Sauces recipes

Heart rate-garlic-sour cream sauce
175 5 10м 1
Very tasty all natural sauce is the perfect substitute "factory" sauces. Suited to many things, especially chicken. Especially fans of garlic!
Salad dressing
175 3 5м 10
Salad dressing that is ideal for all leaf salads, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.
Quick mayonnaise or as they say, "home"
174 5 - -
All ingredients should be at room temperature. If the mixture will begin to curl, add 1 yolk, then a little oil. And if all else fails, don't despair, and make a cheese pie!
Horseradish cream sauce
172 5 15м -
A very interesting taste. Perfect for meat.
The guacamole and Basil
172 - 20м -
A delicate, silky texture, easy to prepare the avocado sauce with the aroma of Basil is perfect for meat and fish. They can fill lettuce or iceberg salad, pasta or just eat as a snack with bread.
The horseradish sauce to the kebab
169 - - -
The combination of horseradish and grapefruit are perfect not only for grilled poultry and fish. Today we prepare chicken skewers with Forester
Sauce "Shock"
169 3.5 25м -
Suitable for fish, the taste was odd and familiar.
My sauce "Asparagus"
168 4 300м -
I really liked the previous recipe "Asparagus", which put [email protected] And I also wanted to share with you MY recipe for this sauce.
The sauce to meat
167 4 10м -
Quick and tasty. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cheese and garlic sauce
167 - 15м 2
Very tasty, flavorful sauce! Great for meat, for bread, to grenkami and fries. This sauce I made the carrot fries. Very tasty combination!
Cranberry sauce
166 - - -
Cranberry sauce is always a great addition to any meal and table decoration! With ginger, pepper and honey will be interesting!
Spaghetti sauce "you Like"
166 - 20м 4
This sauce loves my husband. The recipe was born around 10 years ago. And it absolutely cannot be attributed to healthy food, so I can afford a tablespoon of this sauce once a month. But it's good. It turns out always! And sooo resembles a Bolognese sauce.
The Sauce "Tomato"
166 4 35м 1
Served with grilled meat, stuffed vegetable dishes.
Rowanberry sauce
165 3 20м -
Not the usual seasoning. A wonderful addition not only to meat and fish, but also to a simple fried potatoes and braised cabbage!
Sauce "Asparagus"
165 - - -
The plum sauce for the fried potatoes, poultry, roasted or boiled! After tasting this sauce once, after him no one refuses!
Gravy mushroom
164 3 30м -
Mushrooms in sour cream.
Nut sauce "BAJ"
163 3 - -
Hello, my fellow Cooks! Today I propose you a traditional Georgian walnut sauce. Bage sauce is almost universal and is preparing very simple. The only thing it is not customary to eat is meat, is not suitable. And, of course, a matter of taste. As satsivi, lobio and khachapuri to cook it knows every housewife, and, of course, each with its own method and taste. So just say that don't pretend to possess the ultimate truth and offer the option of which I was taught by my grandmother (plus modern technology). Try and make sure that it is very tasty!
160 4 - -
To ice cream, to pancakes, to cheese. In General, I can say that this sauce-the caramel does not spoil Your dessert, and will only improve.
The sauce Satsebeli
159 5 - 1
The girls were wondering how to cook it. I found in cooking for 1959
Pancakes "Rizovski" with cheese sauce
159 - - -
Want to impress guests at the carnival, bake these colorful pancakes in the shape of different animals or colors. Kids with pleasure will help You. Cheese and a thick sauce will not leave anyone indifferent!!!
Tomato-vegetable sauce
158 - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.