Broths and soups recipes

Vegan Soup
295 - - -
Soup with chickpeas. Knowing little about the chickpeas, I decided to learn this unusual new cereal, which I advise all those who have not yet encountered.
Soup "Country"
291 3 60м 4
Soup vegetarian "Country" Cabbage soup I don't put at all. Don't like boiled cabbage. If you cook meat soup, after cooking the broth, removed the meat, separated from bones, cut in small pieces and put in the finished soup with spices
Rice, bean soup "In haste"
289 - 30м 3
As one of those times when the soup is time-tested and brewed in a season many times. Often come to the cottage for dinner and need mega fast cook soup. If you have the broth, I have it usually frozen in such cases, it is good. But without the meat broth soup is great, hearty, flavorful... Pour plate?
Ture "Siberian"
289 - 5м 1
The fast hot entrée. This dish was prepared by my mother's father, and I still, when you need a quick bite to eat, it is cooked. At first glance it seems that such a set of products anything tasty does not work, but this dish surprised.
Soup "Shirako"
284 - - -
If you decide to find in the Internet the worst soup in the world, among other search engine will give you Japanese soup, Shirako (literally "white children"). Why very healthy soup called terrible? Just because it is prepared from fish ROE. And the drafters of the "horrific" ratings write a soup made of fish semen is a nightmare! You think so too? Then this recipe is not for you. I have a very positive attitude to Molokan and no fear of Shirako have not experienced. I shoveled a lot of the Internet, but the recipe for this soup was never found. By collecting the crumbs of information about this soup, I finally made it. Now, scullion is the first Russian culinary site that hosts the recipe of Japanese soup "Shirako". Are you ready to see one of the most horrible soups?
Beet soup with pesto
281 - - -
The recipe, of course, more for hot summer days, but warm autumn is also quite suitable. This light refreshing soup is prepared very simply, and looks bright and elegant.
280 - - -
Gupta is a dish of Georgian cuisine. In fact, this meatball soup, but with a colorful and spicy spices. Variants of cooking this flavorful and hearty set. Want to offer your option. Help yourself!
Soup "Mastava"
280 3 50м 4
Of course, in Uzbekistan this rice meat soup is made from lamb and sheep fat. I prepare it a little differently and do it well. Try to cook in my recipe.
Solyanka in Georgian from Ilya Lazerson
278 - 90м 4
Brutal recipe from chef Ilya Lazerson, who, in turn, tasted this dish in one of the institutions of Sochi and shared with us on your channel page impressions and, of course, by a recipe. As simple as possible in cooking and available ingredients.
Assorted soup with rice noodles
278 - - 2
Fragrant noodle soup with red rice with chicken hearts, vegetables, mushrooms and the aroma of star anise and spices! For all lovers of simple, fast, delicious! Soup and a light diet, excellent for fasting days!
Mushroom soup "Rocket"
278 - - -
Found the recipe online. Long thought, why is the soup called so weird? "Rocket"... Is it possible to give the name to soup? And just getting him ready and taking off the sample, got it. You CAN!!! For two reasons:prepared quickly, eaten up very fast!!!
Soup of offal "Kagay, surbi"
277 - - -
Or "the poop soup" is a soup made from offal. Chuvash national cuisine. Preparing this soup on major holidays or during the slaughtering of cattle, the fresher the food, the more tender it turns Kagi, surbhi. The soup is delicious, nutritious and flavorful.
Minestrone with beans, borlotti
276 - 40м 4
This soup is "rich in fiber and carbohydrates and contains little fat," so says of him, Gordon Ramsay. The site has a few recipes, some very close. But after trying this recipe, I couldn't resist and decided to remind You about this wonderful and healthy dish in the interpretation of the chef.
American soup with wild rice
275 - - -
American soup with wild rice, mushrooms and chicken - a thick, hearty, flavorful soup.
Ear Royal
275 5 40м 4
It does not describe
Barley soup with mushrooms
274 - 60м 4
In the spring, especially if you are fasting, just the essential vitamins! Pearl barley is very useful, but we use it, unfortunately, not very often. Offer simple but tasty soup, rich at the expense of barley and opacak.
Old English soup "STU"
273 - - -
If you read the novels of sir Walter Scott, or at least watched the movie "Jane Eyre", you should know that in Scotland and Ireland quite cold. The Scottish Moors are very beautiful in the flowering period, but the icy winds are blowing through. And rocky shores, in addition, they are saturated with the icy surf. People in these places are harsh, and their food is simple but very satisfying, because it must not only nourish, but also warm. That is why the staple food was a thick, fragrant soup. Poor people used to cook it from shellfish, rich beef or venison meat. Shellfish in abundance were found in coastal waters and cost, unlike the present day, much cheaper than meat. Oh Yes, forgot to add: the recipe found on the Internet for a long time he waited his turn. Here, wait. I don't know how old this recipe as it is stated, because Columbus discovered America only in 1492... although five centuries have passed, can already be considered vintage:)))
Moldovan Deputy (Zalman)
273 - 120м -
Same national Moldovan dish, very tasty, and easy. Takes minimum time and maximum pleasure.
Dovga Baku
272 4.5 50м -
Azerbaijan's national dish. Sour-milk soup, not in the sense of sour, and made with kefir (sour milk). Refreshing, light. Healthy dish, its a very good serve after a heavy meal. There is an option Dovga with meat and peas, prefer without these components.
Soup "Sombrero"
272 3 60м -
If the fridge you find some mushrooms, a piece of smoked sausage and a jar of vegetable mixture Sombrero, you can cook here's a hearty soup...
Ukrainian borscht
272 4 - 1
Long, but good. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.