. Well, now for the recipe. I want to share with you a delicious fish in a soy marinade. I love this marinade salmon. I marinated, salmon, and pink salmon, and coho salmon twice. The soy sauce gives the fish flavor and saltiness. And in composition with other additives and even piquancy. Marinated fish quickly without taking up a lot of time, and further useful for different sandwiches, snacks and salads, but you just - with your favorite potatoes.
Marinated mushrooms quick cooking
122 3 40м -
Want to share a recipe for quick pickling of mushrooms. I usually marinate the mushrooms, quick and very tasty.
Pickled mushrooms for a snack
122 - 30м 4
Express recipe. One time I tried pickling mushrooms, and now it is my lifesaver! Great snack, I tell you, negapatnam to prepare, delicious, these mushrooms like!
Homemade pickled mushrooms
121 4 45м -
Favorite recipe pickled mushrooms to every party! All the familiar, tried, take the recipe and marinated shampinonchiki more in the store do not buy :) Close to the banks did not try - did not have time :)
Homemade herring
121 5 15м -
Very tasty, tender herring.
Marinated mushrooms "5 minutes"
119 3 4м 5
Tomorrow going to visit, the table was not planned, so try to think and come up with a quick meal. This is one of those
Marinated mushrooms with lemon zest
119 - 10м -
Very tasty mushrooms work, tried it and fell in love with them the first time))) As a separate appetizer table, and in salads feel just fine. Not too salty, with a light lemon note, and dense in structure. I suggest you to try this wonderful recipe!
Turkey fillet in a spicy marinade
118 - 45м 2
Want to surprise your guests or family, prepare this recipe with meat, chicken or Turkey. Turns out flavored meat in a glossy glaze.
Marinated mushrooms
118 - 10м -
Took the recipe from my mom, and she, in turn, colleagues at work. A very tasty snack. Prepares quickly and easily.
Quick pickled mushrooms
118 - - -
The site already has the recipe for quick pickled mushrooms, but the recipe is super fast. My somewhat slower :))) But also very tasty. The husband said: "Better than store bought"
Pickled mushrooms original
117 - 40м -
Found on the Internet the original method of quick pickling mushrooms. I took it as a basis and added a few of their ideas. Came out extremely tasty! And even my daughter, which admits only of mushrooms pickled mushrooms and white mushrooms, said that these mushrooms are very tasty. In General I recommend!
Herring fillet dry salted
117 - - -
This recipe has long been prepared for publication, but I want it to coincide with the birthday of our common friend Natasha-Impendance! Why herring and not the cake or cakes? Because Natasha is a big fan of fish!! Herring fillets for this recipe cooks very quickly and is suitable for use both as stand alone dishes and for salads and snacks! My dear friend, happy Birthday to you!!
Pickled mushrooms
115 - - -
Delicious homemade pickled mushrooms, a great alternative to store-bought mushrooms. Preparing mushrooms is very simple, only need to prepare the day before the holiday. They have no effing smell and taste of vinegar, but rather all in moderation. Prepare and verify yourself, I will always prepare a snack for the holidays.
Herring spicy salted dry
115 - - -
Shared with me this recipe a very nice man, who gave his life sea. He taught me that salting the fish need without removing the guts and gills - then the output to get the herring, and the smell, and a completely different taste. And most importantly for me, the fish meat is not compacted, as in pickling brine.
Marinated mackerel
115 - - -
Mackerel, marinated for this recipe, it turns out incredibly tasty and flavorful.
Chicken wings with tomato and capsicum
115 - 110м 2
A simple and quick recipe for making wings! Very tasty and flavorful!