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Of course you will say that cooking recipes of cottage cheese on the website is enough. I can only say that none of them "works" for me. I live in Canada and from local ingredients a hundred times trying to cook the curd in vain: either very expensive or General stuff turns out... Finally I picked up for you prescription from available and inexpensive components, which turns out just such a cottage as in Russia. I think this will be interesting, especially the cooks from Canada and the United States.
Homemade cheese "Paneer"
143 - 30м 1
A great cheese with his own hands. Probably, there is no cheese that could compete with cheese in Indian cuisine called in Hindi "Paneer". This gorgeous cheese is easy to prepare, not time consuming, but has a lovely subtle taste and versatile in use, although it can be served as a separate dish.
Cheese a La "Crescenza"
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Correct, the original name of this cheese Crescenza. The Internet is the name most often used of Credenza. Thank you, Dmitry (NDemon) for pushing me to making a new wonderful cheese. So how, exactly, the recipe could not reproduce, but very very close, so the name "a La". And I've made it thanks to the wonderful bacterial leaven "Yogurt" from Orsik.
"Cream cheese" home
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Saw in an Internet the idea of making cheese, and decided to cook myself of course changed the recipe according to your taste. Decided to share with you, maybe you'll like it.
Classic cottage
140 3 40м -
The recipe for the homemade cheese.
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Recipe for slow cooker MP5015PSD.
Homemade cheese "Philadelphia"
137 - 20м 10
It turns out very soft and very delicate cream cheese - like Philadelphia, but better. The recipe is not quick, it will take a couple of days, but it's worth it!!!
Homemade cheese "Spicy"
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At the request of Svetlana (Danna) and Natalia (Aprelia) put recipe homemade processed cheese. Cheese can be made to your taste, with various additives, and can be left just the classic version, melted salty cheese. Spread on a slice of fresh, soft and fluffy loaf or a crunchy toast, and it is better to eat homemade warm bread rolls )))
Cheese homemade "Special"
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The peculiarity of the preparation of this cheese is that the initial product though cooked, but NOT COOKED! We all know that if you digest the cheese get grains. Think - soured badly clot separated from the serum. In this case, it ALWAYS happens. In search of such a recipe is not found.
Cheese "Garibaldo"
136 - 177120м 12
In explanation of blue Stilton. This Gabaldon (Stilton). Cheese.
Homemade cheese
135 - 60м 5
Homemade cheese using the enzyme
Cheese "Camembert" from goat's milk
135 - 40320м 6
This cheese was born in France. There is a legend about the appearance of this cheese. In 1791 Normandy farmer Marie Harel during the French revolution saved from death hiding from persecution monk who, in gratitude, revealed to her the only way he the secret of making this cheese.
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Carville (Caerphilly) cheese, invented in the 1830-ies in the region, Carville in Wales. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
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A simple recipe of mozzarella. The so-called rapid recipe
Cheese "Sandwich"
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Great recipe for soft, delicate cheese for 5 minutes, without baking soda. Today I decided to experiment and cook up a quick cheese with sour cream, without soda. When I tried, she was stunned how delicious it turned out!
Boiled condensed milk "Faster"
133 - 60м 1
In order to get the milk, we typically require a lot of time on its preparation. I in the experiment found a way out of this situation, that is, in 1 hour you can get a delicious, thick BOILED condensed milk at home. To see the difference, I want to see that at home for 1 hour of cooking is sweetened condensed milk which you then boil for another 2 hours, so the result is boiled condensed milk.
Homemade cheese "mozzarella"
132 - 60м -
I think we should start. Never understood what good are our people in pizzas. Rather not. Did not understand what good pizza in our eateries and pizzas prepared at home (you know, those sweet tarts with a thickness of 10 centimeters piled into it "victoriawhite the parts"). Didn't understand until I decided to make it myself. All pies dropped immediately, took a genuine Italian recipe. It is here that I smoke, however, as friends that tried it. Did it, until recently, the conventional solid cheese, but here's the thing, here, even here, some person (who had moved to Italy) began to say that pizza without mozzarella does not happen (by the way correct they say). I had to look for mozzarella. Found - not very much and expensive somehow. "Want something done right, do it yourself!". Here it just now...
Chia pudding
131 - 5м 1
Chia pudding is a great Breakfast option. It contains optimal ratio of protein and carbohydrates to keep you satisfied for a long time and provide you energy until lunch.
Cream cheese "Bonjour" with your hands for 10 minutes
129 - 10м 2
Creamy and delicate cheese is a perfect consistency. Preparation time - 10 minutes only. You can smear on sandwiches, in spring rolls to add, and can be used as a dip for fries, chips, vegetables, chicken... Try, you will not regret)
Cream cheese of sour cream and milk
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Didn't think given my version of cream cheese in the recipe "cookies "Oreo" so many people are interested in! Since I've been using them for a long time and even already prepared everything "eye"))) So, publish it as a separate recipe! Sour cream and milk it is advisable to take fatter if you want the final product, more fat and a buttery texture! I love cheese more dense, so 1-2 hours the cheese is unloaded, and then put a small load and leave for the night. The expiration date will not say exactly, because more than three days the cheese is kept! But in my opinion, up to five days can safely stand in the refrigerator.
Mozzarella home
129 - 60м -
Everyone who loves mozzarella.