Drinks recipes

Rare "Apricot water"
230 - 15м 6
Sweet, delicate, sparkling. Just remember Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" And Berlioz, who inspired me to "Apricot water" "Once in the shade of the budding lime trees a little, the writers of the first duty rushed to the brightly painted booth with the inscription "Beer and Water". Yes, it should be noted the first strangeness of this terrible may evening. Not only at the kiosk but along the whole Avenue parallel to Malaya Bronnaya street there was not one person. In that hour, when really, it seems, had not the strength to breathe, when the sun, having heated Moscow, in a dry fog fell somewhere beyond Sadovoye ring, no one came under the lindens, no one sat on the bench were empty alley. - Let the Seltzer - asked Berlioz. - No Narzan, said the woman in the booth and somehow offended. - Got beer? - A husky voice enquired Bezdomny. 'Beer's being delivered later this evening' said the woman. - What do you have? - Asked Berlioz. - Apricot, only warm, ' said the woman. Well, let's, let's, let's!.. The apricot juice produced a rich yellow froth, making the air smell like a hairdresser. After drinking, the writers immediately started to hiccup, paid, and sat down on the bench face to the pond and back to Bronnaya."
Orange cocktail with syrup "grenadine"
229 - 10м 2
A sort of soft option wonderful cocktail "Tequila sunrise". Orange juice and syrup "grenadine" form a bright and refreshing combination!
Greek ginger brew "Zizinia"
229 - 30м 8
Who visited Corfu (Kerkyra), he certainly tried there traditional local soft drink Zizabona (or zinziber. It is believed that the recipe for ginger lemonade was brought to the island by the British during their rule of Corfu. Greek zizabona literally translated as ginger beer or ginger ale. But, in fact, zinziber is ginger lemonade (and in fact — brew), refreshing soft drink. The Greek beverage of ginger quenches thirst, stunning the taste buds sharp ginger spice and lemon freshness
Milk-cranberry-pomegranate jelly
228 - 90м 4
Beautiful striped, fragrant and sweet jelly! Jelly-dessert will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children!
Homemade gin
227 - - -
Gin this recipe has a balanced sweet taste, mainly acts as juniper and coriander to the other ingredients. A good as pure and tonic. Suitable for cocktails.
Masala tea
225 - 15м 2
... or divine bouquet in a Cup. It's hard to describe in words what is to that extent unusual, awesome and amazing. Words can only describe the taste in comparison, but to compare the divine, absolutely stunning flavor and aroma? Again once again and probably be right - the recipes of Vedic cooking, not to describe the need to prepare and enjoy! Six months I posted here of their recipes, so I decided to get back to you with something truly stunning - masala tea which will give you unforgettable pleasure!
Banana-strawberry smoothie
225 - 10м 2
Prepare this drink for Breakfast to your loved ones. He can easily replace morning cereal, and even opposers of cereals (like my baby) think I will eat it with pleasure. It is only one benefit to the organism, and charge enough energy for the whole day.
Instant yogurt
224 - 5м 3
There was no yogurt and even kefir in the fridge, and so want. There's milk and lemon will probably be yogurt or kefir.
Ginger tea
223 5 20м -
This is a great drink that its essential content has a positive effect on recovery from colds and cough.
223 - - 2
Exotic taste, feel East, Arabia... described the taste of this coffee is my husband. In my opinion, was spot on.
Champagne cocktail "Strawberry dawn"
221 - - 2
The recipe is so simple that it's embarrassing to lay. Easy cocktail for the holiday get-togethers with a girlfriend. Or not festive, but definitely nice;)
Sweet hot red wine with spices
219 3 - 4
Sweet hot red wine with spices
Cocktail "Whiskey Cola"
219 5 5м 1
Mmmm... I just love it!
A cocktail of strawberry juice, calamansi
219 - 10м 2
Have You heard anything about calamansi. So I first heard this interesting word. But Ochakovo know about this citrus and given its original taste offered brew "Ochakov with lime juice, calamansi". This is quite a tasty and enjoyable beverage, but to remember the first meeting with him, I invite You to a cocktail. Oh, and eat out...
218 5 - -
Christmas Scandinavian hot alcoholic drink based on wine and vodka. Glogg is usually served with raisins, almonds and ginger carrot. In Denmark, Glogg is traditionally served with sliced apples, dusted with powdered sugar, with strawberry jam. The Swedes on Christmas eve satisfied with the glogg party. Spicy guilty then serves tangerines and lusse bullar - sweet buns made with saffron. The drink will be "subject" to those who are going to celebrate the New year on the frost - warm and cheer! The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Veruschka called "Glogg" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Home rum
217 - - -
On the Internet you can find recipes for Roma based on the addition of essences and other flavors that only mimic the original flavor and taste, and not always successfully. We will prepare the drink, as close to the original
Blueberry Mojito at home
217 - 5м -
Mojito - a cocktail based on white rum and mint leaves. There is a version on which the name "Mojito" comes from the African word "mojo", which means "little witchcraft". Gonna do some magic?
The wine of the gods
215 - - -
The name of this drink was given by the author, Francois Vatel, a legendary figure in the history of French cuisine and the art of the meal. The basis of this very simple but elegant recipe - a light Burgundy Pinot Noir. The contest "One day in France".
Liqueur egg - 2 option
214 5 - -
German cuisine
Coffee Lime
212 5 15м 1
Oh, coffee you love... And although you drink in a day only 1 to 2 cups, still without it can not. Never skimp on coffee - buy a good grade of Arabica, but it still want variety... you Get to all sorts of impossible combinations (I'll tell you how the Union drinking coffee "Sovetski"); it happens that the taste is additionally so ennobled from the added ingredients that it seems some kind of new drink you consume...
212 4 - -
The first month of winter is sometimes associated with champagne. This is on until December 31. And all other days should belong Pegu. At least so say our Scandinavian neighbours. The main ingredients usually include wine (usually red), spices, e.g., cinnamon and cloves, and sometimes made with vodka, akvavit or brandy. The mixture is heated but not brought to a boil so that the alcohol does not evaporate. The competition "new year tastes of the planet".