Cook in a double boiler recipes

Steam fat
143 - 30м -
This fat is constantly preparing my stepdad.. We love him so much and so quickly eaten. That was the first time photographed..
Cheesecake with bananas
143 3 - -
Can't stop and continue to experiment with cheese casseroles. Today made a new version. I really liked the words Wiki (Nikulj), that if someone saw it on a website, let will throw in me the link. Honestly without seeing the recipes. If there is one, just remove it, and yet... please take a look.
Steam buns from David Chang
142 - 180м 25
By themselves, these buns are very gentle, airy, but not very interesting to taste. But everything changes if the dream and fill them with any ingredients. But that's another story.
Stuffed cucumbers
138 - - -
An unusual way of using cucumbers, which they are almost pickled and absorb the flavor of minced meat, and he, in turn, is very good in combination with onions, ginger and soy sauce.
Chicken with couscous and vegetables
135 - 40м -
Diet dish cooked without a single drop of oil. All lovers of healthy food recommend.
Potato balls
133 - 60м 5
A simple and delicious recipe for steamers.
133 - 120м 4
Very tasty steam roll. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2007 by user Mariana is called "Mrs" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
The trout in the steamer
131 5 - -
For those who food for a couple seems fresh.
Shrimp with sauce
131 3 20м 1
Fried shrimp with an unusual sauce. Try it!! Very tasty!
Fish health
131 - 20м 2
Offer healthy food! She started to eat, because breast-feeding little duculescu! And, as they say, healthy food does not mean tasteless!
Fish for tea pillow
130 - - -
Well, first of all - HELLO! So I returned to the cook family! On returning home I was taken by surprise - the new steamer. Of course, itching to try it. So a couple of retseptiki for steamers.
Soup with sorrel from the steamer
130 - 90м 3
Thanks to the contests on the "Cook" many cooks got the steamers. But perhaps not everyone knows, however, as I until recently, that the steamer can cook not only meat and fish. You can cook soup, borscht. And even cook puddings and cakes (my first time).
Arab food "Mashup"
128 - 90м 4
My husband is Algerian Arabic, so the couscous at our table has quite often, and in different variations. This is a dish I just love! and not only in taste but in ease of preparation. A lot of hassle is not necessary. And this dish can be eaten as a main, while drinking kefir.
Steam mackerel with potatoes
127 - 40м 4
Another recipe for steamers from the category of "tasty, fast, useful."
Stuffed zucchini from the steamer
127 - - -
Delicious, hearty, healthy!
Carp with ginger
127 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Rice balls with seafood "White-black"
127 - 60м 5
I love to cook something new. These balls were my favorite dish. Black rice is white and this dish looks beautiful. Serve warm.
Lazy dumplings
127 5 60м -
Home-made sausage
126 - 40м 10
Homemade sausage that you can fry, bake and jerk. And most importantly, made with her own hands, and we know what's in it!
Chinese steam dumplings
126 - - -
Friends are invited to a master class on modeling of shaped dumplings - Lotus flower, water Lily, fish is simple and gold. Gather the whole family at the table - from small to large, it will be interesting, and then good!
Salad with rice and seafood
125 5 20м 8
A very hearty salad that can be used as a separate dish for lunch and dinner.